World of Tanks || Superheavy Premium: TS-5

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – TS-5. The first T8 premium American destroyer is being super tested! Here’s my take.


World of is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Ts-5A coming soon

  2. Its not stupid OP, so its good!

  3. Wont be buying this. Boooorrrrring. Same as t28. Cant you make an american td as exciting as the skorpion g or su130? This is a dud imo.

  4. Im betting the armour profile being so rounded makes it a way better TD than the tech tree one (again…. as every premium T8 seems to be now).

  5. Quicky, I understand you want something novel, but try to remember, this isn’t a fake tank, so WG can’t do whatever they want with it, they need to stay somewhat true to the info they’ve found on this supposed blueprint/trial tank. That or they need to add the FT designation to it and then they might just as well call it the “T-28 FT”.

  6. wg just not trying, as usual

  7. They should rather make a new nation tech tree instead of so many premiums.

  8. good job wargaming. bring new tanks to make money. but the matchmaker is still shit. 6 good players on 1 side. on the other team zero. why not 3 vs 3 ? game ends in 5 minutes and you dont care. GG

  9. HURP A DERP117 Gaming

    I’d rather have the autoloading Borsig we just got on console☺️

  10. Interesting but “meh!”

  11. Going to get chewed up by the ridiculous gold spam by pretty much anyone it will meet.

  12. It looks gloomy for WG when they have to make a premium version of one of the most disliked tank.

  13. “The only way to make decent credits is to buy a premium?”
    Sounds like a shity game.

  14. Wg still thinks bad gun handling is good for the game (all recent tanks got that) While there are loots of tanks across all tiers that will be fun to play with just better gun handling.

  15. Wtf

  16. This is the M103 turret in a non turreted tank destroyer.

  17. My idea on how to begin to balance premium ammo. ——– say in a T8 tank it costs around 5000 creds per shell. when firing at another T8 tank it should cost 5000creds. when firing at a T7 tank = 7500creds. Firing at a T6 tank = 10000creds. HOWEVER firing at a T9 tank = 3500creds and at a T10 Tank = 2000creds. How does this sound to make it a little less painful when against +tier tanks and at the same time reduce +tier tanks spamming gold at you…. let me know.

  18. I feel people aren’t going to buy boring tanks

  19. So, in other words, its not really better than the T28 at all, it just costs real money. WG isnt even trying to hide the fact that its a money grab and that stupid people will buy it.

  20. Sooo its heavier than t28, has 6mm more armor, a weaker engine BUUUT its faster?

  21. Glad it is not an OP Scorpion G/Scorpion Blyat clone. But fix the broken 3/5/7 template WG. Tier 8 is broken. Imagine this poor thing against a jgpz e-100.

  22. Its fine as long as they dont make is-7a

  23. at least is not russian

  24. Maybe give the TS-5 better penetration on the HE rounds, and nerf the mobility a bit. Feel like that would be a simple but novel idea, because I can’t think of any American mid-tier tds that have impressive HE rounds.

  25. The way things have been going with the overpowered wallet tanks lately, I’m okay with this.

  26. Only reason its not op is because…”Its Not Russian”

  27. Bar armour – chemical (HESH, HEAT, HEP, …) munition defeating?

  28. i think ts-5 looks like baby t110e3

  29. It looks quite a bit like a big part from the T28 combined with the looks of front of the E3, except for the huge cupola.

    Honestly they are VERY late introducing a tank like this, while the T95 especially, but also the line overall has been popular for years. This besides the fact that I hate seeing more and more td’s on the battlefield, especially on tier 10, which is why I don’t like playing tier 10.. getting punished for active gameplay so many times is not fun at all, when it’s the only way to win games on (semi) open maps.

  30. Laurentiu Berevoescu

    How to dowload the test server

  31. To you boys and girls who dont know when the 1.4 test server is open.

    EU and NA servers it will be the 16th or 17th of January… Sorry for my bad english :)))

  32. Another heavily armored tank with derpy gun to force people to shoot gold at it and require to shoot gold back, gg WG.

  33. well at least it is not quote-on-quote better then its tech-tree counterpart

  34. We need more premium vehicles like this or K2R. They are affecting the experience of the others. They are not overpowered

  35. I am pretty sure you have said, more then once, that they should make premiums that are more like the standard tank instead of making over powered tanks. Maybe they listened 😛

  36. i want isu 152 premium

  37. Since the T28 is already arguably to strong for T8, so will this tank be.
    The game in her background mostly highlights the useless design of mountain pass.

  38. What a waste of development time, feels like yet another money grabbing exercise from WG. Why won’t they spend some time thinking about what players actually want and bring some innovative vehicles in as premiums which they can then test to see if they fit the meta of the game?

  39. I want them to make a super heavy armoured tank with super low dpm like the 268v4

  40. I like Wargaming is playing safe and we have to try and give them credit for that. It would of been nice for newer play style. But at end of the day its much more welcome after the Defender, skorp g and the IS 3 Automatic

  41. I’d rather have this than is3a, defenders and so in… This is actually balanced.

  42. die different will be, the TS 5 get no weakspots and this will make him strong.sry for my bad english

  43. Would be nice if WG would introduce a CZ Tier 8 Premium but…

  44. I don’t mind that they’re adding boring copies of already existing vehicles as long as they fill in the holes on tech trees where there is no alternative

  45. What I’d rather have is WG focus on balance, map design, and other things important to player enjoyment. So instead of making more tier 8 prems that have slightly different characteristics from a regular tech tree tank, why not allow players to turn a regular tech tree tank (one that’s elite) into a “gold” tank, giving it the crew training and credit bonus of a premium tank?

  46. 폰 에튜와르트게르드 오토 비스마르크

    Looks more like a TD ver. of T95E6

  47. why did wargaming release T 28 again

  48. Tescan Traktoristicky

    Rather this than an OP premium. Totally don’t care how interesting it is, all that matters is that it is not OP.

  49. i love this tank

  50. Honestly, I like their approach to TS-5 It’s balanced, has better top speed but worse accuracy and better dpm. However, maybe, just maybe, give it trash mobility and siege mode to have godlike gun performance? I dunno.

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