World of Tanks – Super Conq Karelia Analysis

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  1. If you’re interested i’ll do the Sand River game too

    • that would be cool

    • YES!! More like this! Brilliant stuff!!

    • Yes, we like to hear your commentary.

    • Sure thing bby

    • Yes. As many like this as you’re willing to do.
      I’m a 45%er. I watch videos by guys like you and Lemming Rush.
      I often hear terms like positioning, in position and out of position.
      They are used often but not really explained so players that suck will understand.
      It seems like positioning is intuitive to good players while bad players (like me) will just never get it.
      Maybe you can help bridge the gap.
      I should look and see if you have a map tactics video series.
      I like those because I can refer back to them until some of it sinks in.
      I particularly like the Claus Kellerman map tactics series because it is dumbed down–just the basics bad players might be able to remember in the heat of battle.
      The problem is there are a lot of variables.
      Maybe start from the beginning.
      Before the game even starts, what should a player be looking for in the team lists?
      The problem is that’s another area where good/experienced players just know (intuitive).
      Maybe it just takes 50,000 games and a lot of suffering.
      I liked WoT but couldn’t take the pain after awhile.
      Worked my ass off to make it to what I thought was the quintessential WWII tank, the Tiger II. What a huge mistake.
      That made me give up in frustration. I switched to Armored Warfare PvE. Now that has gotten boring (easy/repetitive).
      I’m back for another try. I’m sticking to tier 5 because I suck and I’m cheap. Tier 5 makes credits no matter what.
      Also, eventually I’ll become familiar with all of the vehicles I’ll ever face. It’s like tier 10 for bad/cheapskate players.
      Maybe I can become a bigger fish in a pool of more retarded fish. My ultimate goal is one barrel mark on my T67 or Panzer IV H. Then I could die happy.
      Try to remember back when you were going after your first mark of excellence. What does a bad player need to do differently to pull that off?
      Help me (us–I’m sure I’m not alone).

  2. I see FISH_LOVER[SYKO] contributed a lot to this game.

  3. is this NA server ?

  4. its funny when 3k personal rate people doesnt know what strategy is. They know only just rush deal 500 damage and die. Repeat this 50 times in 10 min.

  5. Big fan of your playstyle and i love your map tactics,,,keep up the good work,,,bye the way im not realy onboard with your hate on the strv103B, and your hate against the Kranvagn it got nerfed to nothing realy 🙁 but hey your Amx50B is still good,,,,,and you can run rings around the totaly nerfed Kranvagn,,,,dont get y hate against the swede techtree

    • I don’t hate the kran it’s just garbage, i don’t know where you got the idea that I think of it the same way as the strv, it needs buffs. The strv however is just plain broken.

    • Refering to in the beginning when the Kran came out, you voiced pretty strong opinion on it then compared to the 50B,,,the gun on the Kran was still crapp then so the 50B wouldent have been obsolete,,,,,but they nerfed it to oblivion 🙁

    • When kran was first introduced on the test server it was over powered, but wg nerfed it too hard because they can’t do things in moderation.

  6. Hi shit lord how you doing lol

  7. Great game mate

  8. Next time when you get complaints, can you please ask them to direct you, and then do as they say?

  9. Great Commentary man, lol you even told why you’re shaking the camera…. Keep up the good work.

  10. Love pubbie tears.

  11. Ok asking BEFORE watching it all, but do you think the super conq is a little too unbalanced as is?

  12. GG anfield, feels bad when people’s IQ is too low to understand you

  13. 2 days ago, this guy decided not to help any of us out just because he got shot by someone using gold ammo. He quit. He ran away when he could have went to position his T29 in a good spot to defend the base but he went all the way around on the side that was won. We lost the game because they capped us out. The T29 lost it for us by not trying to reset when he could have. His IGN is _WOT_BOT_ he’s utter trash for average damage.

  14. Can someone with a NA account please PM those fools and send them the link to this vid?
    I’d love to see their comments on this video here.
    GG, Anfield, keep it up!

  15. Praise the Shitlord!

  16. Don’t get bothered by this pathetic 45%-47% retards and just do what’s the best you can. It’s a total waste of time to reply to them, since they are just way too stupid and would never understand even a detailed explanation. Just ignore them. Or you can just reply that you are a super unicum for a reason and 45% retards should just shut up and be quietly ashamed.


  18. Anfield, these review videos you make are the best informative WOT content on youtube. (IMO)

  19. thx 4 the song

  20. Subscriber squadd

  21. Obviously the T34 meant to call you a sithlord

    Did really no one else make this joke?

  22. make more of those…that is the kind of videos i like 🙂 maybe a 3 mark session? those are my favourite

  23. I hate shitcunts like that T34. Some players have no map awareness. It is sad

  24. Liked the commentary man! +1
    Always enjoy watching every WoT you post. i try and figure out why you did what you did or how pushed or held some point on some map. i think you Overlord are funny playing and have fun trying to better myself through mimicry.

  25. It's not what you think

    Shitlord sup conq. Only unicum cause of gold rounds kappa

    Edit: fuck you beat me to it like a minute before I got to it in the video

  26. go on and copy the “inside mind of uniscum” Lemming series, would love to see other point of view

  27. i usually say “guys we dont have enough to cover that flank, fall back” so people understand why i am doing something like what Shitlord…err Anfield was doing

  28. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    honestly if anyone talks trash to me in a game i just ignore them and then i talk shit after I see their results.

  29. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    anfield you take the t26e5s turret too much for granted. It’s not that good, you can pen it 90% of the time with gold.

  30. I get shit on like that as light tank player. Oh well, other peoples opinion ” Don’t Impress me much”

  31. I know these videos don’t do as well as stream uploads or w/e but these are the kind of videos that have helped me get better so they’re always appreciated.

    • I wish I understood why that was it’s incredibly demotivating to make this type of content I enjoy making but requires far more time and work only to have a easy stream highlight get far more views (and ad revenue due to length)

  32. thats some average NA players… go suicide and yell at teammates for not dying like idiots like them.

  33. These 45%ers are the same people who get angry with mediums for not going to the “medium flank” on Highway when there are three enemy SPGs in play.

  34. “Go back to EU you euro trash” – best T54 NA

  35. People and the lack of positioning and situational awareness keeps baffles me. How do they manage to breathe ? It always sub 50%’ers who cries the loudest. Instead of smashing their keyboards, how about watching the player? They could most likely learn a thing or two. But who wants to improve at this game, when acting backseat general is more valuable.

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