World of Tanks – SU-122-44 – Radley-Walters’ + Pascucci’s + High Caliber

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Source: SuperVidninja

Player: Honda__
Medals: Radley-WaltersÙ, PascicciÙs, ,
Damage: 3.6k
Kills: 8
Experience: 2,074 / 2,488
Credits: 95,858 / 64,964 (Premium)

General interface and XVM:


Damage Panel:

One Comment:

  1. ThePeople'sPanzer

    Most OP tier 7 that nobody ever complains about. Troll armor, good camo,
    good mobility, great traverse, unbelievable DPM, much better first shot DPM
    than even the E25, benefits more from rammer, vents, etc due to alpha
    damage. Better pen than E25, only downside is tier nine games and that aim
    time and accuracy. If you are top tier in this it plays itself. Why I
    haven’t bought one on live server I don’t know. 

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