World of Tanks – Super Conq Bond Farm

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Some more solid SC games


  1. Using the Super Conq to farm bonds atm and really enjoying it so probably more SC stuff to come

  2. very nice you play a great game, i have the 5000 bond vent and 4000 optics, make’s everything work just a bit better.

  3. how do u feel about the t110e5, its my only 3 marked tier 10 and I kinda feel that its pretty much useless since they nerfed the cupola

  4. now just waiting for howitzers on tanks to stun 🙂

  5. at 5:10 find out one of the reasons why I only play this game for laughter. Nothing makes sense in that game anymore.

  6. shame they didn’t buff the shoulders on the FV like they did on the (Super)Conqueror, it wouldn’t make it OP just playable

  7. would you take S conq. or that over buffed E5?

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