World of Tanks || Strv m/42-57 – Tank Preview

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– Strv m/42-57. has joined the battlefield with the first ever autoloader the Strv m/42-57, let’s see how it performs!

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Happy Birthday QB!!!

  2. how does it compare to the amx 12 t

  3. It seems bad. Low DPM, wierd clipsize (you will often reload with unspent
    shots) long reload (will miss opportunities while reloading) Paperthin
    armour (brace yourself for HE) and a huge side profile. Also weak mobility
    and hun depresion. It simply seems very weak and simply not worth it. If at
    least it coudl be a bit faster so you can at least play a damage support.
    In my eyes this is simply fodder for my KV1s. Will get 1 shot really

  4. Last time I was this early

    People were still making lame “last time I was this early” jokes

  5. Happy birthday you magnificent bastard.

  6. Happy birthday quicky baby

  7. will there be swedish artillery?

  8. Kind of like a t6 t57 heavy play style them

  9. happy birthday mate, got any news on the female crew voices?

  10. view range, it needs it…with such good accuracy…

  11. happy B-day QB!!

  12. another auto-loader… great…

  13. Qb is doesent have the real turret 🙁 fan ta er

  14. irl it had a 75mm m/41 konnon L/34

  15. and it never had an autoloader

  16. looking at the stats of all those tanks.

    Cromwell B, Cromwell B, Cromwell B, Cromwell B, Broken, Broken, Unbalanced,
    assholes play this in platoons together, Worse than the T67.

    yeah i can be damn sure that the Cromwell and Cromwell B are probably the
    most OP tanks at tier 6. lets all get KV-2’s and O-I’s vs Cromwells and
    Cromwell B’s and watch the Crom’s shit all over the derp tenks.

  17. i hope we get the strv 103. 60 kmp/h top speed in revers and forvaed lol
    XD. and outoloadin 105mm gun

  18. and happy birth day

  19. some swedish tanks had 20+ gun depression

  20. Tier 6 strongholds will be probably filled with this.. 7 of these can
    destroy 4-5 Cromwells in 6 seconds and then just all run in different
    directions so the remaining Cromwells can’t kill them lel

  21. No love for E8, power creeping tier 6 tanks keep coming.

  22. happy B day!

  23. Happy Brithday QB . TDS.

  24. happy bday qb!

  25. alot of AMX copies

  26. robin van Sint Annaland

    the comparason should be zoomed in a little bit

  27. “the look of my swedish crew matters alot”!
    especially, if they have the face of Frida and Agnetha available!

  28. The pronounciation of “Heja Sverige!” made it sound like “Härja”, which
    would be something like “plunder and pillage”. Heja should be pronounced

  29. how would it compare to another tierVI autoloader the AMX 12T

  30. First premium autoloader ?what about amx13 57 ?

  31. The Romanian Reaver

    My question is: Will the Swedish government petition Wargaming to replace
    the current voices for Swedish tanks with arab ones? Cause according to one
    of their former prime-ministers swedes don’t have a culture so a language

  32. Happy Bday! And thanks for the Video! You are awesome and wish you a nice

  33. QB please do a video on Chinese mediums

  34. QB you dont have a 100% crew on škoda T25, but you use “current crew”, does
    it buff the tank stats a bit?

  35. lets be real.. its trash xD

  36. I have the impression they are selling us a bigger AMX12t, offering +2T MM
    against reduced scoutability (viewrange, camo, mobility).
    Mèh.. it must be cheap, else it will be a bad deal.

  37. I would have love some more Gun dep on this. The fact that there’s only 3
    crew is rather bad and just a slight improvement to reload and terrain
    resistance would make this tank so much better, not op but better. Talking
    about penetration, it’s ok but mediocre at best. But it’ll do fine.

  38. um QB, its now the first ever autoloading medium LOL. There are few
    autoloading mediums(skoda T 25, T69, chi-ri, etc)

  39. Aleksandar Kospenda

    Wat are you talking about, tomorrow oct 4 is international Cinnamon bun

  40. #chemsisdead

  41. Meraj Hossen Akib Akib

    which mod u r using

  42. ThisUsernameWillOffendYou Skrub

    Only buy this tank if you want a Swedish tank. If you buy it for credits or
    free XP your an idiot… The Cromwell b is superior to this tank…

  43. Meatballs? Ever heard of Swedish Fika? A typical Swedish fika is coffee
    (strong coffee) and cinnamon bun (Kaffe & Bulle).

  44. Monsieur Wonderbra

    Happy Birthday from Germany! Keep on going QB!

  45. I can’t wait for the Swedish TD line.

    Tier 3 Derpgun with 20 degrees gundepression, and fast on top of that.

  46. Haha the SJW in sweden will no doubt complain becouse there are no black or
    muslims crew even though we didnt have any in the army in the 50s

  47. Meatballs? Was that an IKEA pun? I can’t deal with this I’m leaving

  48. Happy birthday QB. wish you a many happy returns of the day….

  49. wargaming keeps updating pc version
    they ignored Android :(

  50. Quickybaby why have you not done a review on the BT-SV I have been waiting.
    I’ve sent in some replays where I got something like 10-12 kills in a game.
    BTW when you do my name is LMS1732.

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