World of Tanks || SU-130PM – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – SU-130PM. This reward of the upcoming Winter Challenge has the highest alpha of any premium tank in the game! Can the SU-130PM dethrone the Skorpion?


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. good days ahead for kv2 ^^

  2. it would only be fair to put the 130mm from the Box Tank, on it and see how many bounces you can get before you are killed,

  3. Just what the game needs. Yet another Russian premium tank to counter another nationality that has one of the best in tier tanks. Why doesn’t Wargaming spend some effort on expanding the Japanese, Polish, Italian and Czech tech trees. Let’s have some different nationality variety in the game. Hell, why not expand the tiers upward (11, 12, etc. so we can get the Abrams, T-72, T-80 etc. into the game.

  4. Console already had a tier 8 russian td. It is the isu 130

  5. My basic conclusion on the skills and equipment:
    First, take Gun Rammer and Binoculars (or Coated Optics) as equipment.
    If you are going down the Obj 268 V4 line, you want greater accuracy than concealment because it is a brawler. Thus, take the Snap Shot and Smooth Ride skills and put a Camo Net onto the SU-130PM.
    If you are going down the Obj 268 line, you want greater concelment because of its higher sniping capacity compared to the V4. Thus, take Concealment on as many crew as possible (except for the Commander who needs Sixth Sense) and put Vertical Stabilizers (or Gun Laying Drive) on the SU-130PM.

  6. More Russian bias… fantastic, why not give a non existent Russian tank more dmg than the fuckin gay ass skorp

  7. Yay tier 8’s having more premium pen than the IS-7. And more alpha. IS-7 buff soon?

  8. Why is no one playing the Obj 268???

  9. Depends if you count the VK 72 as a prem or not, if you do then it has been the highest alpha premium, but if you think about it the KV-2R is a prem with 700 alpha, so no it doesnt have the highest alpha on a prem

  10. +QuickyBaby Coming from the NA server I have a serious question to ask you about WoT. You may not see this comment but if you do I was wondering what you think the future of this game is? I honestly feel Wargaming is getting ready to jump ship and they will keep releasing premiums until they stop selling and once they stop selling I think they will call it quits. My question is, should I invest anything else into this game or should I prepare for the collapse and be ready to move on? Also, thoughts on how they can turn this around by maybe massively nerfing penetration and scaling back on the armor to a sort of WoT classic if you will.

  11. Wow, another td to add on my t49 derp list

  12. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) MLG Dorito

    getting this thing for free will probably be impossible again for the average player that doesn’t have 3-5 hours to play every day.

  13. We really did not have soviet premium tanks already =P You said one of the critical things to that td, which I did not see one of earlier reviews, which I did watch: it has a limited turret rotation. Its very big downside to that, ofc people gonna get these lot free from mission now. But not real contest against Scorpion G, even with that OP camo against it. S G wins. Nice review, accurate and you did this with normally achievable crew too. Thnx 🙂

  14. Ah more Russian, thank goodness..

  15. reflecting the things ‘behind’ it , chuckled a bit.

  16. If you put on titles in 15:22 , QB is saying kam Penis. XD

  17. So a slightly worst skorp g with camo…WG really knows how to balance shit huh

  18. That “searchlight” is for IR vision.

  19. Why can’t they release the KV-4 KTTS to be sold instead? At least it was a vehicle based on a historical blueprint for the KV-4. I really think a better historical alternative to this vehicle is either the SU-100P or the SU-152G. A 100 mm gun would still work at tier 8.

  20. Санчез Зечнас

    Why is everyone worried about the fact that this is a Soviet tank? Relatively recently, there was a royal hunt, where the British very strong tank, for some reason no one wept about it, the fact that the first super strong tank scorpion appeared in Germany! there was not a single good soviet prem , until the improvement of the t54 1 sample, I am Russian, but in my hangar there was not a single premium tank of the Soviet nation .. the same defender appeared relatively not long ago and played well only with successful circumstances and the presence of red oh army from opponents .. I myself have never had any problems playing against the defender. Why does no one cry for super secrecy and breaking through the Swedish TD?
    Why is no one crying about Lore 40 tons, or Somua, Italian recharging system, .. American patriot .. German lowe,it is very strong tanks .. all crying only about Soviet tanks .. u all are racists and nothing more .. And I’m tired of repeating .. Wargeming-Belarusian company. Not Russian.

  21. WG in-group preference is so obvious.

  22. I’m grinding the O-HO right now. I’m more than OK with this new TD being all over the MM because I can easily pen HE rounds into it.

  23. Another




    I give up.

  24. World of Tanks = World of Russians

  25. Well technicly the boxtank still has the highest premium alfa but yeah

  26. I don’t like the idea it having 520 alpha. Completely bullshit.

  27. well germany. you had something going for you. but in the end. you’ve been biased yet again. gg

  28. Here’s an unpopular opinion: German tanks aren’t that bad

  29. so…. the Soviet G then? XD

  30. Need your MOD updated please

  31. How on earth is this as, if not more concealable than the M56 Scorpion which was built to be transported by air? It seems like another in a long line of tanks with features that are bad for the game. I’m starting to feel like the higher the camo value of any non-light tank, the worse its base view range should be.

  32. I have to be serious … “Love you WG” 320 pen with heat … Just FU off … WG please stop making more of this shit … Sorry QB for the message and the strong language …

  33. Fuckin piece of shit russian developers!
    Im so pissed the jpanther2 is a dumpster fire i worked so hard and had to pay$50 for my creds and its a trash tank. As well as the tiger2 and all teir 8 us tanks. Im so tired of russian being supior

  34. Wg hates to see that a german tank is popular so they made a russian one.

  35. TheAncient Tribalia

    i just wait Russian bulldog “Blyatdog”

  36. i play the scorpion g because tier 8 mm sucks ass, so when im shooting tier 10 tanks in 9 out of 10 matches i can still pen with standard rounds most of the time. And if i have to press 2 and shoot gold at a maus or type, it doesnt generally take that many rounds at 490 alpha to kill it so i can usually still make a decent profit for the time spent. Id like to play other premiums more often for credit grinding, but tier 8 mm is cancer right now.

  37. Only a little less noob than the scorpion g.

  38. KV-2 (R) hits harder


    I was shitting kittens in this battle. Made some mistakes but RNGesus was with me.

    A must watch.

    9,482 Spotting
    3,665 Damage
    1,675 Base EXP

  40. when a ” balance ”tier 8 td one shoots most tier 6 s …and the wonder why ther game is not so popular eny more

  41. Proving Soviet is da best, as huns cannot have most popular tank 😉 Money grab, and power creep. It is exhausting to play Tiger II nowdays 🙁

  42. looks like powercreep to me. Oh well, Soviet tanks for the huge Soviet player base. I’m not surprised.

  43. Yay we need more big alpha tier 8 premiums that 2-shot tier 7 tanks

  44. Ferri Anandri Husen

    watch-out guys, Christmas noobs is coming!

  45. I don’t understand gold spamming in Skorpion G. Its my second most played tank afaik, and I shot less than 5 gold rounds from it in my whole life, all of them on high tier heavies while I really needed to make sure I pen. That thing has more than enough penetration and great accuracy. And btw, I don’t hesitate to gold spam in another tanks whenever I feel like its needed. But never in Skorpion G.

  46. Reason Skorpion has so “low” win rate is because every retard who got blasted by it bought one, then they do 1k damage every game and had a good game

  47. класс

  48. Looks like the SU-100P from War Thunder!

  49. On the pc WOT this TD may the hardest hitting premium tank but on the console version the hardest hitting premium tank is the SU-152 “Slayer”

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