World of Tanks – Superlifter

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which Testosteronium sets a new Olympic weightlifting record and then has his medal stolen by one of the judges.

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  1. 12:59 “But then there’s a plot twist” what? that the lorr isn’t really a GW Panther? xD

  2. Curse that illusive GW Panther! XD

  3. Nautica please.

  4. jingles… where’s this magical G.W. Panther?

  5. Wouldn’t it be so much more fun to charge an enemy and try to shotgun him instead of being an asshole amd suiciding?
    I dunno, just what I did. Apparently that’s rare, or doesn’t even happen at all.

  6. Need to start banning these cock gobblers for the suicide drowning

  7. I’m not so sure the last Arty player drowned himself on purpose. Looked more like he was trying to get over that water and went just a little too deep.

  8. How can you mistook a French for a German?

  9. Oh, top tier E-25 raping anuses left and right, how original..

  10. anyone seen that gw panter

  11. There is no gwpamther

  12. 11:12 G.W. Panther? M44? Try a M41 and a Lorraine….

  13. Judging by where the”gw” died, the person could just not be aware of the safe path across the water

  14. Why did the German prefer inter leafed wheels ? Seems like no other country used such an arrangement.

  15. Actually Jingles that was a Loranne 155…. Jingles? *dives for cover from the shotgun*

  16. 2:32, 4:03, 8:05. That banned mod is so lame.

  17. Where is that Gw panther at Jingles… i never saw it

  18. Oh, Jingles…Long time subscriber here who loves pretty much everything you make. But. If I had a brick for every time I have personally seen an E 25 have a match like this, I could build two new great walls of China. And, as much as I loath artillery, I couldn’t help taking malevolent glee in the part of the video where the wallet warrior in his OP cheese machine got scummed right back by the dirty clicker suiciding. I don’t know whether I should love this video, or hate it.

  19. Oh jingles, catch yourself calling the m41 hnc an m44 but never notice that you are calling a lorraine 155 a gw panther

  20. E-25 = dislike sorry

  21. WoT with Jingles, where the names don’t matter and the tanks are just made up.

  22. What GW Panther?????

  23. The E25 still goes on sale on a fairly regular basis, because …… PTW

  24. Oh look. An E25 game.

  25. GW Panther?!? :v

  26. 863 comments. 820 of them talking about the GW Panther line.

  27. Since when is a Lorraine 155 a GW Panther?

  28. Omg jingles, its a lorraine, not a gw panther

  29. G.W. Panther.. Lorraine …. sounds the same Jingles HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  30. Calls an M41 an M44.

    Catches it.

    Calls a Lorraine 155 50 a GW Panther.

    Doesn’t notice.

    Proud of you Jingles.

  31. Jingles
    IT’S A LORRAINE 155 50

  32. E25 v 6 Enemy = A target Rich Environment

  33. I haven’t counted the times, but I sense there’s a new drinking game in the making.
    Everyone do a shot everytime Jingles calls that Lorr. 155 50 a GW Panther.

    I’m not responsible for any trips to the ER, mind you.

  34. Damn, was really hoping for a ‘subnautica’ video…..

  35. Gingles…you meant the french GWP :)))

  36. Again Jingles? Were is that GW Pather mate?

  37. 11:14 GW Panther ????? where’s he hiding

  38. jingles got 2 scumbag names wrong, we’re going to have to send him to the old evil gnome overlord’s home soon

  39. So few WoT videos and then when you do get one it’s a broken E25 top tier battle. Disappointing beyond belief.

    Suspect even Jingles was bored as he was calling tank names wrong all the way through.

  40. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    am i blind or is that a rather french looking gw panther??

  41. You’re falling apart Jingles.

  42. Dam right ! deny the op wallet warrior E25 the medal. What chance did the enemy team have with it’s view range and rate of fire advantage .Even a window licker could of won with that advantage.

  43. G.W. panther or lorr?

  44. Raphael I Forgot The Rest

    Hey, anyone remember that AMX Chaffee video, m41 is m44, m44 is m41!!! Ahh classic jingles

  45. 2:32, 4:03, 8:05… A script automatically using the medpack immediately when getting stunned by arty. Useful for people who cannot judge by themselves when to use it, and when it’s a total waste.
    Looked up his statistics. Yep, he needs that script. Sorry, but seeing these scripts just makes me angry.

    • And by the way, if he’s already using such kind of a script, I bet this guy is not using an automatic fire extinguisher on any of his tanks. It’s against the ToS to use scripts which automatically activate a manual fire extinguisher because then they are acting like an automatic one.

  46. Christian Krakhofer

    what GW panther? there is no GW panther!

  47. The E25 isn’t OP. It’s good, but not OP. If he ran into that O-Ni he would have had a bad time. As it was he picked off some tier 5s. Then in the 1 v 6 the most view range he had to contend with was the O-I, which has 370m, but terrible camo rating.

  48. How old is this replay? No bonds for medals.

  49. Wait is e25 like never ever coming back to sale?….. i missed the christmas event sale 🙁

  50. GW panther is not even there it is a lorrain 155,50

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