World of Tanks – Surprise, It’s Me!

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Source: Mighty Jingles

Patch 9.15 is up and running and that means bye bye Waffentrager E-100 and hello Grille 15. No-one’s going to miss Waffentrager, anway. He drank too much and farted.

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  1. “He did just a hair under 9000 damage.” Yeah, 7913, to be exact.

  2. Brandon “xMossyOak17x” Freel

    Jingles there is a typo in the description, you forgot the y in “anyway”

  3. Now I am only waiting for the moment when people start to cry and say that
    the foch155 is OP and they will remove it… RIP to the waffle, I just hope
    the last autoloader TD will remain! VIVA la FOCH!

  4. NeverlostatBSgaming

    Hello it’s me JOHN CENA

  5. Jingles the grille 15 drivers name is dan not chris

  6. cromwell player in the clan wars replay isn’t Chris. please get well soon

  7. Hauke tom Dieck

    Are you going to make a video on the new Total War: Warhammer? I would love
    to see you play that game

  8. Why the cap system is still shit in that game. 100% and says captured…
    Yet they still lost.. BS mechanics at its best.

  9. MarcusTheAbsolute

    I find that the same thing you said about the WT E100 is true for a lot of
    tanks in the game, at least a lot of those that I’ve played.

    Cases in point: British arty: nice lineup of low damage, low pen, high arc,
    rapid firing arties for very close range support. Almost always
    underwhelming in firepower. T10 – highest dmg and AoE arty in the game.

    British turretless TDs. Heavy armor, slow, sluggish, rapid firing accurate
    guns. T10 – turreted, pathetic armor, biggest gun, low RoF.

    German TDs. Well armored, decent accurate guns, not as derpy as soviets but
    still respectable alpha and decent RoF. T10 – biggest gun in the game
    before the introduction of british TDs.

  10. TBH i think the grille 15 is way OP.Its just a light tank with a gun on
    Easy fix is to nerf the speed on the damn thing!!

  11. Krzysztof Dudek

    8:13 He got an auto aim through cover. Isn’t than an illegal modification
    on EU?

  12. I like your videos before I watch em, keep those dollars rolling in and
    making good vids.

  13. Csaba Álmos Debreczeni

    Yesterday I claimed my first Grille 15 kill in my Sp. 1 C :D

  14. Wow my clan just versed this clan last Friday. Such a small world!

  15. Carlos Escudero

    Is the Grille 15 really that tiny? I mean it was based on the Panther
    chassis IIRC, and the Panther wasn’t exactly a small tank. Well, I suppose
    anything is tiny compared to the Waffletraktor…

  16. gj Chris2468T xDDD

  17. talking about thing that don’t fit in the tech tree how about the fv183
    whole tree slow heavy armored low damage but rapid firing gun and then tier
    X the deadstar

  18. You called the grille 15 driver chris, but his name was actually Dan lol

  19. blackrosekn1ght

    Is there really a reason why they got rid of the waf e 100 or were they to
    lazy to balance it. Ive also noticed there is no E 5 or E10 but they have
    the e25 e50 e75 and e100

  20. What is teamwork and cooperation?

  21. MultiTopfpflanze

    That was a normal clan war battle. That was good teamplay, but nothing
    really special.

  22. he said the Whole time Chris but the Grille 15 his name was Dan

  23. jingles made a mistake

  24. Declan Fitzgibbon

    Still laughing at ‘cock holster’

  25. More like these, please!

  26. Samuel Peter Hunt Hunt

    rita’s cat detected jingles :D

  27. Chris, Dan, same thing. And Jingles uttered, let it be.

  28. So all of you noobs who voted for this replacement of sexy WT E100, now
    probably thinking yeah this fast, ugly shit with fantastic gun, rate o fire
    and accuracy is not OP! ?!?!?

    Why always bloody noobs ruing this game!?

  29. `drank too much and farted`, sound like projection

  30. i havent played WoT for like a year, came back a couple days ago cuz my
    brother started playing it.
    did they change something about the XP you earn? it seems like almost
    maybe i am just too used to armored warfare.
    thx for any answer ;)

  31. Under 9000 damage? Jingles, it is not even 8000.


  32. oregonducksrule8

    Nothing like watching the Mighty Jingles on your birthday

  33. The Mythical Snake

    Welp… just broke my leg, but Jingles uploaded a video… The leg can
    wait, Jingles can’t


  35. Cyka friends! Uzers say ze WTFE100 is too stronk, must replace it! Lets
    give dem Grille 15, even more OP tenk DA cyka pizdet idi na hui! Let them
    have 9K dmg in their very firzt game axaxaxaxa

  36. PMNCS | DopredaT

    Am i wrong but the Grille 15 driver seems to be Dan not chrisw?

  37. jacco doevendans

    that posion whas always open

  38. The tier 10 Waffle won’t be missed? The only reason I was grinding up
    that horrible line of German glass cannon TDs was to get the autoloader at
    the end, not a standard TD with no armor that doesn’t even have a fully
    rotatable turret. Never mind all the Russian fantasy tanks in the game but
    we have to be historically accurate when it comes to any good German
    vehicles. The Grille 15 amounts to a gimped version of its tier 9 or
    8 predecessors when it comes to gameplay.

  39. 1 hour late squad assemble.

  40. Drank too much and farted? Sounds like an average old geezer to me…
    present company excluded. Because Britain.

  41. doesnt have 6th sense on a premium tank that comes with a 2 skill crew????

  42. I’ve had horrible framerate issues since 9.15 hit … :(

  43. Exploding Baconeer

    Is anyone getting a track glitch in this update? Like, the tracks are
    invisible and are floating in mid air.

  44. Welcome back to tanks lol.. Enjoy the current grille infestation.. good
    luck out there peeps happy hunting

  45. Just a hair under 9k damage? Should’ve said 8k damage.. Jingles?

  46. 2.00 uhm actually clans suck that play with kV-85s and m6s but you suck to
    so its ok

  47. TheAverageWotBlunicum #killstealer

    This is a community notice. All dislikes are made by the Waffentrager Owner
    Association. Please do not hate as these poor fools can do nothing but fail
    their way to tier 10 and stat pad there, shooting gold ammo and camping at
    the back being of no use while still getting top damage. Thank you.

  48. Oh, Jingles, you haven’t played CW for a long time? Standard setup? :-P

  49. I hope this is not Chris’s blood.

  50. EABA EndAllBeAll

    seems to me it might be pretty easy to get an ace tanker in a day one brand
    new tank.

  51. For now nobody will agree with me but Grille 15 will be even more
    overpowered then WT auf E-100 was. Because old one was easy to spot and was
    bigger soo it means more to shoot at. Grille 15 cannot be seen and is much
    smaller which means smaller area to shoot at. Lol … from overpowered tank
    to even more overpowered tank – nice work wot :D

  52. Lol a hair under 9k damage gets 7,900 damage thats why i love you jingles

  53. condemontanelas11

    And that’s why HE shells vs the “Rhm” line are fucking useless, almost
    every HE shot at them is absorbed by the fucking gun, I have lost so many
    games just because My surely one shot HE shell only did ~200 dmg vs them..
    and ofc died after that…

  54. 1000 Subs with no Videos

    Its my advice to every WOT player: Get a clan where you can have fun and
    play clan wars with them.It removes all the shitty aspects of random
    battles. and also you make lots of credits.

  55. There was 3 weeks since you last time uploaded WoT video, mate!

  56. Rui Miguel Texeira De Carvalho


    he play very nice, but she was lucky. my he dont penetrate. if i kill him i
    was time to win.

    but its like that 🙂 its WOT.

  57. Grille15’s target selection was pretty poor, but at least he had some luck
    😛 He didn’t do 9k damage but 8k damage and btw my first game in Grille15
    looked just like this: Top Gun + High Caliber, although I did just 5k
    damage. GG

  58. So the second guy is named Dan or Chris? Because the first guy was Chris
    then you said the second guy was Dan but half way through you started
    calling him Chris, I’m confused :/

  59. 7.9 k *IS NOT “A hair under 9k” !*

  60. T54 is beeing a right asshat, can’t make out his name though ? Fuk it let’s
    just call him Dave …. ^^

  61. Tommen Baratheon

    Can I please use those Waffenträger E-100s in my Army? I need something
    effective to defend myself in the next Episodes of Game of Thrones

  62. Anyone else notice how he calls the Grille driver Chris even though he’s
    called Dan?

  63. 11:22 “Previously unreachable” uhh…when was it unreachable?

  64. you keep mentioning how people are dicks in chat, they arnt? You were in
    the navy, are you a girl or something. Stop mentioning that, you praised
    the community before then you say its full of dicks. Make up your mind

  65. Mistersamweller

    63 calibers long?! Can it do the kessel run in 12 parsecs as well?

  66. Jingles I want to show my love for you. I turn ad block off for you. And
    then i play the game that world of tanks ads have in them.

  67. Jingles, sorry to sat, but you need a new intro. This one gets old

  68. More of that first clip please!

  69. Standard Account

    Why is Jingles calling Dan Chris?

  70. The title announces a biiiiiiig, looong dose of surprise buttsex…

  71. Lol i love how jingles called the second guy chris but the name was dan,
    please never change jingles

  72. I need to know what the best way to use the KV-1 because I love it but I’m
    sure of any good tactics on how to use it…any responses would greatly be

  73. Why would you play cw in a tank without 6th sense??

  74. 2 dislikes! Who does that? I had a bit of surprise butt-sex with an ADC
    today with my t5 AMX thingy. He weren’t impressed to say the least

  75. Best part was seeing a light tank driver that doesn’t suck leaving you
    alone in your lightly armored TD.

  76. BigCoreGradiusXAnime

    Why the WT E-100 Removed?
    Idk? maybe the Autoloader?
    Maybe it’s size?
    Anyone can tell me why it was removed? D:

  77. Stealth line? How about the deathtoaster? Much stealth on that i can assure

  78. My favorite thing about patch 9.15?

    Camo values are finally revealed in the garage!

  79. I like the idea of not being able to see the enemy until you make contact –
    WOT pay attention and place into game time please 😉 Great video Jingles

  80. While us console players are stuck with the waffletractor.

  81. Jonathan MacKenzie

    Jingles it is Dan, Chris was from the previous replay.

  82. The Grille player was Dan and not Chris. lol

  83. In all honesty, i’ll miss the Waffentrager E-100. I’ve had many bad games
    in it, i’ve had many good games in it, and most of all, i’ve had a lot of
    fun with it. I’ve got a couple of days before 9.15 is rolled out on the SEA
    servers, so i’m off to have some last troll platoons and fun. Catch ya on
    the battlefields.

  84. Jingles: “Grille 15 is a small tank except for the gun”
    QuickyBaby: “Grille 15 is almost as big as Jägeru, it has bad camo”

  85. Jingles the guy in the second replay was dan, not chris….

  86. Isn’t Chris named Dan? :P

  87. I am not a hater and I love Jingles, but did he really go through that last
    replay calling the guy Chris? 😀 Instead of Dan2468T? xD

  88. Love your videos
    Keep up the good work

  89. Ribal Abou Hasoun

    He almost killed himself with that last shot lol

  90. Meh, get rid on one highly situational but super-OP in terms of spike
    damage fantasy vehicle…and replace it with another differently OP one.
    These things are shite for game play. Another over–gunned hover sled.
    Were I playing WoT these days I’d simply not bother with heavies at all. If
    280+ pen TDs aren’t wrecking you, it’s magical mediums flinging sprem ammo
    (or not if tier 10 as they hardly need it).
    IMO this game was at its best just before tier 10 TDs and arty were
    Complete bore these days, very predictable, and requires less knowledge and
    tactics than it once did. Funny, really.

  91. Zaphod Beeblebrox

    Jingles? .. were both players named Chris? I thought the second player was
    named Dan? Somehow Dan became Chris after his initial introduction… have
    another cup of coffee. :-)

  92. Hello Jingles. Say Hello, Jingles, have some manners

  93. No Jingles you did it again ,at the 2 st replay si DAN not CRIS ffs, what
    have you done :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D!!!!

  94. napoleonclegane stark

    just a hair under 8 thousand*

  95. Claudio Bornes (Calipe1995)

    No matter what i do, everytime i comeback to World of Tanks, i always find
    myself quitting 2/3 days after. I really don’t understand how can a
    videogame have so much assholes playing it. Even world of warcraft in its
    current state, which is terrible, has a better community playing.

  96. that spot was reachable befor the physic’s patch aswell mr jingles 😛 ( the
    scout spot )

  97. Okay WG you had your fun, introduced a new, insanely powerful TD. Now buff
    my Foch 155.

  98. 7:00 A.M. in Chicago. Never too early for Jingles!

  99. I’m happy the waffle tractor got removed! that thing was so broken it wasnt
    even funny.. but on the other hand I cant shake off this feeling that I
    personally like the WT panzer 4 more.. full turret, smaller, and very very
    similar DPM.. I dunno.. the grille 15 is just.. apart from the good gun its
    nothing special imo.

  100. i feel like jingles should make a compilation of parts of replays featuring
    tanks giving a dose of suprise butsex..

  101. Anyone wanna buy a WoT account with 4 tier 8 premium tanks? :)

  102. 15:55 in the Chat “ich schwitze” means “I sweat” xD

  103. Love the Grille 15! Be a good chap and show us more like that one, and
    thanks for all the work you put in. I hope the rewards are equal to your

  104. It was entirely possible to get up E9-10 on Abbey before the physics
    update. It’s actually slightly harder and easier to get stuck on 9.15.

  105. Surprise surprise, still waiting for 9.15 to hit SEA.

  106. “That’ll do donkey, that’ll do”- Shrek

  107. You are drunk Jingles. Btw. please No repalys game anymore, sir ! 🙂 Cheers

  108. The guy’s name is not Chris, it’s Dan.
    Jingles, are you drunk?

  109. Using M6 and KV 85s instead of 0-Is….

  110. Taneli Keskitalo

    You kinda forgot that the other guy was called Dan during the 2nd replay.

  111. #i love your channel just please do a q&a vid and more blogs that would be

  112. Anyone else notice that Jingles called a guy with the name of Dan2468T
    “Chris” the whole game :P

  113. Kyle MacQuarrie

    Hey Jingles, I think you mean Dan likes his Grille 15. Chris was in the
    Cromwell. :)

  114. HI jingles please sub to my and my friend’s birthday YouTube channels
    please my channel is JakerozonHis channel is Greorge runte Thx

  115. Lorenz Gregory Jimenez

    Fellow minions hunt down the person who dislike this!! Order by the Boss!

  116. Jingles, naturally, best thing to counter those camping tank destroyers was
    a TD on your team so far forward he is almost inside their camping spot.

  117. Last time I was this early people were making early jokes

  118. I guess i’m the only person who’s gonna miss the Waffentrager E-100

  119. Gus Davis (Major G)

    why is the Grille 15s pen so poor? 3mm more than 12.8 PaK L/61

  120. Here we go, I’ve been wondering where uve been jingles! 🙂 keep up the
    awesome VIDS man

  121. teamwork??co..operation?what is with these made up words man? SPEAK

  122. ‘Drank too much and farted’

    Makes you wonder what the wft e100 did in his up-time

  123. free day in my state of germany thx for the video

  124. your vids are awsom

  125. uggg, I fucking hate when clans turtle in clan wars… it’s such cancer.

  126. C’mon 10 minutes late for that bloody third time!

  127. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  128. Insert popular, yet relevant, meme here.

  129. VenomousJosh 640

    7 minutes ago… nooo!!!

  130. Silas Kuemmerle

    got here early, gotta make a joke: Hillary CLinton. honest election

  131. Last time I came this early I became a Dad.

  132. Six minutes in… Over 500 views…

  133. Why does the Cromwell have a U.S Star on it

  134. how did Cromwell autoaim without line of sight? AIMBOT CONFIRMED

  135. #NotificationSquad

  136. noobinator Simelane

    waited the whole day for this

  137. Last time i was this early noone cared and it seems to be the same this
    time 🙂
    so i’ll just wish everyone reading this a nice day :D

  138. oh look, a replay of the Grille 15… would be nice if SEA server had it
    AND 9.15…

  139. Im pissed that they are taking my waffle away. And my T18 TD, really they
    will be replacing it with arty +The Mighty Jingles

  140. magical pineapple

    in world of thanks!?!?

    jingles you drunk

  141. “People not being d1cks in chat” What propaganda is this Jingles?

  142. yeah 11th

  143. Yaay another video. Always exciting.

  144. magical pineapple

    a notification titled “surprise its me”
    just perfect

  145. The Mystery Bros

    plz reply to meee!!!

  146. Yay, new video before I go to work.

  147. hey jingles have you played dreadnought??

  148. Trương Thịnh

    122th view :D

  149. Kieran Richards

    first coment

  150. 11th comment ahahah

  151. hiiii 32nd person whoop1!

  152. Kieran Richards

    first coment

  153. Vikko The Tusken

    Just in time. Good to see something different like this.

  154. YAAAY new jongles video

  155. Daniel Amandusson


  156. Kieran Richards

    first coment

  157. 4th view 1st comment

  158. 6 views wow.. so early :P

  159. whoop whoop

  160. first one yay

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