World of Tanks || SWEDEN SPOTTED

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – . m/42-57 Alt A.2. Sweden has been spotted on the battlefield with the upcoming T6 Swedish medium the Strv. m/42-57 Alt A.2!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Swe Tank like is coming? Woot?

  2. IT looks like a Volvo

  3. Widepark is still high tier on console.

  4. Does it get a Museli perk?

  5. it looks like a Australian ac sentinel chassis

  6. but… this tank is premium?

  7. Anyone else dislike the term “Counter-puncher”

  8. I really love the Crew voice. What do you guys think?

  9. cmon it’s not a Volvo….. it’s a Koenigsegg….. nah honestly it looks
    like a Saab in a way

  10. crew voices,,,
    i would like to have fridas or agnethas voice!
    do i have a choice?

  11. when the swedish tech tree comes out, you should have to build the tanks
    like if it was from ikea?
    i think that it could be really awesome =)

  12. Sweden is great!

  13. kids have destroyed this game fact period

  14. now dont get me wrong but wot tells us they do game on ww2 tanks ???? where
    was Sweden in ww2 ???? neutral country. more bollocks to suck more cash
    from you for a dam right crap game

  15. kids in strategy games = disaster mess crap game over in 2 min. it far to
    common now game has had its day.

  16. whats the point in banging on about armour degrees and the rest of the
    bollocks when 90% of players in world of tanks are dam out right thick as
    shit.. the game is finished period

  17. “2016 will be the year of bug fixes for WoT” good one wg, pull the other

  18. Gabriel San Antonio

    It looks like an LTTB with an AMX 13 90 or AMX 13 75 turret

  19. I can’t change my name in game call of duty. When I go to settings-
    preferences. Since every girl had stopped reading can you guys suggest some
    good porn sites!

  20. Gabriel San Antonio

    It looks like a LTTB chassis with an AMX 13 90 or AMX 13 75 turret


  22. jag är svensk!!!!!!

  23. type 4 heavy pls QB

  24. Bada Bing Bada Boom


  25. Another auto loading prem is my glorious AMX Chaffie

  26. You know Robbaz 😀 ???

  27. Anyone else noticed the 4 autoloader type shells ?

  28. This thing plays exactly as the AC.4 Exp. but with an autoloader and less
    gun depression.

  29. Volvo’s look French… Unsub and unfollow! :O
    Everybody knows it’s Chinese… );

  30. Sooooo who’s gona buy this to get a head start on their crew before the
    full line comes out?

  31. im offended the volvo do not look like a french vehicle

  32. good job butchering roberts name XD looking forward towards the swedish
    tank videos

  33. Oh god this means a new patch to mess up all my settings mods and bring me
    new grief with bugs ect.

  34. mr quickybaby, why does your tank crews speak their native language but
    when I play it’s all English? is it a mod or can I change this in the

  35. Some videos:an amazing 6° of gun depression

    This video:a shameful 6° of gun depression

    Make up your mind QB!

  36. WG statement: “We know that battles are too fast now, we need to slow
    down”. Gives autoloaders to new tanks.

  37. When will the testserver go live??

  38. If you could get the tank from Sweden called “Stridsvagn 103” I would play
    until I fainted…
    Remember them from the 70’s (yep, I’m old)
    Still one of the most interesting turretless designs ever!
    Does anybody remember it?

  39. Gun depression 6 degrees only it’s really dissaponting for me because with
    this kind of turret one would expect not less than 8 degrees of gun

  40. Can we stop getting new branchs in the game and actually get more tanks for
    existing branches. Its gonna make it alot harder for the grinding missions
    that require like 150 kills in each branch or pay 15 bucks.. add another
    way they can make money…

  41. On a scale of citroen to volvo? Hmm… I’d have to say renault.

  42. why war gaming put The swedish but Not the italians

  43. To be honest…
    I don’t want anymore tech trees… I want more lines for the existing tech
    trees, it would be nice to have more Chinese, Japanese and Czech tank
    lines. The newer tech trees aren’t really “trees”, but more like “sticks”.

  44. That thing sure is fugly

  45. I really love the look of the model, lots office accessories for the crew
    to play with… however I’m actually incredibly disappointed that they’ve
    replaced the gun with an autoloader; this tank is not nearly fast enough to
    work as an aggressive heavy circler and the DPM Withyham single shot gun
    actually seemed rather effective.

  46. The premium consumable is Fika ;)

  47. I don.t understand why wargaming don.t put in the female crew voices…
    it.s like 2 years since the female crew.s are in the game …. for real
    now….this has to be the biggest BUG in the game now :))

  48. Do you have a link to download the test server

  49. First game in this tank, how did you get the 6th sense perk then?

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