World of Tanks || STRV 74 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STRV 74. The medium, STRV 74, is an efficient mid range with twice the gun depression of a regular vehicle – here’s a full review!

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  1. Aldo Maximillian Sugito

    Toaster tank review please!!

  2. What is your desktop background, some kinda anime?

  3. a very concise and quickly informative review, ! approve, quickybubba!

  4. expect it to be nerfed to hell next patch….

  5. Oh well, you could have compared it to the Panzer IV S as well.

  6. Tim Boggs (Sillywabbitsz)

    nice replay

  7. Hey QB! Can you tell me please how can you move a crew from one tank to
    another without retraining them?

  8. I feel the armor should be buffed by atleast 5 mm as it is now I feel like
    it can be easily ammo racked and taken out of the game early on flat maps.

  9. really qb “that dangerous teir 6 sweedish spg”

  10. just play this tank like a leo pta

  11. Hp is 420 huh……hmmmmmmmmm

  12. My Record In Cromwell is 3291 dmg

  13. I think this is my favorit Tier 6

  14. Playing with it i found out the hard way the limited ammo capacity, it just
    suxx, not to mention the armor

  15. This is so good to know QB, still on the Lago, and man am I loving
    that…the tier 3 was amazing for a tier 3…

  16. Shell velocity: OVER 900!!!!!!

  17. make a cromwell

  18. Get ready for the Nerf Hammer on this tank… the gun handling and gun
    depression are just too good.

  19. What mod you are using

  20. I am thinking of retraining the female light tank crew that we got with
    this tree decoration and stuff to tank destroyer crew. Is there still a
    penalty of retraining the crew to other tank type?

  21. thank you qb for making these videos when I see u have uploaded I just grab
    food drinks a blanket And have the bes time I mean it’s only 2 more days
    and my winter holiday starts i have 20 days then I’ll watch you all the

  22. Markus Dahl (Deadman_38)

    The ikv 65 alt2 is a TD not a SPG

  23. This smells like a kv-2 breakfast?

  24. SUHDTV /SuperUltraHiperDefensiveTotalyVibe

    QB you said that tier 6 sweede TD is a SPG

  25. Can you do a video on the tiger one pls

  26. its a comet with a fat head, I like the gun its steadier than the comets

  27. i heard right? 15 degree gun depression? :O

  28. How about some more #tankbetter QB? Your reviews are usually half a video
    of reading stats that we can see ourselves, not very informative. I’d
    rather see some tutorials on the game, like maps. Telling us what 3rd skill
    to train is waaaaay out in the future for most casual players. Help the
    playerbase to get better now, not in 2500 games…

  29. What equipment do I put on my Cromwell

  30. 12:17 SPG???

  31. you should do a keeper tank series, where you present tanks you kept and
    are generally popular to keep.

  32. T6 Swedish spg?

  33. doesn’t matter

  34. if you compare tier X Swedish tanks to the british tier X tanks you can see
    that the Swedish tanks have so much more firepower

  35. qb,why are you not using the in game comparison system? it has everything
    tanks gg has?

  36. Firefly or Strv 74?

  37. The tank is a little disapointing.
    I believe unless a skillful player is playing it, the tank will be useless.
    Being the fact it has no armor, little ammo, and not that great of mobility.

    this tank is not for new players.

  38. “a cheeky little autoaim on him” – Quickybaby 2016

  39. wow what a shirt, first i thought Qb is naked

  40. it is 16.7% better than the easy, and the easy is 20% worse.
    ya gotta work on your math skills derpybaby!

  41. you said 2 times the swedish SPG can only shoot me ones 😀 keep up the
    great work

  42. Minecraftster148790

    I don’t want to be one of the no cap kill all people, but capping might not
    have been the best choice there. Firstly, the fv304 is fast enough to get
    from anywhere on the map to the base with time to spare, even if it has to
    turn around and go a different route if it meets an enemy. Secondly, they
    are arty and you have two people. You could pretty easily have both people
    engage it and the tanks that the arty is not looking at could kill it. Also
    the grille and kv2 where hidden on the right and could have sniped into the
    base pretty easily.

  43. wasnt this tank super nerfed?

  44. I’ll save you 18 minutes. The tank is distinctly average, too slow to be
    anywhere near as effective as the better tier 6 meds it’s also massive so
    has a crap camo rating and high profile. It’s NOT a good allrounder, it’s
    an average all rounder with great gun but mediocre or poor DPM.

  45. Very Fun tank and i think its one of the better T6 mediums in the game. Its
    also quite handy in Strongholds as well and can be added to a whole lot of
    strats and plays because its very flexible.

  46. how the F##K!!! does he have 5 SKILLS on the new nation of sweeden ??? i
    have over 1100 battles in my is3 and i only reached my 4th skill …

  47. How the heck does he have an almost 5 skill crew in just 3 weeks? I only
    have one such crew and its on a tank with 1800 battles :(

  48. QB is NAKED :-O

  49. really dont get reloading APCR for a KV-1

  50. lol even though its a old topic everything SUXX in wot.
    The match making is horrible if your not willing to spend a hundreds of bucks on tools and training your crew and so on.
    Every time i get a match where it shows we are going to win, i am allways the first to die because all players with high points stay behind to let you die and keeping yelling you to go forward and call you a idiot and should leave the game. If you have a good tank you get a huge list of low scoring people with you against a overwhelming amount of better tanks and once in a month you get a 5 battle which you score average to prevent you from leaving the game because you did spend some gold to see if that helps.
    The game is now becoming even worse with all fantasy tansk who only existed on paper or worse really never ever could have been so powerfull. The trick is to make a certain tank the top dog for a few weeks or days and then they start selling another super tank which ofcourse becomes like every other tank in the game a piece of garbage. Tanks which never ever could make a dent EVER in another tank like the tier1,2 end 3 tanks with machineguns never EVER will and where able to take out any tank with a heavy cannon but in this game they make the stronger tanks like they are paper and win every f……g battle the king (fill in the blancs yourself)
    A monster tank who scared a whole batalion shetless is now a piece of crap because it can not pen toy tanks in this game.
    But its all about selling as much crap as possible nothing more nothing less.

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