World of Tanks – Sweaty Badger

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which Placebo gets a bit sweaty in his badger. Sometimes these titles just write themselves.

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  1. This tank is so bad because it has a low amount of lower plate armor and if an enemy is next to you, you have no chance on turning around

    Hulldown the tank is a beast, but as I already mentioned, get around the badger and it’s over

  2. is it an option to show actual hp numbers at the top? all i get is just the hp bar.

  3. The badger suck because they sold us a bill of good about it then nerfed the hell out of it when it was released.

  4. Jingles, I know you have become somewhat water logged directing your attention to WOW, but the GOLD slinging is not just a Tier 10 problem, it is an across the board problem. It is reminiscent of what society, at least in the US, has become. The easy way out is to spend money you don’t really have, let alone focusing that money toward a game as your top priority in life.

  5. Actually Jingles, the IS-3-II only had the 100mm gun with 300 alpha damage and so couldn’t win the match at the end with a high damage roll.
    Sorry, gotta keep the meme alive somehow…

  6. FV217 is a funny way to spell SU100.

  7. War gaming putting a completely fictional vehicle into one of their games, I don’t believe it.

  8. World of Tanks – Old Man Rant… this isn’t a ‘classic lemming train’, this is just how this map works from the losing spawn. People just dont want to push forest because north has the advantage in the forest.

  9. Was the Badger the result of some British engineers looking at the Jadgpanther and saying “We’ll have us some of that?”

  10. Steve Cardiff Cardiff

    Lol can’t watch on work computer because it blocked “sweaty badger” I’m not sure why my boss has an issue with a sweaty badger and I’ll pass on asking her about it.

  11. As for the Badgers armour – I’m pretty sure one of the major issues pointed out when it was first introduced was lower front plate – it is quite a huge hunk of metal with “only” ~238mm effective.
    This is NOT bad, but consider it is bound to be compared to Tortoise.
    Suddenly the armour on Badger doesn’t look that hot – sure, superstructure is great, but the lower front plate presents an annoying and easy to hit weakspot.
    Tortroise is more consistent in armour layout from the front.

    The major complaint was – Badger is hardly an improvement over Tortoise – it is more mobile, arguably weaker armoured, but gets worse MM spread at Tier10, while having only marginally better DPM and far worse gun angles.


  13. this guy got any crew skills?

  14. Wretched Excess

    Sweaty Badger was the name of our grunge band back in the 90’s.

  15. “surrounded on three sides”???? By definition there is one side still open.

  16. I was expecting an epic YouTuber crossover video with that title.

  17. Sons of the West Red, White & Blue

    Plot twist: ‘Sweaty Badger’ is also Jingles stage name. 🕺😝

  18. In this replay it looks like no one uses minimap or understands flanking.

  19. 7 second reload time, and I though my little Hetzer with its 152mm gun of 7.5 seconds was decent……)
    Luckily I will never meet the Badger..

  20. The dpm is mainly uselful if you are able to aim 😂

  21. subtlewhatssubtle

    I’m reminded of that daft “5% premium ammunition” statement WG made some time ago. A spiteful old part of me wishes they would actually enforce it as an in-game design choice and force vehicles to carry no more than 5% (rounded up) of their ammo load as premium rounds.

    I am well aware of some of the things that would do, but it would certainly slow the tide of armor creep and penetration creep we’ve been having in the past five years.

  22. how he pen that 13:42

  23. Hello YouTube, dont mind me… just padding the algorithm.

  24. Noneya Damnbusiness

    Possible to get captions on this? Most vids have em and hearing impaired like me need them. Thanks for the vids, gives me something to look forward to most days

  25. i dont come here for the games, i come here to hear Jingles giggle to his own jokes <3

  26. The real weakness of the tank is not the armor but the speed. I think I’m with most people here who own it. WoT is such a fast game nowadays that “faster than Tortoise” doesn’t cut it anymore. To the armor: If you hide its lower plate even the gold rounds struggle to penetrate it, at least most of them. Maybe the nerf to arty will help it aswell.

    • The only Tanks that can get away with being that slow are the AMX-40 and the TOG II* in addition to the fact they are meme tanks, they are also lower tier.

  27. Without you im nothing.

  28. for those looking to join the salt mines discord server, the one where our overlord is the ruler of, I would recommend against it, the staff are toxic and encourage the spread of it and personal attacks are rampant, thanks for reading the warning

  29. Reason why i stop playing wot 😂 everyone goes the other way and gets held by 2 tanks in good positions while the rest of the enemy team come round the back

    That and the amount of bullshit premiums that just ruined it on xbox anyway 😂

  30. Ivan Stepanovic

    1) Take T-54
    2) Tap the 2 key
    3) Farm the Badger with only the minimum knowledge of weak spots

    • And minimum weak spots too. The Crysler Model K which hilarious enough is the first tank shot by Placebo in this battle was the shape of things to come. Back when it was first introduced the Sir Foch Special as it was later dubbed got flack because, despite two machine gun ports, the tank had no frontal weak spots. Now it is rare to have any weakspots.

  31. _Sweaty and bothered…_ I need a cigarette.

  32. To be fair about the Lemming Train, one of them was the EBR and they probably didn’t want to incur its wrath as last I checked French Armored Cars were still broken. Speaking of which, when will War Gaming get around to adding to other nation’s armored cars into the game, I don’t know about anyone else, but maybe they should take page from War Thunder and add vehicles like the M8 Greyhound or the Puma to the Light Tank class just to make the other tech trees more balanced.

  33. It has occurred to me, that in many great battles, the star of the show more often than not just moves 50-150 meters from the spawn and doesnt really move around that much…

  34. used to love runnin my T-50-2 through the magic forest. Good times

  35. Harrison Rawlinson

    You failed to mention the worst thing about badgers, they carry TB

  36. Clayton Whitman

    Just my personal opinion, but firing half-assed shots (less than fully aimed, and thus the reticle is significantly larger that the target) are a waste of time and ammo. Better to wait that extra half to 3/4 second and score the hit, than just blowing through ammo with no effect. IMHO

  37. Merijn Fluitman

    I loved the magic forest so much. I miss over the top map features in the game today

  38. I love wargaming 9000 damage and -15k coins. it just adds up!

  39. Earl of Pudding

    The tank is bad in the current meta, but here’s how it’s not actually terrible….

  40. Chi-Town Vic Da Man


  41. ”Hunting pixies in the magic forest” the good old days

  42. Jingles, you DO realize that a sweaty badger is also a STINKY badger?!? ;^}

  43. loses 15k credits despite heroic carrying efforts.

    Yeah, that’s world of tanks’ economy for you.

  44. All the other team had to do was push into the last 3 tanks together

  45. Equiment of this badger:turbo configuration and ventilation. Crew has no more of 1 skill maybe he dont have full brothers in arms full crew

  46. IS-3 II hits the badger in the Butt. Jingles: Took another hit from that M46.

  47. Kind of sad that Placebo can have such an epic game and not make any credits at all. Like…you should expect him to have made something for having an almost 10k damage game….

  48. The beauty of the Tortoise is that it does have well-known and obvious weakpoints, and people usually dont’t immidiately hit 2 key and farm it, but rather try to hit the weakpoints. And even if they are spamming gold, you still can wiggle around and move, blocking lots of damage anyway. Badger just a boring tank following the new meta, with no weakpoints whatsoever, so people just spam gold at it. They did the same to the old 263 with 268-4. Removing the fun and skill needed to play.

  49. Actually Jingles, we have all the time in the world, cause we can pause the video to do the search! 😛

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