World of Tanks | Sub Replay #58 – Sherman Brothers

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Taking a look at the Sherman Brothers.
They’ve been featured before, but it’s been a long time 🙂

TheRiisingSun Forum

Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Wow that erly view the youtube giveme only 144p 😀 😀 lol ….. 😀 😀 so i
    wait the 720p 😀 

  2. Are you doing path to improvement still? It was very useful.

  3. What mod shows those stats on the top right corner? Or is it even a mod?

  4. I thought you were dead again…like the time you got Shingles XD

  5. I thought this was quicks of the week. :(

  6. I do like my old E2. I bounced so many rounds in that thing. 🙂 I pretty
    much played it like a heavy.

  7. I love the easy 8, got 3 marks of excellence on it’s barrel :)

  8. welcome back :)

  9. Where to get that mod you were talking about?

  10. nightraider35611ify

    Holy fucking shit. Look who’s back

  11. Good to see you back again, we all needs vacations from time to time.

  12. Yay for mid tier!

  13. Ooooooooh… I am going to sit and enjoy this one… 😀 

  14. wooohooo shout out 4 rising sun from asia ~ WELCOME BCK

  15. hi Highflyer. Good to see you back on track :D

  16. Frédéric PIERARD

    Good to see you back Dude !
    Keep Headbangin’ !

  17. I think he said sorry because he fired gold shells at the t34-85

  18. “In a rut.” Is what you were looking for about feeling like you were in a
    hole. 🙂

    Glad you are back man.

  19. VanYoo - WoT Replays

    Ooooo HF 15! Welcome back ! One question, What does “diff” mean in the top
    right corner ? In the mod you were talking about ? :D

  20. I said sorry to that other medium because I got fed up and I shot premium
    at him. (I got tired of bouncing and hitting the ground)
    Right after that I said FU to my team who were camping way behind and kept
    pinging the map can calling for spots instead of actively playing
    themselves 😀

    The KV-1 (near the tracks) was on fire when it died, that was the arsonist

    BTW I think I was already running: Optics, Vstab and Gun rammer on the Easy
    8 when I played this.

  21. finally…

  22. Richard Gustafsson

    Why not go hill in the jumbo? Your turret and frontal plate are made for
    those places

  23. Richard Gustafsson

    The Sta-2 is going to be implemented to the game so then you can have a
    tank that’s a worthy japanese crew trainer ;)

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