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Source: MrFalkers

🙂 Got many great replays sent to me, so many battles containing badges to chose from…damn hard to decide!, so i ended up doing one more, Sub Spotlight #7 will be released tomorrow already 🙂
Battle playlist: ►02:39 HxDuck» on Winter | ►10:43 Charcharro»Obj.430 II on | ►17:51 jyskrn»BatChat 25t on Fisherman’s Bay | ►29:13 jwelshy19v2»Obj.140 on . ►Play Free

MrFalkers WoT Modpack:

Me on EU Forums
Me on NA Forums

Intro Music clip from:
Song Title: Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix)
Free download at
All credit goes to the producers for such an amazing track.


  1. Where is the 9.3 preview

  2. I agree with you Mr. F, artillery kills should give 2x exp b/c of their low
    health. :D

  3. Hope my OBJ 140 replay appears on #7 :D

  4. Sorry but none of these battles was very interesting to watch. Maybe good
    battles for the guys but nothing much to watch.

  5. Very Nice.

  6. How easy does platooning in randoms make the game with stats like that lel

  7. Is it my browser’s ( mozilla ) fault that i can not rate the videos on

  8. U should min.have 50.000 subs dude-.-

  9. Uttales jyskern 😀 Takk for publisering av replayen :-)

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