World of Tanks || Super Conqueror – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Super Conqueror. World of Tanks update 9.20.1 brings a new T10 British heavy replacement for the FV215b the Super Conqueror, but does it live up it’s name?

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  1. T57 Heavy – Tech Tree Showcase
    Live now –

  2. Garbage tank is garbage. (Oh and if WG were unhappy with the 215b being fake, they wouldnt have made this tank… since its pretty much fake too, since Listy’s turret was never meant to have the spaced armor and the Conqueror was never meant to have the hull armor).

  3. When is it going to go to 2.0 >:(

  4. The most hated thing about the 215b for me was how all the American TDs just overmatch my armor. My second most hated part of it was that weak spot on the side when side scraping, which the Super Conq doesn’t have.

  5. Instead of just adding more options to our game REPLACE THE TANKS. God damn wargaming i instead of limiting our options ADD MORE TANKS NOT REPLACE THEM TAKE SOME HINTS FROM THE CONSOLE VERSION.

  6. I am literally so annoyed right now guys… I was wanting to grind to the FV215b, but now I cannot, because they are removing it… GG Wargaming. GG

  7. this tank needs a 1000 horse power engine

  8. Well the rear mounted turret makes it easier to sidescrape

  9. Russian Tonks are mentally sound
    No Gun Depression

  10. wut next ? super IS-7 with 300mm naval gun ?

  11. 2:09 Timeline isn’t a factor QB, there’s a few tanks that are more recent than the Chieftain already added into the game

  12. So if I get a FV215b while it’s still around, do I get to keep it?

  13. Everyone who shoots gold rounds are bad, mad because bad.

  14. penis flY trap XD

  15. outside the chinese server one day hahahahha

  16. Somebody found a s***ty paper with fantasy drawing of turret, and this became the reason for WG to f**k our chance to get Chieftain. Long story short.

  17. Horst Günther Ludolf

    i got so much aggression grinding the conqueror, its not even funny. any time i quit the game iam in the mood of smashing something!
    what a tank…

  18. Do you feel that the old tanks are getting so weak these days T.T

  19. Their reasoning from removing it was that it didn’t line up with the tanks leading up to it… Why couldn’t they keep it in, but have the tier 9 branch into two tier 10’s instead? Maybe they thought that if one line led to 2x tier 10’s, that people would be more inclined to take that route, thus seeing more of those tanks than normal?… I don’t know. I just feel that removing the tank isn’t a good thing.

  20. *Because simply keeping options ppl like or might want would make too much sense.*
    – the germans have how many t10 heavy? XD but nope, got to have more game breaking “reward tanks.”

    but most of us gave or will give up on the game by some point anyways so who cares, eh? economy, RNG, etc…

  21. Look at the Tiger’s monster DPM at tier VII, but I just can’t use that DPM when nearly everything pen me. Managed to get gun mark 2, but now drop to about 77%

  22. Statements from WG are worthless. Like the statement that premium tanks will be worse than any regular tank of the same tier. So, if it suits them they will introduce modern tanks in the future despite what they have stated before.

  23. WG constantly shits on the NA server. I quit playing years ago.

  24. Reminds me of the Super Pershing lol 😛

  25. Nowadays everybody spamming gold ammo like cancer, heavy tank branch is retarded and useless.
    Get a fast punching medium tank such as Obj140 T62A and M48A1 and you’re golden.

  26. Looks awful glad we got the Chieftain on console

  27. Maybe they will use the Chieftain as a new t10 campaign reward

  28. So WG screws over British tank players again.  The Super is not super.  They are to busy dreaming up Chinese wet dreams TD’s than put out a quality Heavy for the British.

  29. This tank have better armor and worse everything else then the old FV. Its also huuuge.

  30. Super Conqueror why not the Chieftain ? Thx WG

  31. Not gonna lie, its does have a rather striking appeal compared to its predecessor.

  32. This tank is in my to 5 most beautiful tanks. Well personal top 5. IS 7 is on the top.

  33. it’s ugly as shit – i’m disappointed.

  34. phew no prem

  35. Really lazy decision to just take a Conqueror, slap some spaced armor on it, and call it Tier 10.

  36. It’s a balanced tank – not OP, not UP. I think, instead of lamenting that it isn’t as good as the Foch B, we should appreciate that WG isn’t releasing some OP tank for people to spend gold grinding for; but actually releasing a tank that will fit well into the game. The fact that we expect that a new tank must be better than that which it replaces is telling about the way WG usually does things.
    If WG listens to the fanbase on this one we’ll just get another blatantly OP tank to add to the powercreep.

  37. However… WoT SUCKS MORE AND MORE!

  38. WG always workn on some cheap gimmic to get people spending gold, i think the is the worst so far. Removing unique tanks to encourage ppl to boost thru the techtree with gold. Soon every god damn tech tree will have the exact same playstyle. Also WG concerned about historical accuracy? Get fucked, they shit out fake premiums on a fortnightly basis.

  39. VeryJuicyTomato hahaha

  40. wargaming like: omg t110e5 is so op we have to nerf it… later on: Wargaming releases super conqueror which is even more op than e5…

    just complaining for fun 🙂 I think this tank is a step in the right direction 🙂

  41. So they effectively denied Chieftain AND M60A1 (M48 got buffed) hopes? GG WG….

  42. Armor basically doesn’t matter, so this is a big nerf.

  43. That “Chieftain is too late” debacle is just a poor excuse. Strv 103 was first produced in 1967 and the version we see at tier 10 was first produced in 1969/1971, the Sheridan was first produced in 1969 and the AMX-30 was first produced in 1966.

  44. Axaxxaxaxaxa
    This is now basicaly
    So experimental it wasnt even drawn on…

  45. QB, how can you say it has a god awful cupola when you compare it to the e5? 😉

  46. QB, will you quit making videos with 10mins 30secds of tech shit, I think you can do it more verbally and without all the visual crap as it takes away from the main part of the gameplay, there are some us WoT players that really don’t care about all this technical bullshit.

  47. To comment about the chieftain, and what you said about wargaming not wanting to introduce more post wwii/modern tanks is somewhat hypocritical. As you stated, the STB-1 wasn’t delivered till 1968, the AMX 30 was in service from 1966 as well and the Strv 103 entered 1969. In my opinion, they have already started progressing towards more modern tanks, not to mention completely fictional tanks (*cough* Japanese Heavies *cough* Chinese Tank Destroyers *unconvincing cough*)

  48. Quickybaby, love your videos, amazing work. But please stop referring profitability of the tanks, (premium or othervise) with benefits of premium account currency bonuses as a norm. Not all of us can or want to have premium account all year round. So just take it as a constructive criticism, stay independent, and keep up the good work. Hope you read this one.
    Warm regards ?

  49. Slow? I fucken grinded tru Chirchills and BP. Slow defined.

  50. inb4 the chief gets sold as a premium super tenk

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