World of Tanks – Super Conqueror Buffed! 9.20.1

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  1. It’s actually really really good now, and also the fv looks sick with the new HD model

  2. i’m just happy my FV is in hd now

  3. that washing mashine 😀

  4. Evžen Kindermann

    Not bad for a static target vehicle 🙂

  5. hey guys do you think i still have time to grind the line to get the fv am on the black prince ? the conq look sick now with 10deg of dep

  6. Awoo Krugg

  7. and FV side armor is still shit like it was in SD, the Lfp buff wasn’t worth it, hey, now even SC has same DPM as the FV215b and has -10 gun dep, what is the meaning of the FV215b now?

  8. when this update will be ready?? anyone knows

  9. Lol the warzone washing machine!

  10. It will be amazing then!

  11. Came for Super Conq, stayed for the washing machine.

  12. Ok. So now it’s literally a 215B but better in almost every way. Lmao why the fuck does WG buff their tanks to pander to the shitty players?

  13. they dont improve the fv4202’s turret armour?

  14. Anfield, will you ever stream on YouTube?

  15. Stb1 needs 12 degrees of gun depression now because they’ve given every single tank 10° of depression and it has nothing going for it now since the 30b has the superior dpm and much better gun handling. Nobody plays the stb as is and it’s just irrelevant now

  16. KruggU and your Indian sidekick braaaap almost fucked wonka

  17. So, in other words, there’s no reason to play the 215B over this.

  18. I thought washing machine was new engine sounds for a second. lol

  19. I guess they have to make it OP as fuck so people will free XP to get it, especially since their Chinese TD line failed so miserably.

  20. Carlos Valenzuela

    Where is the tune of your subscriptions from its awesome 😀

  21. hello man I play on na

  22. Nerf the E5, then introduce this thing, gotta love WG and it’s balancing department.

  23. That washing machine sounds like the SPIC

  24. This is just going to be yet another OP tier 10 tank like the Maus, like the 5A. Its just like the 215b but better in every way

  25. I thought the purpose of the 215b replacement was to provide an easier to play alternative for pubbies who can’t grasp the high skill floor while also allowing current fans of the 215b to keep the vehicle. Seems like they instead decided to make the 215b obsolete by replacing it with an overpowered, objectively better alternative. 215b is balanced because its phenomenal gun is kept in line by the pretty lack lustre platform, whereas this thing has the same gun on a platform with excellent armour, afaik avoids the module damage issues, has comparable mobility, an easier to use turret layout, etc.

    I mean, sure, it’s gonna be fun to watch arty and HE guns get fucked by the spaced armour, but I feel like this thing is gonna be pretty crazy

  26. It’s a shame they didnt buff the FV215b’s side armor bulges with the HD rework

  27. It’s almost a reskinned chieftain.

  28. Casually subbing on twitch Kappa

  29. Time ago, there was always only 1 super op ht. (E5, Maus,…)
    Now they wont nerf them anymore cause they would make less money with that so we have is7, maus, type5 and wz that are buffed like fucking bullshit

    Wargaming stop ur bullshit op tanks and start reintudrucing the good maps u removed and delete the stupid copies of the worst maps in the game

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