World of Tanks – Super Conqueror Strats

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  1. FINALLY A VIDEO :D:D:D <3 you anfield

  2. I’m the 8th viewer. Go me.

  3. S Conq 3 mark requires 4500-5000 dmg with about 1k spotting/tracking

  4. Lemmingrush playing the Grille at the end there GG get rekt m8

  5. Heroic_Spirit_Gomikubi

    TanTanTankGod tho? Man, that is some shit… I can’t even think of a more humiliating way to die in this game than being killed by that guy. It’s like a sign, it just says “you’re done for today.”

  6. strv used flip tank upside down to grab strimer attention, its not very effective

  7. Good session Anfield. More mentoring vids please.

  8. Well hello Anfield, hope all is well and truly appreciate your commentary and gameplay. Your videos really help me think and play better but NA Central doesn’t catch a break with poor gameplay and adverse MM

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