World of Tanks || Swedish Assault!

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– STRV S1. Today a defensive premium has to go on the assault to win the game!

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  1. closed out video after gold shell on 110… it’s just a shame

  2. So Heat spammer will hate these tanks right? As heat gets no normalization.

  3. Talking about premium tanks.. WHY are there no premium arty in the game? It would also be nice to have a tier 8, prem. USA Tank Destroyer in the game


  5. “I don’t use a fire extinguisher, I use coffee and cinnamon buns” -QuickyBaby, 2017

  6. Hey QB, can you go to wot replays website, go to the search for player, look up Kambull. And check out my Strv 103b replay, I think you’ll enjoy it

  7. everyone knows the Swedish are cucks who would never attack

  8. Where do you put the invite code? Answer me plz

  9. EVALUATE THE Current ARTY Nerf..

  10. Has anyone noticed how recently war gaming extended the offer duration on this tank by almost another month… now suddenly QB has a new video on it. Clearly not enough people are buying this lol.

  11. QB please make your mod pack for 9.18

  12. poor that T34-3
    Good video ,QB

  13. Snake Enjoying a Sandwich

    This is the best premium ever released. What .1 dispersion on turning? Insane!

  14. I didnt get the swedish female gunner -_- so I cant complete that crew…


  16. I call my Strv 103 B the Volvo 142, shoutout to the swedes who gets the reference and I call my S1 Ronny och Ragge.

  17. Can anyone explain why I shot an Strv point blank in the side on my OBJ 268 and only managed to track him? (No damage dealt) He was about 30m away at a 90º angle to me.

  18. Stop touching my Swedish tanks.

  19. i just bought the udes and im still stock with 30 battles, tho i already have 2700 avg dmg in it and 6700 avg wn8 xD
    its gotta be my new wn8 source when i get the topgun and engine

  20. Carolus Rex approves this

  21. I like my S1 wish power to weight was better but the same gun as the UDES penetration wise kicks ass. I don’t know which tanks have my bino’s lol

  22. 7:52 its much quicker from 5 kph to 8 kph wow!

  23. platoon with DezGamez

  24. i like the Strv s1 when im driving My t34 3

  25. hi all, where can i upload my replay? i done over 7000 damage and 9kills with the s1 . pls help me

  26. Sweedish tds are op af

  27. The S1’s are just overmatch food. Shoot all day easy pen

  28. hey QB, what is your big mic? 🙂 I’m planning to buy one, so I’d like to know which are good and stuff 🙂 thanks man 🙂

  29. STRIDS-VAGEN! For a guy with a PhD, sheezus, you think you could pronounce the name correctly.

  30. A Pz 1 C can take one out quite quickly…..

  31. Keep the Op premiums coming wg, yey!

  32. You really dont need premium round in this TD…

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  34. How I play World of Tanks

    I wish I had not bought it. i feel that the UDES because of the speed is better at getting into position, and getting away if things get tough. plus my Strv is cursed I think. i never get a good matchup…. ?

  35. I’m sad 🙁 they took away the derp gun off my VK 28.01, RIP my beloved gun, you’ll be missed.

  36. I find Strv S1 is good but when out maneuvered it has no use

  37. Nicolae Ioachim Trică

    That poor T-54 tho. ?

  38. hey QB! i bought myself this “turnip” tank and my jaw droped when i first used the shift key to have the sniperview. how can it be that in this turretless TD unlike any other turretless TD you can look around in first person view 360 degree? basicly on the swedish TD once you press X the first person viewmode changes from normal turretless TD sniper mode to turret firstperson mode. for example on a ISU its only possible to view to to front and not 360 degree. this restriction makes aiming in first person mode a chore cause when you turn the ISU the camera turns with it resulting in as i think a disadvantage over the swedish TDs.

    what do you think about this? i was looking for this in the forums and found lots of threads about this issue and i got told to use a mod for horizontal stabilisation. but this would give a player advantage over to someone who doesnt use it. why doest WG give turretless TDs also the ability for 360 degree firstperson view? like the commander could only see to the front what would make it strange because all turretless TD can spot in a 360 degree range

  39. Type 62… what?

  40. Stop doing mod packs and I will take you more seriously. They are nothing but cheat packs as any visual aid etc that give an advantage are simply out of order.

    Do yourself a favour people and watch Claus Kellerman for real gameplay with zero bullshit + WG promoting.

  41. And Derpnberg has claimed another victim…

  42. Great video QB! Speaking of new premium tanks, what do you think about the old ones, like the Type 59, compared to these new ones? Power creep, or doing fine?

  43. I SUBSCRIBE!!!

  44. 3:33 Im crying

  45. I got this one as a present from my friend and I’m absolutely loving it. Haven’t touched the old and clumsy T34 anymore after it.

  46. giannhs oikonomou

    Man udes3 is usles bad tank faill wot they make more strong premium than normal like udes03

  47. should bring strv s1 in NA server back again

  48. any retarded tier 5 player buys this tank. have fun having him in your team

  49. i got one just to use my swedish female crew from the x-mass challenges. Managed to ace it in the 9´th battle, earning 140K net profit!!!

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