World of Tanks – Super Conq Improved Rammer Time

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  2. Matias Gomez Janzen

    Happy birthday Anfield

  3. So if its not fun… why play?

    • For you guys mostly, but it CAN be fun but there are so many bad mechanics in the game at the moment, it’s so frustrating because they ruin a game that otherwise would be really fun 99% of the time

    • I quitted already… the improved equipments, the scam of WG by saying it’s free to play(you need prem account to tell the tale).
      The balance that makes you spam gold or bounce an undeservedly amount of well aimed shots.
      Did I mention the Improved equipment? that’s the worst decision WG has done in the last 3 years IMO.
      And of course there’s more reasons why this game isn’t worth, but I don’t remember now cuz luckily I quitted it for the better a while ago… just before the campaign(907!) and the 3x tier8 prem tanks(recolored, because).
      Don’t regret it.

  4. Ya sound really negative lately. You ok? But of a downer to listen to

  5. I feel you man. It’s gotten to a point where I prefer watching WoT on youtube rather than playing it, because the TD and arty meta makes the game so boring, campy and frustrating that it’s almost not worth it any more to fire up the game yourself and just try to play a few rounds for fun. WG caters to the biggest plebs and kills the game by doing so.

  6. Is this your first improved equipment?

  7. Noob getting outplayed by RNG NOOOOOOOB!!! blab here you have a 800 dmg hesh round in yoooo face! :Pmeh men its sucks now-a-days wot you play 3-5K wn8 average and you get xvm foccused by arty and HESH fags.. GG _ WP

  8. Anfield so sassy XD

  9. I guess you hate climb? 😀 and I agree, fuck the HE mechanic, FV, tard 4/5 and so on, keep the good work. And fuck the arty with a pipe.

  10. Teal plebs lol

  11. Improved rammer review?

  12. I hate slow tanks

  13. Gold is life, never forget that.

  14. so, it’s the super super conqueror now? LUL

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