World of Tanks || Strv m/42-57 – DOUBLE DOSE

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– Strv m/42-57. recently joined the battlefield with the first ever autoloader the Strv m/42-57, let’s see it rock and roll in this !

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. quickybaby really trying to sell this one

  2. For a 75mm 148 IS amazing, at the very top of the tree, again “for a 75mm”
    but the other aspects of the gun… Nah not so top

  3. I actually like this tank. It is not spectacular, but it is a very capable
    support tank. After about 40 games in it, I have a 68% win rate, a 3+ to1
    k/d and 2/1 damage ratio. It very much reminds me of the AMX 13/57 premium
    tank in its play style. You dump bursts and then retreat. Towards the end
    of the game, you can clean up 1-2 wounded tanks per clip. It is horrible
    for brawling, but as a skirmisher, it is well worth it.

  4. Doesn’t feel that special, then goes onto say that it’s demolishes Other
    tiers.. :D

  5. I’ve been trying to get on the public test server but I can’t figure out
    how to get on it. Can you please make a video on how to download it so
    people, like me, who want to try out new tanks so they know what to push
    for can play them without having to grind through tanks for days or weeks.
    Please and thank you!

  6. Rena “Admiral Rena” Wu

    In all honesty, I’m an awful player but that tank is extremely good at
    credit making, I’ve been binging it for two days and I still love it.

  7. You are trying to pronounce “stridsvagn” like its german. Swedish is a
    mutch softer language then german. Dont accentuate the “R” that mutch.
    Thanks for the content.

  8. so basically it’s garbage unless it’s top tier. well fuching duh.

  9. if you buy that thing, you’re a sucker.

  10. Too much trees and bushes on G1 in Erlenberg map.
    That’s not fair for north side.

  11. you just gained 1 swedish sub!

  12. When is the swedish tech tree going to be released?

  13. EAT HOTDOGS AT IKEA?!?!?!? They’re meatballs QuickyBaby… XD

  14. thiscouldntblowmore

    feast on him like on “smörgåsbord” would be the Swedish thing to say you
    are looking for i think…?

  15. I platooned up with someone today with these tanks and had a very similar
    game on derpenburg. We both used that position and each of us pulled 3.2k+
    damage in a tier 8 game. It was a dream, like he said. Quite coincidental

  16. No this tank is just stupid. If you are driving a crownwell B or even a
    type 64 sitting in that position in elenburg you would end up with probably
    4K dmg. All you need is some potato enemy who have no view range and decent
    kv2s spotting for you.

  17. I wonder what happened to the Churchill VII?

  18. I like Erlenberg, it is fun to play withe heavies, good with mediums, good
    with scouts, good with TDs and good with SPGs. Of course these are these
    encounter quick caps which totally suck.

  19. The tank is as fast and mobile as a Panzer IV H. Its not incredible
    compared to the Cromwell, but there are alot of medium tanks that are not
    this fast. The worst thing about the tank is not the tank for itself, its
    the crew layout that makes it a very poor crew trainer. You will have to
    train 2 crews in it to man one single tank, once the swedish tree gets
    released. This is going to require quite expensive retraining.
    And sadly yes, TOG IIs are basicly XP Pinatas.

  20. Must be frustrating getting killed just for being famous.

  21. Bada Bing Bada Boom

    There was a Power Rangers 2017 movie trailer ad before the video…

  22. Köttbullar are meatballs not a hotdog.

  23. I swear to God if the swedish tech tree will be put in the game i will make
    my sixth sense go off screaming Mr Fox for the ultimate meme overdose.

  24. You already have 6th sense on your first ever Swedish crew? … must have
    been playing it flat out.

  25. The other day in Achilles I killed one of this in tier 8 mm doing record in
    Achilles in dmg done, huge game. :D

  26. I can’t update my WoT :(

  27. FIRST one to say that I am an overweight piece of shit in the comment

  28. The reload at a mere 14s is not actually bad, it’s very workable. Been
    playing this tank none stop in T6 Skirmishes and its pretty good for that.
    That being said the DPM is only 1700 when all other T6 tanks get 2300+ DPM
    pretty much so this tank could definitely get a buff of DPM to 2000. The
    trade off for an autoloader should not be DPM but whether you want to do
    burst damage or consistent damage.

    The *one* thing that is an actual problem in this tank is the mediocre
    engine health of 100 compared to 249 on the CromwellB and that it gets
    knocked out both from the front *and* the rear.

  29. A BIT SHITTY in credits earning. T25 & KV-220 at V tier doing it better,
    1500 dmg in KV gives me same like here at above 3k, lol

  30. Great replays!

  31. how the heck did the t67 got spotted? behind bushes. bushes are bugged no?

  32. Thanks for this – that auto-loader is lethal at lower tiers. Don’t ask how
    i know this :P.

  33. In Sweden we wouldn’t say it’s mediocre, we call it “Lagom”! ;)

  34. what happened with planned monthly streams with Jingles?

  35. Victoria Törnkvist

    I have lot of fun playing with this tank. It’s great as support. Love it.

  36. Amazing. I played almost 40 games in this tank and I never been top tier.

  37. QB it’s not about using premium ammo. It’s about spamming gold without any
    brain usage in tank with one of the highiest penetration in the game with
    standard amunition. It becomes pay to win game, and made your armour more
    useless than it already is in WoT

  38. when is the swedish line of tanks avaliable for the Asia server?

  39. Is anyone else haveing problem with downloading wot from the website?

  40. I bought one on Thursday and have played it 10 games and for now I feel its
    “OK” it lacks gun depression for a tall profile tank, it’s a little
    sluggish, has no armour and the reload & aiming time could be much
    better… Skoda T25 still bets it, my view ;)

  41. its not pronounced “ctritvagn” its “strits-vang” <--- that probably made no scnse to u lol but dats how it is. :D

  42. Please dont mind about “goldnoob screaming” pubbies. Some “simple” people
    simply cant deal with the fact its almost 4 years WG allowed us to buy
    premium rounds for credits. Its up to every player if he chose to use them
    or not.
    When you look at Circonflexes, he is spamming a lot of “gold” but he have
    tons of subscribers and nobodys crying he is a goldnoob.

    LOL that TOG (Alucard) was vampire if you read his name backwards

  43. Seen, a fresh reroll on this swedish tank. So Op tank like skodas? I don’t
    mind but we clearly missed one more autoloader in tier 6 yeah!
    Well at least WG sold a lot of strv in few days… GG WG

  44. A single shotgun? vs tanks? Yes i can understand thats horrific

  45. Ikeakörv

  46. Got it… love it… :)

  47. I picked one up and its my 1st auto loader, and I like it. I play it like I
    do when I’m in my Rudy when I am in higher tier matches and find it to be a
    good mid range knat if you stay well hidden and in cover. WN8 is above my
    avg so that is always good. PLayed about 27 games in it so far and some
    detachment matches with it.

    Still have a lreaning cruve to go on the auto loader play how ever.

    I would love to see wargaming improve the ground resitence of this tank,
    and the fact that RNG low rolles me a lot in this tank.

    If you know the history of the real swedish tanks then you know the oddiety
    of this take is the norm and adds a dynamic to the game I enjoy.

  48. I cringe everytime he over-enunciate ‘stridsvagn’.
    “STRDDSRTRTSDRTsvaaGNDNGNG”. Fuck sake, just don’t try and say it with a
    Swedish accent, use your own.

  49. hey quicky do a review and ace game of AMX m4 45 pls!

  50. I picked up one. I like it I think it’s the tank it’s not a great tank with
    a good tank. I got the bundle that gives you all of the equipment for it.
    Very good spotting range. I would recommend if you get one of these vehicle
    to do that.

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