World of Tanks – Super Conq Session After Marks Fix

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  1. never been this early

  2. 3 marked my udes with one game today 🙂 yaaay

  3. MAHOU keeps requesting that you mentor Lemmingrush more so they can win more gold

    • there is not much a unicum can teach other, its more like be a little more patient here, more carefull there. You can inprove playing with a better unicum than you, but it will be a SLOW ass process, isnt as fast as teaching a scrub. You will see result only after weeks playing reguraly

    • Count he’s obviously joking my dude lol

    • Anfield seriously though he needs to fire more gold ammo in order to keep up

  4. Finally I can 3 mark my pz iv H to show dominance over pubbies

  5. Marks are still broken

  6. I fucking love you Anfield!

  7. Yo yo yo my doooooooooode

  8. thanks for the uploads anfeels

  9. 17:20 “my dude stahp plz” 😀

  10. Marks always worked for me but only if i turned off grand battle

  11. What is Mark fixed? Was the moe system broken?

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