World of Tanks | Sub Replay #59 – SU76i, ST-I & Obj. 263

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Source: TheRiisingSun

A bunch of Russian Tenks today! 🙂

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Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun mod


  1. First beaches

  2. Don’t worry about the kv4 grind. It is surprisingly easy. Just stick with
    the stock turret for more troll armor and 10 tonnes less weight.

  3. There was just no challenge for that stat-padding sealclubber in the first
    game, it was just a turkey shoot. Notice he got 10 kills and didn’t even
    get a 3rd class mastery badge because that thing is so OP

  4. That ST-I game…. Great game but remember you are in a Russian tank, you
    just can’t snap shot weakspots. Maybe you can get lucky but try to aim so
    you can get more damage. Still nice game

  5. Thumbnail says 264 :o

  6. PTA: not punchy enough

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