World of Tanks || Swedish Tank Destroyers – 9.17 Preview

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. Preview of the Swedish destroyers coming to in patch including the T10 !

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World of Tanks a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. So I noticed that in the tip 3 teirs, if you get tracked you are completely
    screwed unless something runs straight in front of it. I guess double
    repair kit lol


  3. Arjen Muit (D3al3r)

    The T1 Cunningham auto is still availlable, it is on the premium tank T2
    But is sucks they took it off the T1…. it is no fun to play anymore.

  4. as a sweed im hyped

  5. This vid just got me excited for patch 9.17 in WoT :D

  6. oh. im gonna bring so much ballance in my SPGs x)

  7. OMG Wargamming finally add a Tier 10 E25 into the game

  8. All of them look like awesome

  9. The brand new camper tech tree.

  10. do you know if the Swedish line will come to console like xbox and
    playstation ???

  11. omfg that t9 & 10 look so sick! can’t wait to get them but it takes me many
    months to even get to t1…..

  12. Since they’ve started creating tech trees made of 90% fake tanks, I started
    wondering … can’t they finally finish other tech trees to have at least 3
    different classes ? With the only exception being probably CZSK tanks
    because …. well … they got their tanks in german tree.

  13. downlod link pls

  14. It’s so ugly. Kill it! Kill it with FIRE!

  15. Did bigfoot do some stamping on the high tiers?

  16. Wtf ww2 tanks vs modern Swedish TDS game is broken XD just look at the
    angling on the t8,9,10 how am I meant to pen this thing?

  17. i hate that they add swedish tanks, but they cant add finnish bt 42

  18. Lowrider Swedish Tanks

  19. those are funny shapes

  20. great, so more power creep

  21. RIP Grille 15! You were outguned and outmanouvered

  22. 390 Alpha at T10…

    Sure it has the accuracy and penetration but that’s T10 medium alpha….

    Then again. 4.5k DPM…….time to get grinding some personal missions
    again for the Swedish Lady crew!

  23. Soon quicky baby is gona reallize that Tier 7 Leo MT will be much better
    that the Comet in almost ever way…. Rip….

  24. Tier 6 is the new beast

  25. Where can I get Test server ???

  26. I can’t wait to get those high tier Swedish TDs! I’ve always liked the
    design of them since I first saw them on TV a long time ago

  27. Only 12 degrees depression on the Ikv 72? It’s supposed to have 25.

  28. Slayingkenny Is a boss

    The Maus needs that kind of suspension to help its lousy armour

  29. t10 is awesome

  30. QB: ‘strv 103B has the lowest amount of hit points.’
    me: ‘nope, arty has less Kappa’

  31. I think the tier 3 and 5 tds look cool. But the tier 10 is just awesome

  32. QB the grille 15 has the lowest hitpoints of 1.500

  33. you forgot to mention that the WG blog stated that that grate in the front
    will act as spaced armor, meaning that if any heat shell hits that’s grate
    if will likely do nothing to your tank

  34. QB r u not explaining the suspension because people didn’t get it on ur
    stream yesterday

  35. I had a tremendous game in the IKV 103 tier V TD yesterday. Got 8 kills and
    over 2.5k dmg in it. It can really devastate the enemy but its also very

  36. R35 with the 25mm raccouri gun has 16 mm of gun depression

  37. The FM21 looks like a literal coffin on treads…

  38. this tanks are soo good i want the tier 8 but i will do like 5 3 months and
    3 million credits

  39. Arty is the death of Swedish TDs….

  40. 10:37 is it wrong of me to laugh my ass off at that god like angling of
    that TD ? XD my god from the front that thing is 100% bounce all day.

  41. I have a feeling that some of the TD are Op

  42. plz tell WG to fix normal economics rather then buffing prem tanks cuz some
    people like me cant buy prem tanks or accounts plz

  43. GREAT VIDEO! could not be better! thanks quickybaby

  44. 1700 hp on tier 10 ? ahhhh thats a batchat party druming tanks for days

  45. why do you always wiggle your gun a little up before shooting?

  46. So the tier XI/X go into Ski Jump mode… Should be fun to see a ramming
    opponent taking off from your private runway, and landing at the bottom of
    a cliff. Dead tanks become jumping wedges. Drive behind one, push it
    forward as a Siege mode shield with it’s own gun.. Or use it as it was
    designed. But I’ve seen enough Russian army vids to know that they can, and
    will, jump one if they see one.

  47. wow that 1950s timeline can really produce some interesting
    prototypes…10-20years ahead of their time

  48. Hi – you forgot to mention the insane camo-values of this tier X td!

  49. Tier 10 is OP as fuck

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