World of Tanks || StuG IV – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

of review. Today I’m looking at the first reward from the personal missions, the T5 destroyer the .

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is a which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Hey QuickyBaby how to get stripes of exelence?

  2. Thank you QB! I am stuck on LT-15 ;-; Doing I have to complete ALL of them?
    I have done all TDs, SPGs and all MTs. And QB you make me lol so damn hard
    “it kinda sucks” and “I could be skulking around” plus ur brit accent. So
    funny Thanks mate -Bamfine NA server 🙂 Say could you do a review on the
    M41 bulldog? I just got it.

  3. Is it just me and my bad luck, or does the NA server not allow you to
    pre-purchase consumables? I’ve tried to, even watched QB’s vid on saving
    credits, but WoT just won’t let me. I went to the depot and right clicked
    on the consumables, but the option to buy more isn’t showing up. Am I
    missing something here?

  4. so, its a TD that is in nearly every way worse than a full upgrade Stug III
    G…. To think i used to be excited to get this

  5. Indranil Muikherjee

    QB said that these things are common on the server these days…….i don’t
    have a stug 4 even after a year of their release

  6. Christos Segkounas

    This is obviously a bad tank and an even worse stat padding one.
    It’s WN8 expected values are a copy of the Stug III Gs which is actually a
    very good TD.

  7. can u make new hellcat or t 25/2 review?

  8. why Stug 4 doesnt get premium rewards?

  9. MrWilliam DeathEsq.

    Im sorry, QB. I just cant help but burst into laughter every time you try
    to say “drei” 😀 Its ridiculous how english-speaking people cannot
    pronounce the R as us Germans can ^^ Sorry again but it’s just too funny xD

    Props to you though that you try to pronounce it in german as best you can,
    thumbs up :)

  10. Iordan Sorin Titus

    More reward tanks reviews, please :)

  11. josselin delaunet

    super video comme d’habitude! Très stressante et très serré au niveau du
    temps ;p

  12. Oh god i hate when you try to pronounce these German names…

  13. One of the most under powered tier 5 tanks

  14. I would ahve died several times if i was the one playing in this situation.
    Im realy impressed by ur knowledge what to do in which situation. Hopefully
    i will have this delightment one day :D

  15. I sold that one after three games. :p

  16. its Da StuG LIFE! :D

  17. kicking the puppys ;)

  18. Wachira Narongsack

    SU-85 best view range 265m

  19. when im enough credits, i will rebuy is-3
    i miss that tank ?

  20. Quickybaby PLEASE stop pronouncing numbers in german. Stogg Panzer drajj?
    And why say Auf Panzer vier and yet you say, Waffenträger auf panzer one
    hundred and not hundert?
    Stick to your English. :)

  21. Abbadon Despoiler

    I don’t understand why they butchered this tank so bady compared to Stug
    III. It might be a reward tank, but you don’t get it for free, imagine how
    much time and credits you’ve spent compleating those missions. You would
    take atleast 50% timee less getting Stug III…

  22. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    18:38 this is not possible every human would See you

  23. I would love for you to make a review on the T67

  24. Is stug iv good?

  25. I’m pretty sure I would be ammoracked by the arty the second they spotted
    you in the bush… Lucky QB…

  26. QB, with this casemate TD vs artillery 1 vs 1 you say it’s better to sit
    still and duke it out, would the regular Stug III be an exception? After
    all, the Stug III has(or at least had) a very good hull traverse
    potentially allowing a skilled player to circle an artillery piece.

  27. my sister don like “hey guys”

  28. +Quickybaby I’ve got on my e25:100% Camo 100% (and six sense) BIA,
    CamouflageNet, GunRammer and a BinocularTelescope and Vehicle camo. you’re
    a real sealclubber when you kemp bush with tier 5 tanks hehehe

  29. 2.39 gun dispersion when turning the turret…… ummm, it doesn’t have a

  30. Jonathan Pinkerton

    Brits make fun of us Americans for saying jaguar like jagwire and other
    things. I think it’s only fair we can make fun of them for saying Matilda
    like Matilder or cupola like curpola.

    Please understand Internet trolls that this is an obvious joke. Actually I
    take the please part back. You people need to learn to take a joke.

  31. World of Tanks Replays

    why would u review this crap??

  32. What site is that? thats awesome to know which mm plates tanks have :o

  33. yep, StuG IV Ace on Malinovka in a face off with a T67 sounds like my game.

  34. Yeah, if u wanna grind for money, the StuG III is far better. I would use
    the StuG IV just for crew training.

  35. I have this tank. Now I know ho to play it thanks QB

  36. I’m trying to do the first spotting mission and I can’t do it, my highest
    tier light is the AMX 13 57

  37. CDrunk “ItsJonaz” #1 Gaming

    Did any1 notice that in game the player in t67 is actually t67 but in game
    statisticks it says T49 it was long time ago :D?

  38. You should review the S-51

  39. You sound like Hitler when you say “drei”.

  40. Can you do the tier 6 brittich TD the achillas. Have a awsome replay if you

  41. Hmm…. have this tank, and I never carry gold in it… Don’t want to waste
    credit :p

  42. T67’s makes me want to throw my PC down from the balcony.

  43. Such annoying constant over pronunciation of both stugs throughout this

  44. Hey quickybaby what’s your username on W.O.T.

  45. Fuck the T29

  46. Okay, there`s a tier 5 tank called Pz.Sfl. IVc that has an 8,8 cm Flak 41
    L/74 so similar to the guns on Tiger I 😛
    someone recently called me a gold spam after taking out an KV-3 with it.

  47. Jingles loves this AT lol

  48. so… the hetzer can 1 shot it?

  49. so… the hetzer can 1 shot it?

  50. Do the side skirts absorb HE?

  51. quickybaby are you gonna do a tank review on the T95E2?


  53. completely pointless reviewing a tanks gameplay at that tier with a crew at
    100%,brothers in arms and coffee boost, those who have such crews dont need
    your review and those who dont are never going to have that kind of
    gameplay u had.
    I beckon you to do reviews in a REALISTIC setup at low tiers.

  54. well the jumbo’s 76 isn’t much better than that 75…

  55. you can be aggressive with the marder 38t. love that little thing.

  56. I usually block KV-1’s 122mm HEAT shells with those spaced plates on the
    sides and it’s just so funny see them rage.

  57. Thank you for the review of this unfair plane

  58. i sold this tank ._.

  59. Usefull vid! But QB? Can you do a vid about the issue of the french light
    tank line? That people say that from the elc amx on it wont get good
    anymore until you unlocked the 13 90? How do you think about this? And what
    would you do whit this issue? And maybe Some Nice gameplay of you just
    wrecking the game! So I hope you can make a video about it because i do
    struggle with it And maybe others to!

  60. Marder II penned KV-1S? Wish I could do that

  61. QuickyBaby can you please do a review on the Churchill 1 I got it along
    time ago but wasn’t amused with it, plus I was not vary good at the game I
    got it back today and was needing some tips if you can help that would be
    great if not I understand thanks!

  62. This video is NOT ‘Shraeder’ approved

  63. This video is NOT ‘Shraeder’ approved

  64. I cannot get past LT-15. :-(

  65. garbage tank

  66. This is an he tank, wasn’t built to fight tanks

  67. oh and could u do another obj 260 review plz? I heard you got the tank on
    ur own account a few months ago.

  68. i kinda hated this tank. Nothing special … especially when u get a dicker
    max and e-25 with easy missions.

  69. Kemp boosh and unfair plane and yes this tank blows

  70. hey QB, do you know why my Jackson disappeared after i bought the m6 and
    did not get any money?

  71. This makes me want you to review the SU-85I. Funny how it’s so rare because
    so few people cared to buy it when it was on sale as a regular premium, and
    it hasn’t even been on sale in WGEU’s trademark bundles since.

  72. trash tank. i just like that it is a premium that i can put my JPE100 crew
    in to get more xp

  73. QB please…. You’re English. Its “Three” not

  74. Brian William Thomas Whalen


  75. vasileios charitopoulos

    QB can we see some e-25 gameplay?been ages…

  76. “meaning theyre quite common” uh… not for me, i ran into one yesterday,
    and that was it, first one ive ever seen since they came out.. and he got
    killed by arty instantly..

  77. I just finished grind of my type t-34… and i hate those t67 stat
    padders… those dumb fags think they will be better players with wn8 over
    3000 in tier 5 tanks…

    BTW pls do review e50m… My favorite tank… also my first tier X tank…

  78. Stugs’ main weaknesses aren’t any of the things you mentioned, like armor,
    view range, etc. Stugs do what they do. The main problem is the rate of
    fire vs. the DPM. This vehicle runs out of ammo quite a lot. It fires fast,
    and doesn’t usually wreck what it hits with single shots. You blaze away,
    and whittle the enemy down, then repeat.
    And then you’re out of ammo.

  79. Is the background music new?

  80. The Stug drrrrayyy

  81. Good to see you back making videos, sir..

    take care, aka flea1951

  82. Could u possible do a. Review on the obj 430?

  83. some information to get stug IV faster :::
    LT missions : M41 bulldog
    MT missions : T-54
    HT missions : IS-3
    TD missions : Rhm
    SPG missions : M40/M43
    this was the tanks which i played most to complete my missions. i hope i
    could help you. but ….
    i sold Stug IV after 10 battles
    i really didn’t enjoy it . :)

  84. i feel like this thing is a tier 4 vehicle with a tier 5 rating

  85. can u plz stop with the fancy pronunciations it just sound kinda stuptid

  86. So it is a gimped StuG III G. And unlike the StuG, you don’t have to spend
    twenty thousand games to grind for it. Can War Gaming give us a proper
    reward tank?

  87. unfair plane you kemp bush

  88. Tank Driving Brony

    unfair plane! he kemp bush! :D

  89. use vents instead of camo net 4 dat vieve range

  90. Thanks for the review on this Quicky. Question for you is how hard of a
    grind is it to get this tank? What burning hoops does Wargaming demand of
    you to do? Perhaps you should have addressed what the mission requirements
    are? Regardless, I am looking to get this TD. I like all the Pz IV’s.

  91. can you do the t28 concept

  92. never get it germans shot tanks from over 2km away, and the view range
    never reaches futher than it’s counterparts XD

  93. It’s funny that you pronounce Stug, 3 and 4 and Ausführung the German way,
    but You say G the English way (btw.: I really like it that you aim on
    pronouncing everything correctly!)

  94. Pls do one on the VK 30.01 H coz im rly bad at it

  95. We need a Tiger2 review QB

  96. Hey Quickybaby, I know u play Minecraft, so could u join my multiplayer
    server if I start one?


  98. This tank is complete ass cheeks.

  99. Hey quicky, I remember from one of your videos you mentioned world of tanks
    blitz. If you play it can you upload videos on it? on mobile of course, not
    windows 10

  100. At the end how did you know how much health the T67 had?

  101. Rosarot Miststalker

    I’m happy someone is at least trying with pronouncing tank names in German.
    I’d like a bit more commitment though, doing more of that, like the T25 or
    the E100. Or the leichte Feldhaubitze :D

  102. Max possible view range of this tank is 428.91 meters

  103. BTW, I would take the Pepsi challenge against an OI exp in my derp KV1 W/
    HEAT any day of the week.

  104. I’m ‘casually grinding’ the stag, and I’m soooo close, issue is I don’t
    play meds, baring the Matilda, so the med missions are slow, and I don’t
    play arty unless I’m eating and playing WOT, my progress is as follows:
    MT:13 HT:finished TD: finished LT:finished SPG:15

  105. Stug iv is actually a good reward, free garage slot!

  106. Though camo is important, would 6th sense be extremely important as a first
    skill in a low teir td. I mean without 6th sense you might have been dead
    in the initial engagement that left you on low health.

  107. It kills me that Wargaming gives you this absolute shit tank for a reward
    for completing probably 3000 game attempts to complete all the missions vs
    grinding up the III…its a bad Christmas sweater.

  108. Hey qb, I’m getting a new gaming PC it has 3.8 Ghz and 16 gb ram, will that
    be enough to run wot on max graphics?

  109. I love your videos and I have learned a lot but this… Perfect map, teams
    of tomatoes and top tier for you. But let’s face it, in this tank,no matter
    what you need to fire premium a lot, especially when you’re not top tier
    and get this in a less favorable matchmaking on a nice map like Stalingrad
    or karkhov or any city map where you can’t hide anywhere and you know
    you’re not going to have a good time. For a reward tank, this should be
    better but it is utter garbage. I’ve played mine a bit but not anymore.
    Players like you can always do a massive game, even in very bad tanks
    though, that is also a fact…


  111. FV4005 review. This tank needs to be highlighted as it is literally the
    worst performing tank in the game!

  112. Thomas Maierhoffer

    Hey Quickybaby, and/or anyone who knows the answer, how long until these
    personal missions end?

  113. Usefull video i try to do my missions but that is most becaus of the femal
    crew so maybe fun to pick this one up when i do my missions!

  114. I would still have this tank if wg didn’t give everyone an e25

  115. I loved the stug3G, and I found the stug4 a suitable replacement for it in
    my garage.

  116. I love it! ‘drrrrei’
    dunno why people complain 😀
    oh and besides of that: nice vid as alway

  117. It’s most like an stock stug with just some things that lock make it look

  118. Can you go a review on the Churchill gc please and I have stug 4 on xbox
    360 and it’s such a good tank to play in had loads of fun games in it

  119. Hey could you do a review of the American tier 5 medium the M7?

  120. Unfair Tenk Kemp Bush!

  121. Thanks WG for the garage slot.

  122. “It’s a fairly common tank.”
    I have a feeling you haven’t been on the NA server, Quicky. You very rarely
    see one of these.

  123. You get it with 100% skill crew it is not that bad, you can get a decent
    number in cammo skill preety fast

  124. In other words, summed up, it’s shit.

  125. Well, I think that this is a decent tank, but not very good. I kinda like
    the t28 concept more than the stug IV tier for tier.

  126. QB can you do a review on the T110E3?

  127. The side skirts “schurtzen” (sometimes referred to as bazooka plates) that
    were applied to the StuGs and Panzers alike, whether it was on the turret
    or hull armour (depending on the tank and model), was designed to reduce
    the effectiveness of shaped charge ammunition and had little to no use
    against AP rounds. Late war “schurtzen” consisted of a wire mesh in a frame
    instead of solid panels. It’s designed to detonate the shaped charge early,
    so by the time the plasma jet reaches the main armour of the vehicle, it
    has cooled enough that it no longer has the penetration potential to melt
    through the main armour. HEAT ammunition is largely dependent on
    maintaining the optimal distance between the charge’s detonation point and
    the armour of a vehicle. This is why HEAT ammunition is ineffective against
    heavily sloped and spaced armour. Much like T-34’s with cage armour,
    Sherman’s with sandbag armour, and even the Panther’s side skirts were all
    developed to counter shaped charge projectiles, weather it be fired from an
    anti-tank cannon, an infantry anti-tank launcher, or a handheld shaped
    charge anti-tank grenade. The Germans even went as far as developing an
    anti-magnetic paste (called Zimmerit) to stop handheld anti-tank grenades
    from sticking to their tanks and the British later copied this concept by
    using adhesive rubber strips which can be seen applied to a small number of
    Cromwells. It’s still unknown weather or not Zimmerit had any other
    benefits. It’s believed the ceramic nature and the patterns in the hardened
    paste may have helped against shaped charge ammunition and spalling, but
    there hasn’t been any conclusive reports of evidence of that (to my

  128. i like your german pronounciation

  129. QB I’m disappointed. No Stug Life ?

  130. Unfair plane! violet stet pedder kemp bush!
    -Schrader, Proffessional WoT Player

  131. I’ve already seen this replay, but then LIVE. Anyway, an AMAZING replay, gj

  132. Oh Lovely – a review on this tank

  133. Unfair plane!
    he kemp bush!

  134. QB will there be folow up episodes of gameplay like you did last tank

  135. will we see reviews about the other reward tanks too?

  136. kemp bush, I remember that From Schrader. there we memes of him but they
    died when he did.

  137. finally stug 4

  138. there is one more reward tank with preferencial MM, if you take CW tanks
    for a reward tank.. the T23E3

  139. no… o-i exp is totally balanced.

  140. Complaining about T67 sealclubbers while driving a T5 tank with a prem
    consumable and like a 4 skill crew is…. well not too authentic QB 😛
    Also, your STUG 3G buddy was special, very special. XD

  141. very nice review QB. Im happy you covered a low tier tank again. I hope you
    show them more often. Because you should always remember that there also
    inexpirienced players watching you. I know that low tiers do not excite you
    and you hate stad padding, but as a wot youtuber community contributor and
    reviewer its your task to also show us the low tier part of world of
    tankus. Thx QB. Cheers.

  142. I will make it shorter then 25 minutes. StuG IV is shit. Thanks for reading

  143. the leF hit the supplies in the cap circle….that’s why you always drive
    over those things at the beginning of the game.

  144. man, all those high game, low WR/WN8 players

  145. the W.O.T. warrior

    OMG finally i was hoping for sooooo long he would do a review about this

  146. Why would the the tank meant to replace the stug 3 be worse than its

  147. ACE_stealth251 [ACE]

    6:00-607 u said its not a premium tank….A definition of a premium tank is
    a tank that has no fine it’s only by its fine not the credit making
    potential. That tank is a premium tank.

  148. Wargaming! Make premium KV-2 with a 5 shot autoloader! :D

  149. pls do Review T67

  150. Can you start the next campaign early? Like if you’ve finished the medium
    tank missions for the Stug, can you start the MT missions for the T28HTC
    early or do you need to do all the HT/TD/LT/SPG missions as well?

  151. Graf Brot von WoT

    Do the Kv-13 next pls

  152. Since when it has preferencial matchmaking, with my stug ik came a lot in
    t7. Is it bufft?

  153. cannot wait till the jap heavies are nerfed.

  154. It is a rare tank that can be bought on the Xbox version.

  155. Middle of field 250m away and not spotted…. Lol

  156. Light tanks and SPG’s are fucking difficult for me to play, so of course
    I’m belaying it until I get a good LT with Free XP to grind missions.
    Thanks for this, now I know the StuG IV fucking sucks and have nothing to
    look forward to.

  157. My hilarious stats in this tank:
    2 battles, 0 wins, 1462.5 average damage, 3905 wn8, Ace Tanker.

  158. maybey its a good idea to give tanks when reviewing to give them a number
    for mobility firepower etc. would give a quick overlook over how it

  159. sold it x)

  160. first game ace. second game 9 kills. hate it

  161. WGA tried to sell this to us xboxers I’m like: “NOPE”.

  162. “JagdPanther… …to use it’s frontal armour to weather the storm”.
    Someone hasn’t played the JP in loooong while… Time to review it again?

  163. please do an updated t-62 review

  164. I don’t like the stug IV, too camp, no action. I really hope the t28 HTC is

  165. The StugIv is the biggest shit tsnk ive ever saw!

  166. i love my stug iv

  167. I played 5 games in it, got the Ace, sold it right away. 1 garage slot is 3
    times more worth than that tank.
    Also, could you do a review for the T28HTC? I got it a few days ago and
    would like to see how you play it and how it is 🙂
    Great videos!

  168. Are ever going to do a video about the Tiger 2?

  169. Terrible tank but at least you get your girl crew members.. which is the
    best reason to do the missions.

  170. Yeah, its a really shitty tank…can do good only if its at the very top of
    the list…

  171. Blue Rules Minecraft

    Unfair plane he kemp bush

  172. Its reward tank and that means its shit…

  173. I had a stug fry for my breakfast this morning :)

  174. still dont have it need help with completing LT-15

  175. Shots fired at T67 drivers 🙁 its the only tank I’m good at :'(

  176. Looks like the stupid side armor they put on the Anko Special.

  177. rammer-bino-net or rammer-bino-vents?

  178. soo just a shittier version of stug3 and the pref mm dorsnt help cuz it
    cant even handel an ok sametier player/tank

  179. Wow a STuG fear!

  180. well played game!

  181. is my tenk stug

  182. the stuglllG

  183. Lol not really, remember the view range nerf to TDs? Yea an SU-85 now has
    280 and its tier 5. T67 has 320, stug 3G has 310, Pz4cSfl has 340 as well
    as the S35 CA. The AT2 has 310 and the archer has 360… The only one out
    of the bunch with good view range is the archer which is considerably the
    shittiest of the bunch…

  184. does quickybaby just like hate red players or something??

  185. 1 more mission and I will have this tank and my jp2 crew eill be rly
    happy… but I dont know how to play lights and i have thwir mission 15…

  186. Do the reward tanks come with a free garage slot or are they going to take
    up a slot I already have?

  187. The tank tho… weak as hell!

  188. LOL Cool (RealGermanGuy)

    I like how he says 3 (Drei) xD

  189. junky tank with a bushkemp strategy – blech!

  190. Even with my t28 when i meet the stug IV, i just see a juicy rolling meat.

  191. i watched this game on stream!

  192. i watched this game on stream!

  193. Finally!!

  194. Firing into a bush? Really Quicky? lol

  195. watching with subtitles: “pushing the shell philosophy is a little pillow
    inserts quite tricky to give 2:10

  196. I’m a relatively newb player. I only have LT-15 and TD-15 left to get the
    stug iv.
    How the hell do I do LT-15 ? :D

  197. I had the stug 4, wasnt that bad, got some good games in it, but i sold it,
    i just couldnt see it in my garage. The 28HTC, well, thats just amusing.


  199. Honestly I still haven’t unlocked this XD. Never been able to get the top 2
    arty missions, but I just spent a crap ton of free xp to get to tier 8 on
    the british.

  200. Quicky, you really need to lay off the power-to-weight. It’s not a stat
    that means anything. The real stat that matters is
    power/(weight*resistance) for all different terrains and what that says is
    that the Stug III has only ~15% more effective mobility parameter than the
    Stug IV in most circumstances, and about 33% more on soft terrain, rather
    than just over 50% more like looking at power-to-weight would suggest.
    Comparing by power-to-weight is like comparing who has more money if you
    know that this guy has two bills in his pocket, and this other guy has
    four. Well, maybe they’re all ones except for one fiver, and the guy with
    the two has that fiver. The number of bills is meaningless.

    People keep crying about power-to-weight of the FV4202 after the proposed
    buff when its actual mobility parameter (not the top speed, that will still
    be ass) will now be appreciably better than that of the AMX CDC ffs.

  201. Can you review the Dickermax?

  202. lets be honest stug iv i shit

  203. lel, sold it…

  204. tanks for the video :)

  205. QB, couls you make a video about T28 HTC? :)

  206. Qb you missed a major difference between the Stug III and the Stug IV, the
    angled front plate on the Stug IV is paper. This means you get overmatched
    with ease or penned by HE.

  207. not something i would wanna drive but it sure looks cute

  208. You can get 448m view range in the StuG… super pedantic I know :P

  209. Quickybaby pls just say stug for and stug three.. Your german is so bad
    that it puts my backhair up.

  210. Are you going to do the same for the tier7, tier 9 and tier 10 reward tank?

  211. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Got Stug IV a long time ago. It is gathering dust in my garage, because
    Stug IIIG is better. On these tanks, penetration is everything. They should
    be played as sniper td´s and in the end of the battle be more proactive.
    Armor and HP has zero importance because they are designed to be used for
    ambush, IRL as in the game. And theres where StugIV with its higher profile
    and worse mobility becomes irrelevant when you have a Stug IIIG.

  212. lol i do that much damage in rhm. -B. WT

  213. igen nem

  214. qb you have to do a full review in the t28 htc

  215. What do you do with women crew?

  216. sweet

  217. QB chill mode on :)

  218. i think i need to stop watching your steams ive seen all this gameplay…
    hmmm actually your that good ill just watch these sick games again!

  219. I’ve been wondering what the Stug IV reminds me of and just now I’ve found
    it. It’s the TIE-fighter obviously…

  220. stug 4 sucks! worst reward vehicle wver

  221. XxWindow_Licker_GamingXx

    Well QB if you think that the tier 5 O-i is broken just wait until you get
    the tier 6 that bastard of a tank is the reason i sold my hellcat that
    moment when you 90 mil gun with 160 pen can’t go though the ass of the tank
    and then he turns around and 1 shots you……………..

  222. It’s ok…

  223. Нећу Давамкажем

    REVIEW T20!!!

  224. Will u do some armourer warfare video?

  225. Will u do some armourer warfare video?

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    Wow M8 that was GR8!

  227. the shot at you disappeared, what luck, but still you are a winner

  228. I as a german am wondering why you roll The “r” in “stug dRRRei” so much ?
    you arent supposed to .. But yeah german is hard

  229. TheOnedirectionme

    Thanks for doing a vid on stug IV! I’ll get mine soon since I only have a
    couple missions left. I love ya quickybby 🙂 And yes I’m a girl :D

  230. UNFAIR PLANE ! HE KEMP BUSH !!! . kappa

  231. To all the Blitz players out there have a good day. 60k xp from jg E100 :)

  232. Нећу Давамкажем

    I would expect much better tank as the reward for pain in the ass campaign.

  233. Neptunesplayground0

    violet stet pedder, he Kemp bush

  234. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  235. StuG IV sux….nuff said

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    stug IV is a Nice tank

  237. All you need to know is… Its bad

  238. It looks like a good tank, I might pick one up.

  239. Nobody cares about stug IV. Waste of time doing this video

  240. that’s free garage slot to me…..

  241. FINNALY iv had this tank for a few months and been waiting for your Review!

  242. do the t28 htc review

  243. probably i am idiot because i dont have stug iv :/. I need only one
    mission…..SPG 15…

  244. One word: awful!

  245. magical pineapple

    Tier 5
    Not usually Quickys cut of tea

  246. i want to send u gameplay how can i send it ??

  247. i freaked out whe i finished that mission 15 for it.

  248. Quick! I’m early. lets make a joke…
    The Russian Player Base!

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  251. Eternal Wanderer Fateful Frenzy

    LOL I just have too. Nice video, enjoyed it, well played QuickyBaby.
    AHAHAHAHAH I don’t feel special but I got amused so yeah. Coo’

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  254. Im from stream :p

  255. 1st comment and 3rd viewer

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