World of Tanks – STRONKEST TENK!

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-2 o’clock already? Again? It’s always KV-2 o’clock somewhere.

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  1. if I played the KV2, i would die immediately and never hit anything. the game would do that to me.

  2. It is glorious Tank, engine runs on vodka and shells a guided by Stalin’s hand .

  3. KV-2 against tier 4 tanks? I smell OP…

  4. Jingles, what do you think about british version of KV-2 in War Thunder? I am talkign about Centurion Mk.5 AVRE! It’s great tank, I am sure there must be some decent replays!

  5. F for all the fallen KV2’s rest in power

  6. Actually jingles it took him two shots to kill the Valiant. Very well then I’ll show myself back to the salt mines.

  7. Jingles, sometimes you have to channel your inner asshole, don’t you 😀 That SU-100 was a legend ^^

  8. MerryWeather Fleet

    So sad. KV2 on KV2 fighting

  9. Until a few years ago, console players had the downgraded KV-2. We have the Dreadnought, which is the essentially the KV-2 152mm at Tier VII that is faster, has better turret traverse, and is more nimble. LOVE IT! Unlike the SU-152 TD at the same tier, the Dreadnought can take a few hits and survive – but that 152 mm gun if great when it connects.

  10. I’m not gonna explain this time!! Proceeds to explain… 🙂

  11. I’m laying claim to the Hand Of Stalin Ordinance Guidance System, or H.O.S.O.G.S.

  12. Laurent Boitouzet

    Before you said world of Kv2s, I was thinking it. But kv2 assays fun, from one side of the barrel anyway.

  13. Inquisiteur Space muffins
  14. Some of BEST long range and blind shots by KV-2

  15. ToughAncientSpark

    So, if KV-2 is so great, why aren’t more players using it in battles?

  16. Actually Jingles, the T14 got second in experience earned. You know, the one that drove right into all of the enemy tanks’ gun sights

  17. More KV-2 please. KV-2 and Togg are life.

  18. He couldn’t have got a kolobanovs. Bishop and su were alive with 3 opponents left

  19. Jingles, im certain you’ve used this thumbnail before, not sure about the title…. I’ll go back to the mines now

  20. F to enemy KV2

  21. I may be a console pleb but I have close to 2million experience on it.

  22. Obj 754rules.

  23. The best part of watching your vids that involve KV2’s, is you laughing when the player sends other tanks back to the garage in one shot…..THAT never gets old..

  24. Here we go again, anorther completely regular KV-2 game on display.

  25. F for the Bishop boys, he’s the last of a dying breed.


  26. If that wasnt cheated i definetly want a refund on my rng button…
    Never ever had such luck hitting stuff with an 150+ caliber gun in all of my 24k matches…

  27. I swear, the only thing that even tempts me to reinstall this game is the KV-2.

    And the TOG, of course..:)

  28. Testament to the state of the game. Nothing fun comes out of it anymore except for the kv2.

  29. My dear overlord the KV-2 is great and all but could we get a TOG II* video ?

  30. I’m just imagining how amazing this would be if it had British hesh HE and the armor of the O-I

  31. You know who else over estimates by 4? Mister Scott from the Enterprise.

  32. If Frankie Howerd was a tank…

  33. One of those rare near mythical Arty players who not only pay attention but actively went to defend the cap. If arty players had been reversed we would have had a loss 🙂

  34. I’m bothered about the amount on AP ammunition he/she carry to battle. The Codex Stalinates does not support this action!!

  35. I swear I get equal parts mad and laugh my ass of at the KV-2 replays. There has to be some tomfuckary going on with some of the shots he made.

  36. The most formidable anti aircraft gun on the planet.

  37. WoT: Simply the greatest game Commander Jingles.

  38. All he needed was a Raider Medal to go along with that haul! LOL

  39. I think the more interesting thing about this game was the difference in performance between Ctuna and the opposing KV-2. Despite Jingles crediting him with effectiveness in the commentary, the game results say differently. It only got one kill for 478 damage, and that’s the only damage it dealt out before Ctuna punched its ticket to Valhalla. This compares rather pitifully to Ctuna’s ten kills and 3.245 damage. The real stars on the opposing team were the KV-1, Jagdpanzer and Type 58, who only got three kills between them but dished out 3,597 damage.

  40. I really don’t understand the appeal of the KV-2….. I ground it out to get one, and absolutely hate it… It’s like teemo in LoL… the “OHSHIT A KV2!” everyone turns and fires…. every.damn.match

  41. Jingles the gnome
    Most of

  42. For us mobile players, Smasher is better than KV-2.

  43. Stalin was pleased and rewarded this worker with that Bishop shot.

  44. Maybe I can’t take a joke since 2012, but still f KV tanks and all OP scumrades, that’s all I have to say here -.-

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