World of Tanks – Subscriber Replay Va1heru 140 Kolo/12 kills/8k dmg

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  1. como puedo participar.?

  2. decent

  3. Keep doing what you do….. good job!
    Battle On!

  4. nice replay… well player

  5. That jump towards the end. That’s some balls

  6. Nice played.!

  7. “weak knees” haHAA

  8. We all know Val uses Warpack anyway.

    ASIA server is in Singapore

    and I have 30ms ping from Australia Kappa

  9. عبد الهادي

    i live in africa (algeria) and i play on the EU server, i also have quite a shity network (150 ko/s ) and a shitier PC ( 3go ram and intel shity graphics card), in adition to that i’m a 99% free to play player. with all that i have 1300 overall xvm and 2k recent (past 3 mouths) i know no one guives a fk about what i’m saying but it’s only the distance from the server that is an extra challenge on this game, for me every single thing is an extra challenge
    ps: if somone did read this i said that i am a 99% free to play player cuz some times i play on “FACEIT” to get some points witch i use to buy gold or premieum tanks (for the moment i got a T5 med and a T3 light, both of them are shity and i can’t believe people saying saying that the deffender is a bad tank)

  10. Chevrier Clément

    ? Amazing player

  11. Fernando Herrera

    T62a gun does feel better.

  12. So.. yyyeah.. you know… Yyyyyeah. So you know. Yeah. You know.

  13. Can anyone tell me Anfield’s streaming schedule? If he does have one.
    Can’t seem to find his schedule anywhere. Thanks

  14. Va1heru: easy…… jajajaja 🙂

  15. With my luck that FV 183 would have snap shot me in the end…

  16. moms spaghetti

  17. we from brazil have at least 150+ ping… sad. But could be worse, at least i dont live in africa. 🙂

  18. “easy” rofl thats exactly what i always say when having those killer games 🙂

  19. 8:40 madness??!! this is Sparta!!

  20. Hemanathan Gryffindor

    Yes Asia server is located in Singapore.

  21. lol the 183 threw the game so hard leaving the cap with 5 sec left. what a pancake

  22. Joshua Van Der Merwe

    Anfield I’m pretty sure you can copy your WoT 9.18 root folder and use it to open 9.18 replays

    Edit: has an archive of WoT versions all the way down to 0.7.0, when replays were first introduced
    I might someday try to make an online service with which you can upload any replay file of any version, and it’ll give you a video of the replay.

  23. oh the unicum rng if it was me in that situation, same tank same crew skill same consumables my shots would’ve missed

  24. When I saw this video I thought not again object 140…. but this replay was worth of watching 😀
    Thanks Anfield but pls change tanks in next few videos.

  25. see how our lovely unicum.. @ anfield. i met him in random and sent him message but see how he reply me .. fucking racist shit!
    Syth3r (9:29:30 AM) nice gold spam bro 8.4 dmg
    Syth3r (9:29:53 AM) i dont think u will send this to anfield to much gold spam in this right
    Va1heru (9:31:20 AM) I mean
    Va1heru (9:31:25 AM) I spam gold in all my games
    Va1heru (9:31:34 AM) I can afford it you know?
    Va1heru (9:31:42 AM) you from india?
    Syth3r (9:42:12 AM) yes
    Syth3r (9:45:41 AM) no u didnt gold spam in 140 game..
    Va1heru (9:45:55 AM) I did spam gold in my 140 game
    Syth3r (9:46:05 AM) yes but when u were in stress
    Va1heru (9:46:06 AM) I know this because I spam gold in every game I play
    Va1heru (9:46:19 AM) now fuck off to your degenerate country and go shit in a street or something
    Syth3r (9:46:28 AM) wow nice attitude

  26. fucking gold spamer

  27. Va1heru is fu*king mother fu*k*r who always fu*ks her mother. asshole pussy sucker

  28. noob pussy

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