World of Tanks – Sunday Sub Platoons

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Source: Anfield


  1. I’m still pretty weird my man’s

  2. blueguy freshair

    good play

  3. The_Radioman_is_Bleeding

    a flood of players who don’t belong in tier8+ now own X’s… bg wg

  4. Wicked Anarchist

    Aka:Dubstub: I will one day platoon with you again I just need a Sunday off.

  5. Het Anfield maybe I could platoon up with you on Frontline 🙂

  6. Omar Pacheco Cháves

    Server NA?

  7. Of course end it on my donut match. kappa

  8. where the hell do you live that makes you pay £13 for pizza? I’m in London and 15″ pizza is £6…

  9. anfeels pls eat all the mosquitos

  10. hey Anfield, what autoloader line do you recommend as a first autoloader line? 4k battles, 950 wn8, 1400 recent 4k PR

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