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Source: MrFalkers ►Play Free

MrFalkers WoT Modpack:

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Intro Music clip from:
Song Title: Metric – Artificial Nocturne (Love Thy Brother Remix)
Free download at
All credit goes to the producers for such an amazing track.


  1. Great Vid Falkers 😉 Btw No Offense,but can u start showing replays from
    other classes of tanks,It’s a little boring watching same tanks over and
    over again….I know you’re not into heavy tanks,TDs etc. ,but you can
    atleast show the replays to the ppl dat want other types of tanks 2 😉 

  2. frontlinewarfighters

    Where do I send in replays falkers…I have a pools medal game with 10
    kills and I think a 1v5 save in my leopard pta 

  3. Stick to good medium play 🙂 imho good video 

  4. Just figured I’d let you know Mr Falkers that you have spelt “spotlight”
    wrong on the intro screen bit :)

  5. 7.7k damage in that Leopard 1 — nice!

  6. love ur videos MrFalkers ive traded Jingles in for your vids awesome

  7. please stick to mediums, it’s your strength and I watch your channel now
    instead of ‘big’ channels like QB and Jingles because I learn a lot
    especially since I also play mediums.

  8. One dislike ^^ Arty player detected ^^

  9. Mr Falkers where are you, haven’t seen you on twitch for ages?

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