World of Tanks || STRV S1 – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – STRV S1. Preview of the brand new , the STRV S1, does it take the crown of best premium sniper in the game?

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  1. Hope you enjoyed the preview of this vehicle! Let me know what you think about the STRV S1.

  2. can we fire with a 90 caliber gun on this tank to penetrate

  3. yet another OP premium tank… it was a great game, now it’s time to stop playing…

  4. KV-2 will rebalance again

    Why do people say it’s overpowered , it’s actually a little worse than the udes

  5. Quickybaby make a call to Wargaming and get them to just take my money 🙂

  6. Help I dont know if I should buy the S1 or the Lorraine 40t I cant decide

  7. again a p2w prem… examples:

    defender. better is3 almost all ways.
    liberté. op armor. better than a kv4.
    e25 no examples needed. i know it was free for some ppl.

  8. Wat Skorpion in Siege mode?

  9. Lone survivalist314

    I feel sorry for any poor sap who is using hte T-34-3 having to fight these new BS OP tanks like the T26E5 the AMX M4 49 and now this thing. Welp say goodbye to what little turret armor you had…

  10. wtf i just noticed that in siege mode binoculars does not get de-activated when you move the tank (leftor right – as you can see in the video 11:20)!!!!
    Is this possible?!?

  11. Wallet warriors

  12. Haven’t played WoT for years, I remember when premium tanks used to be worse than the regular same tier tanks. Seems it’s all pay to win these days, premiums > standard tanks. That penetration at tier 8, insane.

  13. Another premium screwing tier 6s and 7s. Great.

  14. Angelo Soares Giroto

    RIP ISU-152 =(.

  15. Super Trini Gamer

    Stop crying please, it’s not good at everything, it’s just that he’s playing it good.

  16. Nice, I will make sure to play tanks with large caliber guns next 3 weeks while the sale is on 😉

  17. Well, seems like an e25 witch crazy penetration and alpha damage

  18. At least WarGaming are learning that making a premium vehicle worse than its main tree counterpart, but rewarded with more XP and credits is a good idea. Better than just making OP premiums.

  19. meet the great accuracy with the penetration of isu-152
    I think I will love the tank
    making campaign TD missions easy?
    also moneymaker supreme since you almost never need prem ammo
    seriously considering buying one to train my swedish girls crew

  20. Haha, saw this thing today morning in the premium shop. Never heard of it nor did google find anything. Then I though Quickybaby surely has something already on it, seems I was right.

  21. This game should be called
    WOPNNM (World Of Premium tanks No New Maps)

  22. Funny how this comes out how long after the lines been out already? What’s the use of this besides to syphon money from players?

  23. i currently waiting for the T92 light… now that comes out and i want that as well and the liberte if it comes out without camo

  24. where is tankbetter?

  25. Ah look another premium that will play well for a week and then be stealth nerfed for the next big premium. For gods sake QB please stop promoting the cash grab tanks.
    Ah sorry I forgot that you have your head up WG’s arse and that they pay you for this.

  26. I wonder if there will ever be a good murica prem td for crew training 😛

  27. Here is why i am a free to play player and never spend a cent on WOT:
    1. Its a virtual game. Nothing you buy is guaranteed to be yours for the lifetime of the game.
    2. Who knows if WOT will be there in a few years time? Anything can happen.
    3. I’d rather spend that money buying other games on steam and enjoying variety.
    4. If i buy premium tanks/premium account, i will be ‘forced’ to play because otherwise i would be wasting money which i dont like the idea of.

  28. when will game MM, Economy, and tanks especially Artys be revised?

  29. WoT clickers, War Thunder is better.

  30. Is it me, or it is just better then UDES? I get it, moves “slower” but the armor and “siege mode time” just worth the 20 less speed forward.

  31. How do you show all the acquired skill and perks instead of having them as x4 in the garage?

  32. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    this tank is useless

  33. Anotha one.

  34. hey qb, you should make a preview/review video without an 8 skill crew, pretty biased

  35. i did bounce 4 times in a row with the T34 shotting at the udes 03 front armor so …. i dunno, looks like tanks gg isn’t that accurate about the swedish TDs

  36. Blitzcom_____WOTB

    pls could someone tell me how to get the wight stripes on the barrels

  37. i use udes like amx elc at the end game. it works better than going in front of somebody and switching mode. u need to rush, shoot at move when close and than run like hell.

  38. If more of the maps supported long range sniping then this may be a good TD, the reality of the situation however is that they don’t and even those that do require spotting so this is not going to be an enjoyable vehicle to play. A lot of these reviews seem to be more of a sales pitch for a WG product than an honest opinion these days………

  39. first the Defender(ob 252) and now the S1 , 2017 must be the “year of overpower” in the WG calender right . ( Cha- ching…. for WG)

  40. Wishlist confirmed.

  41. All I can think about when looking at this tank is that: what were the Swedish thinking when they came up with that design? Why is the gun fixed into the hull? There’s propably a good reason why within the long history of tank-design, no nation *ever* came up with a tank that has completely fixed gun with absolutely no traverse at all.

  42. more money to WG, niceeee 😉

  43. arty’s deam is 1 second aim time 🙂

  44. It’s like the prototype for strv 103 tier 9 & 10

  45. what is the point of grinding the Swedish TD line when you can just buy this premium?? boom! there we go 🙂 no thanks.

  46. So fun to play…

  47. kv 2 can pen these with no problem =)

  48. 288mm standard and he still takes 13 ammo of prem…

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