World of Tanks || Super Hellcat – Tank Review

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World of Tanks. The Super Hellcat is the 2019 reward tank for all those playing since 2015 – here’s my full review!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Oh… you do not wanna play Hellcat anymore after nerf. But, for you, Grille 15 is “still a beast” (sic). We know who is the Beast!

  2. i want one and i have played the game since 2011 and i still dont have the dam thing

  3. alternate title- make the t25/2 great for the first time ever

  4. yay i just logged in today and got all rewards!! nice 2 days premium and 1 million creditz

  5. Hello boys and girls, please can anybody answer my question: what is the fastest reload time (in seconds) for this super baby?
    P. s.
    With Brothers in arms, etc, etc…

  6. The moment you started driving, I already knew I’d love this vehicle: my main and only problem with the Hellcat was its crappy agility which offsets its excellent speed.

  7. anyone ever pushed a dead tank down that hill,to try and kill another tank down below?

  8. gold pen is a bit backwards 243 on the 6 but 210 on the 7? regular kitty dont need 243 against tier 8. and the super kitty needs more against tier 9.

  9. To bad I am on NA sever

  10. I registred on school pc in 2012 when i didnt have pc so 😀

  11. So this tank at tier 7 is like the toldi was at tier 3

  12. 160-210mm of pen with tier8-9 repair costs and you will face tier9, its a waste of credits, better get a light tank that can do the same, and some even better.
    It suffers the E25 dilema but without having the camo or the DPM or the weight to ram even some heavy tanks.
    But hey, thanks for the free garage slot and the credits for selling it.

  13. Floris van den Steenhoven

    Ffs I didn’t get my Super Hellcat even though I did register in 2016 should I complain at wargaming?

  14. It BADLY needs both better premium and standard pen.

  15. Sooo… Uk… i thought you are playing on EU :v

  16. I’m a console player, I want a damn pinup on my tanks.

  17. My favorite tank in the game is my M10. I have begged for years for a tank that I can swap it’s crew I to for crew training. I don’t even care if this tank sucked, I finally have my M10 crew trainer!

  18. I played then but i lost my account and now i,ve started a new account

  19. i have 8 years service medal

  20. Its an Elite tank destroyer why people still calling it prem tank

  21. the video lasts 28.01 min, just like the VK

  22. Congrats on 600k QB 🙂

  23. Does anyone know if we are expecting loot boxes this year?

  24. Does console get these tanks?

  25. The sadest thing is that it doesn’t earn You more credits 🙁

  26. my problem is the fact that wargaming seemed to have given everyone a super hellcat…last match there were 6 on each side….they sure know how to fuck up a holiday weekend…when a third of your team suicides because they think they are invincible it makes for a lot of shitty games

  27. Super Tog, Super Tog, does whatever a Super Tog does ??? GL QB

  28. your modpack pls?

  29. TD or better Light Tank ?

  30. #todayimgonnabegivingyou

  31. First game I played was vs tier 9 Super heavies and a T95. I did not even bother to try firing on them. Tho… crap pen aside. It’s not a bad scout with that camo and binoc combo. As that’s how I’ve gotten XP on +2 games.

  32. So, uh, nerf the T67 and give a tier 6 Super 67 next year?

  33. I have 50%stationary concealment on it. That’s nice but it needs more pen by about 20 and possibly 10 more rounds otherwise I’d say it isnt balanced that well

  34. Why wasn’t your name anonymized? Huh? Mr QB?

  35. Chesthairybaby

  36. Why not the same offer on the WOT Blitz

  37. I realize there are very few people other than myself that actually have this problem, but could someone talk to WoT about being able to remove the “mascot” on the front of the tank? I like the tank, and I like the camo, but I don’t need the girl…

  38. ASIA server, I have an account older than their Beta testing dates.. I get nothing. My account is from 2011.

  39. I don’t understand what you said about the crew. It uses exactly the same crew as the T67 , go check.

  40. This looks a T67 at tier 7

  41. Damm I want to reinstall the game

  42. 600k vid coming tmrw it seems?

  43. kingsofserbiangameplay 162

    I made my account on the 31st of december 2015

  44. First of all, you wont be playing with Jingles, that is my nickname and I don’t plan to play this Saturday

  45. when you wonder if your account is old enough for this tank and you check and notice you created it 23/08/2011 ^^

  46. it is a reward tank? oh well, i thought its a premium tank… then good luck collecting dust

  47. they should bump up the ammo and the penetration but hey its free.

  48. What time is the TOGPOCALYPSE on Saturday?

  49. 12:48 Qb he fired first, meaning he had like 0,3 sec advantage of your reload

  50. Yay 6 years time to log in next year for my rewards

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