World of Tanks || SWEDISH TANKS NERFED – 9.17 Update

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Unfortunately for tank lovers out there has nerfed the entire latest heavily before it was even implemented into World of Tanks.

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  1. Super Pershing finally gets “realistic” penetration

  2. WG is so dumb everyone should play with the swedish tanks

  3. and now 40%

  4. 1 shoted both with the fv183 lol

  5. correct me if I’m wrong
    but they said T34 was decreased not increase for the first two!!

  6. QB sounds almost sad that he wont have a completely op t10 swedish HT to
    sealclub in

  7. Hey Qb love your vids But the thing that wargaming didnt do about
    owermathing i hate cuze sometimes is just so unrealistic

  8. I mean, sure the accuracy and dispersion nerfs was a good thing, they were
    laser sniper tanks before. But seriously, damaging the DPM and nerfing it
    to oblivion? Why? What’s the point of a siege mode if the DPM is the same?
    Scrap the siege mode and just let us aim up/down in travel then.

    And Kranvagns DPM is now the same as the Maus, brilliant WG. Sure,
    acceleration nerf was handy, but still, DPM should be buffed again, since
    they also made the shells reload MUCH slower. It’s not balanced at all now.
    Basicly worst DPM of tier 10.

  9. Alexander “Charcharo” Yordanov

    >People complain that new tanks are OP and make old ones obsolete
    >WG nerfs new tanks so they arent OP
    >People complain that new tanks arent OP
    >Mention Russian bias

    Every single time on these comment sections :(

  10. MEGA BUFF for Russian Tanks!

  11. i knew it. the overmatch mechanics that wargaming planned were too
    powerful. the swedish tank destroyers, at the cost of some speed and ground
    resistance should have just gotten a simple armor buff to where
    overmatching is not that easy. if people are too scared in say, murovanka
    because artillery always hits somehow, just imagine campy city maps will be
    with every tank parked along a building showing auto ricochet armor thats
    50 to even 13 mm thick just having a camp off because no one can penetrate
    anyone. oh well just make open space maps more likely to be played. yea
    then artillery and tds will dominate and heavy tanks just get sky cancer.

  12. Michelangeelo Lisi

    when will patch 1.7 be released?

  13. Michelangeelo Lisi

    sorry, 9.7

  14. Username TripleZero

    OMFG Superpershing buff hell yeah!!

  15. Another case of russian bias……

  16. loooool so where is is6, noticed that im just a sitting duck with it,
    anyone pens it while it cant pen anything itself, its garbage if i have to
    drive where lower tanks and mediums drive and then get left alone by my own
    mediums while other guys have 2 more tanks on same position….but my
    decision is to turn my bum then to the enemy and dont waste one shot
    anymore and play it like a singleplayergame like my team always
    desires…happy reports comming in..amazing stunning Game when it makes you
    feel to leave match after 30 sec

  17. i dont wana have Swedish TD anymore

  18. I was looking forward to those overmatch changes on the live server. I
    honestly thought that might make the game much more entertaining.

  19. lol @ Emil I time between shot

  20. Am I the only one who noticed that he went over the Kranvagn twice? Poor
    video editing on your part, Mr.Quickybaby. :P

  21. just give them +41 mm in armor to the UDES , and +21 armor on the tier 9
    and +1 to the 103 b so they cant be overmatched by any tank , only by some

  22. Does that mean the T49 can just shoot a AP round at the tier 10 Swedish td
    and always pen it :0

  23. 12:44 dont forget the 140mm gun of Type 5 Heavy QB

  24. Martin “Mürtin” Ilar Hammarberg

    editing fail? 6:51 – 7:15

  25. wtf why they Always change the new tank like the Swedish tank wtf really
    tier 10 with 65mm front armor and low the engine power 23% wtf really

  26. Great, I was only interested in tier 6 -8 Swedish td’s, now I’ll save my
    money. Noob WG.

  27. they pretty much made the swedish tanks utterly useless…

  28. OMG, WG is drinking…this game starts to sucks…

  29. Who does maths at WG?? The Travel to Siege mode was reduced by 20% not
    25%.. and the Siege to Travel mode reduced by 37.5%… I mean.. really?
    they’re pretty simple calculations guys!!

  30. wargaming always changing shit that doesn,t need to be changed. strv 103b
    wont even be a good tank now..

  31. rip sweden tanks

  32. I’m pretty happy that the overmach changes didn’t get implemented because I
    would have been a huge nerf nerf to my beloved KV-2. Now I can still
    overmach any 50mm armor or less.

  33. Well now I’ve lost my interests in swedish tanks… thanks WG

  34. WG is a joke ..

  35. the worst part is the sweden tanks had the downside in test server
    too,bechause a t49 just came behind me and put a 910 inside my back. I
    hoped this overmatching change will help but they put it out.

  36. Russian game Russian rules. No fucking surprise.
    Racist Wargaming.

  37. ok, lets not think for a sec about 9.17….what do you think should be the
    next nation in wot? I believe Italy or Poland (i know ww2 italian tanks
    used to suck and there werent main polish tanks, but maybe they could put
    some post-war tanks)

  38. What an absolute crock. Why don’t WG just make up some numbers for some
    invented tanks and call it a game? This thing is becoming more of a joke
    with every update- tanks magically getting better armour, better guns,
    better engines etc. Where will it end? LOLtractors with tier 10 stats?

  39. More tier X tanks like 103B please!

  40. Please make a Tiger 2 review

  41. OMG WG. First they create a line of TDs that is utterly dependent on a new
    armor mechanic and then they “scrap” the new machanic rendering the new TD
    line useless. Until they release the new overmatch mechanic they should
    also “scrap” the TD line.

  42. im sad for the swedish tanks overall. and its bull that the overmatch got

  43. Well at least now that the formerly near indestructible tanks have received
    a nerf, those of us who do not yet have them can have a chance of hurting

  44. They been doing it wrong since day one. Model each shell, and the armor as
    realistically as possible. THEN you give the tank a value. And THEN you
    make the matches. A Tiger I will always be a Tiger I. And the Shermans will
    be shermans. But the shermans wil have a lower value and cheaper to bring
    to battle.

    This will make it necessary to introduce battles with uneven amount of
    tanks. If the setup is unfair by a number of points, the players on the
    weak team collect unfairness points that will eventually tip the balance in
    future matches so they end up on the other team which have a tiny amount of
    extra power where they then loose some unfairness points.

    The way WG is doing it now they constanly need to rebalance and rebalance
    over and over again. And the various tanks become just one big lie. A Tiger
    II is not a TIger II. It is just some kind of vehicle somewhere in the tech
    tree and it have been balanced for that spot.

    This is how WG does it and this is what is cousing them all the problems
    and the endless fake stats and rebalancing that is done.

    If they done as I tild them to at year 1 they would not have these
    problems. The tanks would be what they were in reality. The physics etc
    would be realistic. The only whining left for players would be the MM. And
    it would be the only place where WG would do any work.

    WG would then only work on MM , battle modes, and maps.

  45. Wargaming have nerft the Swedish tanks to mouch??? bull shitt!!!!

  46. wooo OP to complete shit in a single patch adjustment, GJ WG.

    I even wanted the overmatch and hull changes, i didn’t like weakpoints on
    tanks that were supposed to be heavily armored, and i thought people might
    actual pack HE now instead of just always using AP or prem.

  47. Ugh…Wargaming ruined everything again. Piece of shits, dumb and idiotic
    devs. Can’t make something new or make the most needed changes in World Of
    Tanks. 1st….they were going to re-do arty….never happened…still
    waiting after a year… 2nd….postponed penetration mechanics……
    had all these years and months….still can’t make it happen eh wargaming?
    Still waiting on a real matchmaker….like going 2 tiers above most of the
    times is the WORST idea ever…. In my IS-3 I can’t do shit to most tier 10
    heavies and mediums. The game could’ve been much better if the MM
    dispersion is only 1 tier. Then I could have a fighting chance against
    higher tiered heavies and if the IS-3 actually got a buff to it’s upper
    hull armor it would be more playable because every single time I get into a
    fight the “great” upper plates are just getting penetrated by everyone and
    I lose all my hp in around 5 or less minutes because my team can’t push or
    defend properly. If wargaming had any idea of what people wanted or how to
    develop world of tanks for the better they would’ve done everything by now
    but no…they can’t.

  48. Thank god. The overmatch changes would have thrown too much out of balance.
    It would have been a huge buff to tanks that didn’t need it, like the IS-3,
    Obj-140 and M57 Scorpion, while being a huge nerf to tanks that didn’t need
    it like the Samoua SaU40, KV2, and M2 Medium.

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