World of Tanks – Sub Replay Review CrySpy WZ-111 Model 1-4

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  1. 4min in, rofl:in irl. don’t change.

  2. How any logical human being goes from: Heavy tanks have some AP weakspots, but are vulnerable to 2-key pressing to Heavy tanks have no AP weakspots, but are vulnerable to 2-key pressing I will never understand.

    Surely any rational and logical human being would see the problem is what happens when you press the 2-key, not what happens when armour has weakspots.

    Also the T-54 was firing 250 damage shells, so did not have the top gun unlocked.

  3. lmao all the shots fired today!

  4. I personally think they should move the hill/castle further North, because like you said the team that spawns on the souh has a much greater advantage on that side

  5. as always great video and great cometary. Tanks is ruined on PC NA. Its just horrible.

  6. this map looks like it was…. lol

  7. I didn’t watch the video, but I can smell the Norweigian mediocrity already. jkjk luv u cryspy senpai

  8. Regarding the first hsot on the T25, I think I tapped D there without knowing it. I thought for a moment that my toonmate bumped into me, which is why I looked around. Worth noting that the T-54 is using the stock gun with AP.

    My life is complete now, thank you Annie <3

  9. 1:07 “Cryspy and friends” sounds like a comedy show kappa

  10. bite your tongue with the WG drama memes 😀 nice game cryspy

  11. I think my favourite parts of your replay reviews is the fact that you know the result, but not the decisions the player made and providing your input on the game.

  12. “just let me take a swig of water gulge gulge gulge”

  13. type 4 has 2 frontal weakpoints

  14. Those hidden jokes that you have made with the Foch-Circon-WG drama gets me every time 😀

  15. guys is e50m and t62a worth buying ?

  16. I think a parody of Circonfoch and lemmingbaby would be good lol.

  17. Tristan Boileau


  18. William Phillips

    Is there a strum todai?

    Also 4:00 AnfSavage holy shit

  19. Nice to see you make fun of the WG drama …….. good job hinting at different parts too 🙂

  20. Hahaha, the salt is real in this one! xD saying it like it is, love the commentary!

  21. TheOneWhoShallNotBeNamed

    That joke Circon made was funny and on point and the video made by SirFoch was actually true though, WG getting butthurt over a video SirFoch made telling the truth. They are a bunch of money hungry idiots

  22. top tier 9’s, no arty, terribad enemys. EU confirmed.

  23. definitely make that parody, we need gossip! 😀

  24. This guy didn’t do anything special, IMO. He didn’t make super awesome plays or show any tactical awareness. He just farmed bad players and low tiers.

    Good results, obviously. Just nothing special on his end.

  25. pretty memefield/10

  26. Evry single game i warn my team to not go castle if we spawn on north. But i must admit o love when i spawn south so i can farm for days from castle… watching the retard heavies doing 0 dmg while rushing castle never gets old <3

    Also #FreeFoch

  27. Nice memes and commentary Anfeels!

  28. SirFoch ???

  29. Dead Anfield you cracked me up at 3:55 till 4:15 so much 😀 ROFL.

  30. War Thunder thumbnail clickbait Kappa

  31. #stormtroopershavefeelingstoo

    Nice to see Cry can actually have good games when I’m not platooning with him 😉

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