World of Tanks – Stumped

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

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  1. Stumped by Stumperz……..

    That was Awesome….

  2. Brandon Burroughs

    I completely understand Stumperz plight! I catch hell all the time for
    being a shitty player when I actually only have one working arm! I almost
    cut my right one completely off in a wreck. I’ve managed to teach myself to
    play left handed. This is a awesome video!

  3. Thats incredable, one hand and still an amazing player. Now i feel really
    shit about my pathetic 653 wn8 and 48% wr

  4. Yellowstone The Pony

    stumpers. that was anazing that you can do that whit your handycap. good

    also. those people who start screaming that you hacked because you killed
    them are annoying as hell.

  5. Of course that E50M thought he was cheating, he has 21k battles and a 46.5%
    win rate… the guy’s a retard

  6. hay jingles yet another good vid but …..can you plz up the volume of your

  7. Alexander Snowden

    Wow, I expected there to be loads of cheesy “one hand” jokes in the

  8. I was waiting for the reason he drove in straight lines. I was like I dont
    care what jingle tells me is the reason for it there is no legit reason the
    player can know about to do so. And then my mind got blown in the end :D

  9. + The Mighty Jingles that is Amazing my bro sent you a few replays of the
    pz 1c he got a 3 Arty’s kills in under a 2.5 minutes and he is epic bro

  10. Stumperz is my hero now

  11. Brilliant! Well played Stumperz! And thanks for sharing Jingles.

  12. Stumperz is a inspiration to me.

    Just like HaramBae.

  13. Frederik Bek (FreddyBeddy)

    i would love to see a World of Warcraft video on your channel :)

  14. such a legend…. i have mutch respect for you stumpers sir!!!

  15. savage

  16. Human ingenuity and stubborn determination will overcome any handicap.

  17. Stumperz, you have my respect and admiration.

  18. “I could beat ya with one hand tied behind me back”

  19. me….

  20. Salud. Nice one stumperz… damn good work..

  21. what a trooper

  22. well done to Stumpers, wish i could play that good. thanks Jingles for
    showing this video.

  23. As an invalid left arm player ,I can say that he did extremely well with a
    medium tank .
    I chosed to play slow heavy tanks or pure snipers ,because moving a tank
    hull+turret is almost impossible for me (the way valid players do) ,and I
    think I’ll never be as good as him 🙂

    So guys ,when u see a noob in your team ,don’t forget that may be he’s
    doing his best …

  24. respect Stumper 😀 keep it up. Don’t let anyone pull you down

  25. We disabled players should form a team led by Stumpers and go for the world
    championship and show you able bodied people how to play World of Tanks not
    that I’m that good but some others will be that good.

  26. I Wonder if i should get WOW, Idk why but i have just been thinking about
    it all week for no reason.

  27. Lolz. GG Stumpers!

  28. Jingles, there’s nothing wrong with posting a WoW video (did I just say
    that?). It would be fun, a change of pace, and if you’re that enthusiastic
    about WoW, enthusiasm is as infectious as the flu.

  29. outstanding.

  30. Thomas Rainier Saballa

    sir jingles whats our videocard and headset used?

  31. Cameron Alexander

    kickass Stumperz

  32. Hats of to Stumperz!

  33. wow good for him

  34. what a lord….

  35. Man, that is some serious ownage

  36. Just glorious. He plays better with one hand than 95% of the players play
    with two hands. Hats off to you Sir!

  37. Welp..thats cool af

  38. Jingles, make a video of your adventure in world of war craft.

  39. the intro is too long

  40. Well played Stumperz

  41. Well done stumpers

  42. Well done stumpers

  43. I’ve read one of his comments under a video from Foch. Cool to see a video
    that shows his skills. Hats off to such skills!

  44. Hands up for stumpes, oh right he only has one. No hate hed a great

  45. Stumpers inspired me to do more with my life :)

  46. What an inspirational guy, great job!

  47. The momment they stopped pushing South is when everything fell apart.

  48. To the 10 people who downvoted this video, get a grip on life man you’re

    stumperz, you might not read this but my man I think you’re frikking

  49. lol i did not see that coming

  50. Well played Stumpers,well played.

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