World of Tanks || SUFFERING!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Conway. Today we’re going to find out if it will be further suffering the T9 British turreted tank destroyer!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I was really hoping for England to win. I wanted to see the bloodshed and possibly a second Hundred Years War if they’d have gone against France.

  2. Talk about the blessing of RNG.

  3. What you guys and ladies think? Get gigi or get a female Italian commander?

  4. I love the T30

  5. I’ve got the Charioteer right now looking forward to the Conway. I know I HATE getting hit by those 700 alpha HESH rounds. So I WILL be using the 5.5 inch guns.

  6. he is not even good he loaded apcr just after 2 bounces off the vk and those 2 BOUNCES WERE BOUNCES JUST BECAUSE HE DONT KNOW HOW TO FKIN AIM get a life fucking gold noobs you just loaded gold ammo in ur td for a tank that is lower tier than you

  7. Lol cheating game hahahahahahahaha!!!! These shots will only be given to you as you QuickyBaby! Shame on Wot !!!

  8. Very nice replay. I’m up to the last 30k of my way through this tank. It packs a good punch and I’ve really enjoyed playing it. However the s**t barn is next. I may have to keep this one.

  9. not so strange game. average players bounce on low health unicum. unicum high roles and winns

  10. Morgan Wesley Appleby

    You could never snap these miracle shots in on console like these guys do on PC.

  11. Scorp : CLICK !1!1! like a mad man
    WG GOD : not to day boi…….

    Conway : i’ve been blessed~~

    The End

  12. Fantastic tank!!

  13. Wow a unicorn beat a bunch of pumpkins and tomatoes what a surprise

  14. Wow that skorpion was seriously bad. Could’ve easily won the game but nah.

  15. Hello QB,
    this is not related to this video but i hope you read this post, in the past you asked in one of your Videos how the Status of the NA Server is after the Server Moving. Well if you have 5 Minutes of your time I realy would like you to check these forums sites.

    They promised Server Transfers 10 Months ago and since then nothing happend, posts they dont like just get silently removed so WG runs this thing dont by silencing there player base to death.
    I realy hope you see this Comment and get the time to respond to this, but please be carefull we all now what happend to SirFoch after he told WG his mind, althought i think you are more “calm minded” then him and will find the right words to attend a problem.

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Can you make a firefly replay

  17. I’m sorry but no….. He is not playing well. The only reason this worked was because the enemy was playing so poorly….. I can’t believe how the enemy team can not shut down his tank…… It’s not hard. This was another cherry picked replay of a unicrom fighting pubbies that have no idea what they are doing. I bet if I stomped on some ants Quickybaby would congratulate me too.

  18. On consoles you can click a button and it will lock on to a target, zoomed in or not.

  19. How’d he get brother-in-arms? The platoon needs to all be alive and get 3 kills each right? Crucial contribution on the other hand…

  20. Its comming home…oh wait…

  21. If there is any French player I have to say, WE ARE STILL ANGRY ABOUT 1998!! Greetings from Croatia!

  22. What about NA. Its such a shame that NA is dying love this game almost have all the tier tens.

  23. Thank you quickiebaby
    At least a few decent people are not ripping thier own countries flag.

  24. Well done Southgate

  25. TheMightyCongueror

    The E-50 made a mistake, the Conway hit him, tracked and did damage, the E-50 repaired his tracks, then “hid” behind the wreck and got hit again, making him a one shot. If the E-50 had kept moving after getting tracked, risked getting hit, based on the roll, which left him on low hp, he still would’ve been able to come around the corner, and finish the conway off.

  26. You like the k 91 I also love it. I hope it stays the same I commend wargaming they did a gj in my opinion of balacing the k 91 and the 277 . Do you Quicky think that they should stay as they are or at least that they will?? It was good they lost the really high apcr pen as you said in your test server review of the 277 but I wish they kept the premium as apcr for something different. And the buffs to the k 91 were great. Really like a new play style for Russian mediums.

  27. Čangrizavi Majmun

    Qb im from Croatia, we beaten you hehehehe, just kidding, thanks for congrats, u were good, that goal of trippier :O no words.

  28. He only has 353hp… whilst the T44-100 also only has 353hp and shuts him down.

  29. Make an exe file for your mod pack

  30. Humayun al Rafi Zuha

    QB: hey *EVERYONE*

  31. Thanks QuickyBaby, cheers from Croatia 😀 :*


    Never let noobs take care of rest of the team… let them got killed first

  33. Im from Croatia 🙂

  34. what football?

  35. shut up you twat, Croatia did not play well… we played bad

  36. He got a bit lucky near the end but great replay, one of the better ones i’ve seen.
    I like the aggresive playstyle he has in the Conway…I mean, sidescraping in the city? awesome!

  37. Croatia had better ground resistance!

  38. Aye, but then when we got out act together we made the FV214 Rifled 120mm heavy tank ‘Conqueror’.

    The Conway is to the Conqueror what the Firefly is to the Centurion, in a way.

  39. Wow Im impressed by that reload… I never really saw a Conway In action…. but now im looking forward to it ^^

  40. how are you keeping yourself so positive?

  41. Suffering is watching these enemy players, they play T8 and T9 tanks but have no clue how the game works.

  42. turret is quite well armoured…
    Thin part of it is 132+132 spaced armour , that was just luck

  43. Really this updatin. am very wait your new vid QB kyaaaaaa great

  44. The only thing that would help England against Croatia is a TOGII parked at the goal ?

  45. That aiming at the Mäusschen… f* me, so bad, so so bad
    could have penned the cheeks with AP, but nope, gold + trash aiming

  46. I’m from Croatia thx QB. England did play very well and fast congrats to your team too you can still get 3rd place. 🙂

  47. Runolist Velebitski

    Thank you for congratz 🙂 France is going down on sunday

  48. Calin Daniel Belibou

    Make a review with challenger pls

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