World of Tanks – Supertest: Map Castle

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wot map castle
map castle

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  1. Map looks like a f*cking pancake

  2. I see what is going to happen already. Left side of the map will be HUGE

  3. its 800 * 800 its so small sure not for tier 8 9 10 ?

  4. So one side will be a massive arty cancer fest while the other is just a
    huge choke point…ggs

  5. that castle is from himmelsdorf right? ? and some of those tower thingys
    looks taken from other maps asswell ??

  6. Level up with Doruta DIY

    will be a great map!

  7. this looks like mines but bigger

  8. what’s wrong with the map graphics? this looks like a map from the fkkin’

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