World of Tanks || Superman – 300k

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today RobyFTW going to show you how much ass the T10 the can kick. Prize winner in the 300k .

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is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Roby gets my vote for the prize

  2. Now that was an epic game very well played indeed well deserved

  3. paper E5…xD

  4. That tank is way OP now, maybe that’s just because I’m an E100 driver which
    only redeeming feature is good alpha but it can’t pen anything so what’s
    the point in a big slow tank with big gun if it meets other tanks which
    have better armour, better gun, better mobility. I think the Germans need a
    more competitive heavy….. Thoughts anyone?

  5. WTF! are you serious??? a guy that did the first 6k of damage against tier
    8s that had no chance and a bulldog that drove right infront of him when he
    had his flank?? batchat that drives infront of him when he could’ve got his
    flank… and he wins the 300k comp?

  6. “Obj 704” :P

  7. What a crazy round… but he did push his luck in the end… going after WT
    when he got 2 shells left when he was not loaded for the killing blow.
    Maybe he miscounted the shots fired, but still what a result. What
    surprises me the most, he did not get ammo-racked… Seems like a
    never-ending story for me in E5 and now in AX (which is absolutely garbage
    compared to FV4202)… Every shot, every angle.. each time ammorack dmged..
    i am starting to think to use double repair kits instead of the

  8. It’s not surprising to see t110e5 having a game like this… It was good
    till that 1vs5 when he just got lucky and used his OP tank.

  9. You unicorns are very empty inside.

  10. what do you know, another lucky game wins…

  11. obj 704 Quicky you mean 907 right???

  12. Would be nice if these were judged based on something else than dmg and
    kills, its not very hard to club bad players with op tanks. I haven’t sent
    one replay in so it’s not that, but it’s just really boring to watch stuff
    like this. Would be more fun to see an su-101 doing 5k dmg against tier 10s
    in close combat or smh like that.

  13. My E5 never bounces that much anymore lel.

  14. This wouldn’t be doable in the Maus, Maus is too weak, needs a buff. Good
    game though!

  15. I love the combination of skill, map awareness and really agressive and
    dynamik play this guy does. Really good, many very good players tend to
    prefer Elengagements over range, but this guy really gets in close and

  16. 100% type 59

  17. 6:20min the clan reward tank:object 704?????

  18. hey quicky it is a bloody Object 907!!!! not an Object 704!!!

  19. 10:13 it’s Obj 907, not Obj 704 (happened again a bit before)

  20. what’s PFU ????????

  21. quicky baby why dont you make two channels.. one for the community and one
    for your vids
    you keep getting my hopes up with a new upload but then its not even your

  22. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    Haha- GJ Roby! You had me on the edge of my seat the whole game. Also, no
    arty – the way the game should be played.

  23. A very nice game indeed, about the only thing that would be better, would
    be getting a Steel Wall in a Marder II. >_<

  24. great game

  25. again in a tank that wins by entering

  26. T110E5 didn’t even need a buff in the first place, so why did they buff it
    instead of for example IS-4.

  27. QuickyBabyTV if its so hard to view all replays and you cannot handle the
    volume them hire someone else to help you with your channel you have 300k
    subs and 150k twith so you make money. If you dont invest in quality your
    channel will remain the same ( only world of tanks )

  28. That was one cool replay :)

  29. It hasn’t really got 76 mm of side armour, only the top part of the side of
    the hull does, the majority of it is 51 mm or so, it it was all 76 mm, it
    would be godly as side scraping while using auto bounce angles would make
    it so OP

  30. 2 romanians win the 300k cup 🙂 nice.. gj RobyFTW and Eul87

  31. might have heard object 704 on the object 907 hehe

  32. dose anyone know the IS-3 Auto/IS-3 Autoloader coming soon and the VK
    100.01 P Mammut

  33. Why is your ugly mugshot in the video.

  34. lol, 404dmg, kill not found

  35. 10k dmg, 2,5k xp, kek

  36. obj 907 (obj 704)~~~ twice~~~

  37. That tracking shot on the Batchat, ammo rack on the 907, and taking on a
    different angle saved him. So many things have to happen in order to break
    the 5-7k damage barrier.

  38. Not impressed from this one.
    Standard T110E5 game.

  39. quickybaby what do I do to have a great game in elc amx

  40. how do I watch my own replays?

  41. Lol Elc Amx has better pen than a tiger II and it is a tier 5 light tank

  42. how do u get the free roam camera?

  43. if i was the WT i would have loaded a clip of HE.
    He was on low enough health that even if he missed one it’d still kill him

  44. this replay has already been used by best replays lol…

  45. He would have gotten destroyed if the is3 on his team didn’t distract all
    those guys that flanked him

  46. Kåre Skak Pedersen

    10% of the viewers like this video (the rest don’t?).
    Why is it so hard to click “Like” ?

  47. Just realized how lil subscribers he has compared to his content

  48. Quickybaby, FTW, means F*ck the world.

  49. I was *just* watching the T110E3 gameplay yesterday and thinking to myself
    “I would really enjoy some T110E5 gameplay right about now…” What a
    coincidence! lol

  50. nothing special

  51. after this replay it makes me feel even proud to have my E5 in my garage :)

  52. Does QB even read the damn comments?

  53. Stunning game. One has to love the American Pocketknife of Doom.

  54. It’s sad how many people bitch about a free reward.. Did he get lucky? Of
    course. If he played shitty and did horrible, would he still have gotten
    this result? Would he still have won? No. “Pure luck” “Show skill” people
    bitch about anything. Honestly you shouldn’t do these competitions anymore,
    no one can act mature. You can’t ever get this result as a tier 8 in this
    matchup 100% skill and no RNG luck, or luck whatsoever.

  55. I like ur shirt????

  56. Video paused at 9:18, he better win!

  57. well that happens when those t10 mediums decide to not use HEAT which is
    surprising… thos things carry 5 AP shells and the rest is just HEAT

  58. I did get a Kolobanov’s Medal in a arty XD

  59. best replay on qb tv yet!

  60. we just need a big fat nyan cat on that shirt that quicky has on

  61. Can you start reviewing Armored Warfare tanks? Not much point in continuing
    on with a dead game like World of Crap.

  62. This was an amazing game, but let’s be honest…the E5 is OP as hell
    atm…and most of the enemies didn’t even know what they were doing lol

  63. you could probably strap a cape on the back of that e5 and it’ll fly

  64. Great replay. It is interesting how the way they are slowly putting in the
    new HD armor has created some real imbalances in the game. There was a
    time when everyone hated the T110E5 for its kryptonite-like huge cupola of
    weakness and now it almost seems OP.

  65. great game to watch i bet he was shaking

  66. 6005899999 Me again-1

    you right dream start yah

  67. everyone wanting to nerf the e5 because they cant aim your all retards

    learn to aim play and how and what ammunition to use for the job

    or get the fck out 🙂 have a nice day

  68. what a surprise tier 10 wins the comp that why I did not put my tier 6
    up don’t think this is a fair comp

  69. great game!!!

  70. Obj 704 Qb??? It is an Obj 907 m8 LOL!!!

  71. Nice game as always.
    Real suggestion to improve your video, please add the 3rd stats page please
    In my view it’s the more important page to see every stats and you miss it
    in this game :/

  72. I have a feeling that this particular video will get WG to nerf the T110E5.
    Well played QB, you ruined the fun for us. :)

  73. enough with this OP piece of shit…

  74. in today’s stream pallesgards comms with qb was blocked

  75. That was an awesomely well played game. Yes, yes… It was positive
    matchmaking, but the tier 10 face off at the end of the game was handled
    beautifully. Kept his cool!!! Great use of cover and armour. And some RNG
    with the Obj 907 in particular.

  76. Marvelous shirt Mr. Quickybaby.

  77. well played sir well played

  78. where did you got that funky t-shirt from?:D

  79. Your t-shirt is gorgous!

  80. The only thing that you need to have a round like this is simply MM without
    arty, but….. that’s 1 out of 1000 games so…. yea.

  81. the t110e5 or e3 or e4 only has frontal armor because they were used in
    tunnels in the Alpen

  82. Please stop rolling your tongue QB when saying waffentrager 🙂 sorry not
    being negative its just annoying lol 😉 no offence intended

  83. Oh, look, another very balanced tank kicking puppies.

    New CW reward tank, the Obj. 704 russian medium tank :O

  85. It’s annoying that QB only pick t10 games…

  86. If only my games were more damage dealt then lmao at the people trying to
    destroy my VK 20.01D, or those just bouncing off my KV 1S.

  87. Hi QB, not the right video, but wanted to take a second to thank you for
    that modpack you put up! Genuinely improved my gameplay and just the actual
    amount of fun I was having.

  88. Oh! Wow!! Geez! Sitting in the open, no cover, 3 tanks up front and none of
    them can penetrate! Wow! Well played! Almost as much skill as a top tier
    T18 needs. Okay, maybe the part when he killed the 2 tier lower opponents
    was truly amazing. Maybe…

  89. Whats the point of the IS7? It’s so bad now. Doesn’t have the armor, acc,
    dpm of the e5. Doesn’t have the hit points, armor and high alpha guns of
    the e100 and maus. Terrible mobility unless down hill. Abysmal accuracy.
    Slow traverse . Terrible pen with apcr. It’s just bad.

  90. given this guy played really well and knew what he was doing. but I wish he
    didn’t spam gold the entire game

  91. which noob would have ~20 gold rounds loaded on a tier X HT..

  92. Um this video was posted like 10 days ago on another channel

  93. People that are saying this was a bad replay are just bad at this game, or
    just salty because they haven’t won all those medals :)

  94. Yes suuureeeee… ftw = for the win….

  95. he made a serious misplay at teh start if the T49 had poked from his left
    he would have lost too much hp, but nah all 3 of them sat there vs 1 is3,
    thats what made him have this game, got to admit he played good, but not

  96. T110E5 is totally overpowered right now even its lower plate is overarmored
    and its cupola was buffed to high heavens so basically it have better amro
    than a Maus but fast as a med with a decent gun. Well done devs you change
    russian bias to american bias.

  97. epic battle gj

  98. “That reward tank is rather fragile indeed” – after he shot through his
    turret with 340 mm HEAT round, sure.

  99. man after watching this replay i just have to get my hands on the
    t110e5…..i though the armor was bad before but with the buffs its
    completely a different tank now!

  100. not obj.704 its obj.907

  101. Or any video game

  102. What should I do if I’m bored of Wot

  103. Damn that was an epic game. I would love to get one of these. But can not
    afford to run tier 10 as just play the game for fun and on a standard
    Love the videos.

  104. Why you dont play one game with MISTERCROO, his one of the best player in

  105. Favourite you tuber at the moment <3

  106. love your T-shirt lol

  107. 90% luck, 10% skill – I don’t want to brag or anything but I would play it
    much butter (not missing some of the easy shots like he did, not taking
    away the pressure that he was under at that time ) if i was in such a
    vehicle as T110E5. Some of the people call it overpowered.

    PS: Where are your “I’ll be taking in account every tier, every vehicle?”
    Thus far we’ve seen two tier X’s with a lot of luck, and one of the most
    beloved tier VIII and that is IS-3 with a lot of luck aswell. Maybe you
    should open you mind to the other vehicles and mayyyyyybe you could check
    out my T-54 ltwt. with 6k dmg if you want representation of pure skill and
    thinking under pressure (I’m not saying I didn’t have any luck at all 🙂 ).

    Sincerely, your TankistaWWII

    Edited: And I also think that QuickyBaby is not putting that much time into
    reviewing some demos mostly sorting by the the 300k competition conditions
    and looking up first 1-2 pages. BUT THAT’S JUST MY OPINION! Have a nice day

    Edit No.2: Yeah, maybe you’re right that it’s competition with best result
    winning and he has no duty to review all the demos, but still, I’m hoping
    we will some good replays in less valuable competition rewards.

    Edit No.3: Hi QuickyBaby… 😀 it’s me, again.. ehm… last I wanted to
    mention: I was permanently banned by M4Real the other day by typing PJSalt
    in chat. Obvioulsy someone doesn’t like the emotes. Thanks for
    the unban!

  108. New intro please

  109. I want that tank!!!

  110. nice shirt man

  111. oh look. a tier 10 tank winning the competition

  112. I did!

  113. It’s object 907 not 704

  114. another 300k replay from and OP tank…much skills wow.Could you choose a
    replay where there are real skills,not due to the fact that the tank is op
    That would be a great contest

  115. EPIC GAME. Always love your commentary and enthusiasm QB, makes these even
    more fun to watch because of the brilliant editing. . . ‘HEADSHOT’

  116. what a game omg such a coolhead like a fridge

  117. Well so much for my chances

  118. or the tiger 2 could hit in the middle of the lower plate where there is a
    weak 125mm armor plate angeld 200mm

  119. ULTIMATE player in WOT ……sorry quickybaby but this RobyFTW is a better

  120. Seen this replay on YouTube befor… Anyone else?

  121. Oh why didnt I get a type 59 for sealclubbing with my kv2? Same thing

  122. Fuck the people who are complaining about the replay winners. Fact of the
    matter is that the replays are great, and the ones you and I submitted
    weren’t. This was the most exciting replay I’ve seen in a while, great pick

  123. He went full beast mode there at the end. I love those moments.

  124. I am not sure why you would consider the gun on the WTE-100 “super high”
    penetration when it has worst in class penetration for tier 10.

  125. many big mouths in this chat

  126. “Lucker just bullied a bunch of T8’s…”

    Stfu, that was a super exciting game.

  127. I don’t get why quickybaby is using the or in every single videotitle?!?

  128. How is that fair?? The lower tiers stand no chance…

  129. IchButterMirDenLachs

    And again, just like the last one: OP tank, RNG and dumb enemies

  130. E5 needed this buff a lot.

    Just joking…

  131. Wait, no Radleys?

  132. How to see enemy players spoted on right panel?

  133. EPIC GAME

  134. 907 QB

  135. Small suggestion:

    Add which prize they won in the description

  136. Obj 704 ! Wat! i thought it s obj 907 :)

  137. Gz bro Type is your :D

  138. Wauw this was awesome…i think i hafta finally grind those credits for my
    own E5 :/

  139. 6:19 “Clan reward tank Object 704” ;)

  140. Glorious

  141. tenkista999 tenkista999

    F.U. YOUR 99,99 %

  142. oboy lets pick an e5 a donkey can do good in that

  143. lol…. that obj 704 looks exactly like a obj 907

  144. superman ;)

  145. A happy dane, is just a dane

  146. Remove the U and N in the Title

  147. lol QB u said twice in the replay an object seven o four (704) But it was
    the nine o seven (907) tier 9 russian med tank:P. also in the last video
    revieuw of the T29 u said the T71 got 150 mm penetration But its 175;)
    little mistakes:P

  148. amazing ! WP !

  149. Hey guys,

    Ive just reached the Chinese light tank 59-16 and don’t rlly know how to
    play it.. Any tips?

  150. I’d like to see an E-100 do that! When are they gonna buff that “Load the
    GOLD” billboard?

  151. Aleksandr "Sasha" Leonov

    This was really good QB, thanks for the entertaining match! :3

  152. I should make an account on the EU server. Seems like 80% of players on the
    NA server shoot nothing but prem shells. If that was the case n this video
    he would have died a long time ago.

  153. I think you will not put any of the tier 5 or lower tier games

  154. this game replay was very good

  155. SIlentXHunter gaming

    Didnt know the obj 704 was a medium thanks qb

  156. Honestly, I’m not even sure how people lose games in this tank. It’s
    completely impermeable from the front, insane DPM, great gun handling, good

  157. From reading comment sections, any tank that has won a replay comp is
    officially OP.

  158. this map is such a piece of sh*t after that “rebalance”

  159. I saw his game on worldoftanksbestreplays channel

  160. GG m8. Glad that you won the tank.

  161. i would become crazy, when i saw those three tanks coming for me!! so a
    very cool replay at the end, nice work :)

  162. i dont deny that he was a skilled player, but the situation just could not
    be better for him. at first he recks tier 8s, then he ammo racks the 907,
    then the waffles dont aim for shit and bounce, the bat chat does not even
    fire. and also the op e5 armor saved his ass a lot of times, it is not even
    funny. he bounced so many shots with his cupola that would have been
    penetrations before the “hd remake” aka buff. good game anyway, congratz on
    the win

  163. Dancover “Daniel” XP

    also a lot of luck

  164. When shit gets real i stop tabbing out and playing with 1 hand :D

  165. Bravo roby esti tare

  166. agree its a fantastic game…. in the most broken tank in the game right
    now…. great gun handling, great turret armor, troll haul armor, great gun
    depression, above average maneuverability, and less alpha for better
    rof…. respect the game, just have a problem with how broken wg is making

  167. Hey QB, you keep calling the 907 a 704, which is the tier 9 soviet tank
    destroyer with the bl10, the , medium is the obj 907

  168. i would have got a kalabanovs medal before in my hetzer. i had 8 kills and
    was the last person alive and all i had to do was finish the 2
    artillery…but apparently i was camping at the back of the map while being
    on the enemies side of the map and got shotgunned. i havent had a game like
    that since…

  169. Nice gameplay there,btw how can you get a mark of excellence on your tank?

  170. these enemys were completely retarded. wt 1st shot detrack then just shot
    the e5 in the lower right or lower left corner and u will destroy it so
    another thing i googled his name on wot life and i saw he has just 2200
    average dmg with this tank but 3 marks. i have more average dmg but inly 2
    marks…. gg wg

  171. For whomever is even thinking about complaining that he is using premium
    ammunition, this is a perfect example of when to use it when the outcome of
    the game relies entirely on you.

  172. He’s not bad, but with that amount of luck and premium ammo loaded into an
    E5 (!) almost everybody could play well.
    And he was close to losing this in many situations – like driving into that
    WT E100 without reloading. Why risk taking those shots…?

  173. if the obj 704 was as fast as the 907, this game will be broken

  174. The Satifactory Meat Stick Of Your Very Doom And While You Were Reading This I Stole Your Meats

    Roby Fucks The World

  175. Alot of Luck, some skill and a very OP tank

  176. @6:20 you say Obj 704 instead of Obj 907 :D

  177. Is a Gtx-960 graphics card good?

  178. quickybaby plz do lower teirs too ive send u a replay for the 300k special

  179. 5-6k Dmg RED T8 farmed
    1900 Dmg lucky oneshoot
    bouncing some stuff at the front
    = BEst REpleiaY! everar!!!!111!!

    You kidding me. After he oneshoot the T10 med it was won. So far nothing
    special in the 300k replay section. Another time we see a good armoured
    tank doing nothing special but under lucky circumstances do a high amount
    of damage.
    a lucky 907 oneshoot won the 300k contest. Bad job QB. Without the 1900
    oneshoot he would have lost against the 4 tanks and what did we saw before?
    Farming red T8 morons who had no clue what to do against this new op T10

  180. awsome replay!

  181. i can only dream about this battle .. het wait, i cant…

  182. Lucky that you said that not only tier X will get the prizes… I am
    looking forward to see if some lower tiers win some prizes too.

  183. Man really !! he took out those tier 8 tanks like if he was dealing with
    tier 1 tanks that tank is truly OP

  184. What is that gay t-shirt?!?!?!?!?! :D

  185. So much luck! Absolutely no skill driving that thing, ANY idiot can do good
    in that tank. Absolutely OP. It’s time they nerf it! Not to mention the RNG
    he had! Also fucking gold spammer on that WT!!!!!!!

    > The entire WoT community now.

  186. Nice going. By the time I get this thing, it’ll be nerfed to hell.

  187. well played

  188. VideosFuerDich WoT u. LS15

    I have the M103 and I am on the way to the e5 i love it

  189. I feel like a little cell from a little leaf. I’m never going to win a
    replay contest from this. Me loser, Me useless ._.

  190. This tank isn’t overpowered… People just don’t know how to get around it
    and simply shoot it in its horrible side armor.

  191. I don’t want to meet that guy in game, never!

  192. working upto this bad boy!! have to say the rof is sick on this 1!!

  193. Obj 704? silly QB is drunk QB

  194. why win only high tiers ? it is not fair

  195. why win only high tiers ? it is not fair

  196. Oh noes it’s that shirt again! ;)

  197. type 59 :-(

  198. armored warfare is best wot sucks

  199. I’ve already seen this vid on another replay channel

  200. Can you please do a new t32 review !!

  201. Did he just say “Obj. 704” instead of “Obj. 907”? Silly QB, lel!

  202. In a way, I hate seeing replays like this. It reminds me of how I very
    narrowly missed out on a Radley Walter’s Medal in my Jagdtiger. I had about
    the best matchmaking you could get in a big, fully upgraded T9 tank
    destroyer: no T10s, only two or three T9s on each team, with the rest being
    a 50/50 split of T7s and T8s on both teams, on Arctic Region. The teams
    were fairly even most of the match until the end when it was me and a very
    low health T8 medium who got killed by the enemy T-34-85 (which I then
    proceeded to put a 128 mm shell into), leaving me to kill the remaining two
    enemies. I took out the medium that was in my cap, then had to trundle my
    heavy ass across the map to take out their artillery. I was just about to
    enter their spawn aannnddd ran out of time. One away from getting a Radley
    Walter’s, but I had to make due with a Devastator medal instead.

  203. Obj 704 new Clanwars Reward Tonk confirmed :D

  204. Wow he really exploited his tank by hiding his weak-spots and making his
    copula incredibly hard to hit. Well done.

  205. Satyanarayana Gavarasana

    Can you do a mod pack with battle assistant mod for arty

  206. A LITTLE bit of luck?! Come on at the end that was all luck. A lucky ammo
    rack, lucky the WF Pz IV could not aim for toffee then RAMMED HIMSELF to
    death not the other way round.
    Can’t take it away from him but not a LITTLE luck involved ;)

  207. All these 300k subscriber replay winners are in OP tanks except the T110E3

  208. I wonder if we’re going to see something that isn’t the most powerful thing
    at it’s tier. Something like a Type 61 doing 6000 dmg would impress me more
    than an STB-1 or whatever do 10000 dmg.

  209. i remember that game. that WT in the end. 🙁 but WP to the E5 ;)

  210. And… all rewards goes to OP tanks, and who care about skills! Really good
    300k competition! I wonder when someone will get reward in tank like M3 Lee
    or AMX 40!?

  211. I guys I will never win :(

  212. t18 is now tier3

  213. Go Roby you deserve it

  214. good just Robyftw 🙂 my teammate GG FTW

  215. What is that mod in the left corner that counts and shows what ammo is
    fired at you.

  216. I have a suggestion. Why not make a top 10 quickybaby deaths video? 🙂
    Funniest and stupidest deaths for QB :)

  217. Árpád Attila Lázár

    OMG! This is SPARTAAAA!!! Nice game Roby!

  218. QB thats not nice…E5 is OP and its not so hard to have a battle like

  219. Nothing bad but so far with the 300 k stuff, it’s decent or better players
    In good, I will leave it ‘good’ tanks, it kinda doesn’t make it
    interesting, or rather challenging.

  220. QB is fabulous

  221. Meh, a seriously OP tank farming free damage from tier 8 and having lucky
    ammorack on that Obj 907. It was a nice replay but not a phenomenal carry I
    hoped to see.

  222. If he didn’t get that ammorack, this game would had been over quickly.
    Lucky Guy

  223. Stunning performance. Absolute mastery of the tank’s strengths.

  224. 3:07 qb starts throwing up

  225. I had similar experiences with T110E5 vs WT E100 encounters since the E5’s
    armour buff. I feel like most of the WT E100 players got a bit lazy with
    aiming their shots since their penetration is so high. Most of the time
    they just empty their magazines center mass or don’t bother to fully aim
    their shots. Not that I’m complaining of anything… I love that sound of
    an WT E100 shell bouncing off my frontal armour :P

  226. Obviously has a $800 Gaming Chair

  227. 6:20 704 CW reward sure QB

  228. the t110e5 was amazing before the buff. now it’s just broken

  229. Dear QB, as i can remember u told us u wont be showing to much of
    Superstrong Tanks beating the shit out of “helpless” or players who fail” ,
    but so far we have only seen Replays of superstrong tanks beating the sh*t
    out of their poor enemies. If u are about to show midtier “underdog”
    Replays for the higher places then its okay and u can forget my comment ^^
    anyway massive Replay and nice commentation, keep up and cu on stream ! :)

  230. Its an obj 907 and not a 704… you’re catching Jingles’ disease ;)

  231. Imagine if the Wt. E100 ammo racked him with his last shot! ? Would
    definatley be a heartbreak..

  232. imbalanced crap

  233. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    I wanted that type 59 wish I could do a round like that and when will the
    compétition finish

  234. OP Tanks winning the competition? Then get yourself an IS series or T110E
    series tanks.

  235. It s not obj 704! It s obj 907!

  236. Lol QB it’s an Object 907 not Object 704. No probs doe everybody make

  237. You know someone is doing it right when he can make you watch videos of
    tanks in which you have no interest whatsoever.

    I congratulate you. :D

  238. WG will burn in hell for fucking up the arty topdown view aim… PHUUU

  239. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    Quickbaby you have gotten so good at editing. Keep the work up!

  240. This is why I love my t110e5 and oh my god it’s even better with the buff

  241. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    T110E5 confirmed OP

  242. lots of luck but unlike other people I have no problem with that, good for
    him, he deserves the prize

  243. What a great shirt you are wearing! :D

  244. I hope QB does not only watch the T8 + replays… I had a very nice replay
    in my Cromwell and I would really like to win. And now – to all guys who
    sent a replay that is lower than Tier 8 – LIKE !

  245. last time i chect the object 704 was a tier 9 soviet TD not a tier 10 clan
    reward tank -_- Nice game by Roby there

  246. ARC94JonasWenninger

    since this fucking buff this damn thing is somewhat overpowered…
    hard ! thumbs down wot…


  248. Suprised the guy doesn’t have a Type 59 already.

  249. He’s from Belgium :D

  250. I got Kolobanovs Medal on shitiest Tank T1 Heavy.
    now I have to keep the Crew for T29.

  251. I call American Bias! Kappa

  252. because as we all know, there’s absolutely no luck required in winning 5 v.
    1 situations.

  253. uhhh am I the only one that realized he called the medium tank that got
    head shoted the object 704?? it’s actually the Object 907

  254. So surprised that he was driving the T110E5. I mean, it’s balanced, right?

  255. Great Replay!!!!!

  256. qb said obj 704 twice, instead of 907

  257. what a surprise, OP tank + awesome MM + no arty + RNG + decent player +
    enemy not using gold ammo = winning the 300k competition

  258. What a player…

  259. I like your shirt :)

  260. Amazing I mean it

  261. Object 704 – new tier 10 clan reward medium tank appeared

  262. QB, 704 isnt a reward tank XDDD

    you probably meant 907 ahaha

  263. The e5 was OP already. Now it’s just extremely OP. WG really lost their

  264. One Question.How can my brother have some mission to get EXCELSIOR (tier 5
    British heavy tank) and I dont have it ???

  265. Dudeeeen he got Type 59 :’)

  266. I have just broken my old pc so i am gonna buy a new one but i don’t want
    to pay it too much. So i have found this pc for about 250$. The problem is
    that i am not sure it can run Wot. Here are the specs: It’s an HP Compaq
    8100 Elite: Intel Core i5 650@3.20GHz, 4GB RAM i am not interested in
    playing it on full graphics, so low or medium will be okay. The important
    is that it will run on a beareble framerate So, should i buy it?

  267. Of course when the deadline for the replays is over I get 9 kills and 4.9k
    DMG in my is6

  268. The T110E5 is defently going to be nerved…. its too good at the
    moment…. i just reck every t8 tank…. and t9…!

  269. FrankoDoesSkylark Nothing

    FTW is fuck tha world….

  270. This tank is not that op, right? i mean frontally, can you penetrate it in
    a place other than the LFP sides?

  271. Quicky baby, does your XVM mod have a damage blocked counter?

  272. Your shirt needs to be a type of exterior camouflage

  273. GG To Roby !!! :)

  274. Bravo Rooooby

  275. Quckybaby What’s your real name??? Pls reply :)

  276. Watching the stream atm 🙂
    I am a bit disappointed that I can’t choose the Tog for the Poll -_-

  277. rawr

  278. another good player in a high tier tank winning a prize, dont make promises
    you cant keep qb…

  279. It makes my morning when you upload :)

  280. gg new winer

  281. I hope you guys enjoy RobyFTW’s fantastic game!

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  282. thx for the video

  283. Oh no… that bloody tank game again. :p

    TRADEMARK: Courtesy of The Mighty Jingles

  284. 14th

  285. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    Under 301 club!

  286. Hey QB!

  287. The ugly shirt is out ;)

  288. 100000th

  289. 3 min ago HYPE!!!!

  290. 2 minutes ago…..

    Well i guess i have to stop no-lifing youtube

  291. Very nice replay

  292. Mc and Wot

    Quickybaby you are the best youtuber for understanding World of tanks!!

  293. kristoffer kirkbright

    uploaded 12 secs ago…… must watch now!!

  294. First

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