World of Tanks – Strv 103B Brett 12.5k dmg

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  1. Brett is my hero

  2. i love this tank

  3. 69th view

  4. so is it worth the grind? thinking of putting together some gold and free xp to the.tier.8

  5. Strv 103Brett

  6. nice mod tundra

  7. wats the diff between apex and elevate?

  8. I think the Strv’s with siege mode would be really broken if they added the overmatch mechanics. The armor as it is is strong enough.

  9. Wow! 🙂

  10. Brett going beastmode as always

  11. such, a, hard, tank, to, play…

  12. 6:23 How did you know that Wt has coverage of the rock there?

  13. The white circle is max view range, probably just a slip up though.

  14. Hi Anfield (and everyone else for that matter), do you mind taking a minute to look at this fragment of a replay and explain to me what the F just happened?

    Here’s the video (including slow motion):

    and here’s the replay itself:

  15. gj…keep it up

  16. Do more of these Friend Anfield, good content and I enjoy hearing your perspective on the events of the match!

  17. when that td disappeared at the end just shows how fucked the spotting system is

  18. the most amazing part of this replay was how he would look behind his tank while still aiming forward

  19. Golly gosh.

  20. Hey Analfield, what’s your favorite tank in wot?

  21. Oh btw, did you know the STB-1 has it’s own siege mode suspension in real life. I think that tank would be dope if it could get ride of it’s poor gun handling by entering the siege mode.

  22. I just got the UDES 03 yesterday(still stock) and holy shit are these tanks strong when played to theri strengths.
    Even with my team failing hard I still managed to get 3.5k damage done with simply repositioning when tanks come closer. You just have to keep an eye on the distance and you are golden with that sick camo rating. City maps are hard to play but I manage to use my teammates as a distraction.

  23. Lord how I regret grinding Kranvagn instead of this.
    I mean, I know he’s way better player than I am, but still, that gun handling…

  24. Any change about armor between 2 mode? Bcz i see a video they can pen it’s lower plate when switch mode although i dont know which one

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