World of Tanks – Super Conq Sand River Analysis

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  1. don’t pause

  2. Just a tip. Try not to pause so much and talk over the game while it is not paused.

    • I have these games uploaded from the stream highlight if u want you want to watch it uninterrupted the point of this is to break it down

  3. You don’t like being on attack on this map? I almost always have great success on in. Quite a few games I can recall in my 50B or other good gun depression tanks I’ve been able to take mid control and farm tons of damage.

    Also I think the word you were looking for in deter. Being in the spot deters them even further from wanting to push across.

  4. Thanks for the insight, very helpful to hear you vocalise your reasoning and thought process for doing what you are doing!

  5. the analysis vids are much better, stream highlights are just lazy 😛

  6. one of the most important differences between unicums and ordinary players is that unicums do not panic in this kinda situations, and just listening to you and watching you doing that in your way, i realize it is not too much difficult, and it makes me want to implement that aspect as much as possible in my own gaming style, and i believe i can become much better player, so thank you for that

  7. @Anfield can you explain why the G7 position is not good? I had insane games in that position with TDs and artillery in the enemy team.

    • I said it was good my guy, just certain line ups can make you struggle in slower heavies where you can duck and weave and take quick pot shots and dodge arty

  8. Thibault Giesbertz

    could you also give a quick tip on where you go with meds or do this siries with meds

  9. Really enjoy the analysis vid Anfield! Please keep them coming!!

  10. best series, gg anfield
    but can you also do analysis on normal gameplays, cuz some of your decisions are based on your unicum skills which not everyone can have

  11. Yeah this is good. I also liked the mentoring videos…

  12. Whenever anfield wants he’s the best wot youtuber

  13. I am kind of bored of your Sconq replays, because its a noob friendly OP tank, its easy to play…play something which is more difficult or rarely played… Eg: 113, bc, 121, jpe100, obj 263,obj 140, and more lt replays.

  14. Anfield should have over a 100K subscribers by now and I realy don’t understand why he doesn’t? He is way better than some others, who have more subscriptions.

  15. a very good show, you play a sharp game. look’s like wot is moving my obj430 to tier9, witch leave’s me with how did you put it..ha yes the clunky is7.

  16. Nothing more fresh than waking up to an Anfield analysis.

  17. why do you have dj assault on?

  18. Half way through his pro strat: hey guys look at this pixel shot

    • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • In a way, it is though. You watch enough unicum game play and contrast it to less successful players, you’ll notice that they tend to fire a lot of speculative shots. Might hit one every other game or every third game maybe, but that adds up. What he didn’t do that seems to be a common mistake is sit there for 45 seconds and wait for the guy to poke again in hopes of hitting another miracle shot. He took his shot, got lucky, and kept moving toward the position he wanted to hold.

    • Kurgosh1 yes it’s streamer rng, I got that too when I m steaming

  19. Anfiled you remind me of a borderlands 2 youtuber he is very methodical in his game play and professional! Very refreshing to watch & listen to ???

  20. I really do prefer these kind of analyses and 3 mark vids over stream highlight, so keep going! Also really like the pauzes to explain the situation 🙂

  21. Do you think they should remove the 183 guns from the game? I personally do, They’re just as bad as the WT E100.

  22. Love this analysis better than normal videos.
    Can you give me a list of top 5 Tier X heavys in your opinion ? Don’t know what to grind for next.

    • If I may, imo in the current meta this HTs perform well
      1. Wz-111-5A
      2. S.conqueror
      3. Type 5
      4. Maus
      5. 113( unsure since I do horrible in it)

      I could be mistaken though.

  23. really enjoying these analysis videos. please keep them coming.

  24. awesome vid, I like this style! you do really well at explaining them, and it helps with my own map positioning too! hope you can keep it up!! Cheers

  25. It's not what you think

    The best strategy for assault is to go into the options menu and turn it off.

  26. Like the insight in these videos, but I don’t like the way that “pubbies” as you refer to them are considered some kind of second class level of player. That kind of elitist attitude gets adopted and used by people who think that simply calling others pubbies elevates themselves to the elite level. Bullshit. Statistically that’s not the player base. We can’t all be unicorns and encouraging others to think they are by simply talking the talk is just lame on their part.

    You are a great player and I admire your work. I just don’t get the point of bracketing everyone else as a “pubbie” who plays random games. Surely by being in the random game yourself, you are also equally a pubbie?

    • +Mark Reynolds here’s your problem, you assume pubbies refer to derogatory term, but it simply refers to someone who has only played random battles and not competitively (randoms is another term).

    • Anfield noted, but I don’t think that assumption is mine alone. I read the comments on a number of your (very good) vids and that term really isn’t understood. Thanks for the reply though, maybe it will clear the issue up for others.

  27. Hello, I love your analysis vids, man can learn lot from this, please in future do more vids like that. Regards, Igor

  28. I agree with others, telling us the thought process as you set out on a map like this is valuable information for us average players. I have it in my head that when defending on here that heavies should go in the trench and this position you took is more ‘out of the way’. You proved here in this one instance that it can work. Hope these kind of vids do end up getting more viewers because they are way more worthwhile to other players than the streamed ones are.

  29. Moreee!!!

  30. who tryin to donate me some gold ill give succ

  31. counter-intuitive?

  32. Nice diamond rounds, No gold = no wins for you my friend.

  33. hiii i dont have much time to watch ; 350 pages to read per week 🙁

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