World of Tanks || T-10 – 9,000+ DMG

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Ó T-10. Today Sphynixx is going to have the round of his life in the T9 , formerly known as the IS-8, the T-10.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. world of tanks pro player LuddeS123


  2. Good to see arty’s actually putting on their man pants for once

  3. 8:43 look at shirt

  4. Minh khoanpk Nguyen

    In world of tanks blitz they didn’t change the is 8 name, even when they
    are about to add the grille 15 to the game. Strange.

  5. They changed it from IS-8 to T-10 because they added the Troll Russian

  6. 8:43 Anyone noticed Quickybaby’s shirt turn dark red?

  7. Holy crap that was snap city – he didnt miss a snapshot or auto aimed shot
    all game, though he played fantastically as well!

  8. omg 9111dmg 9-11 confirmt ulimunatie did it

  9. at some point on this channel you start thinking : meh, only 4 digits ? not
    even 10k damage? then after a second of regathering your thoughts you go
    like wtf…

  10. good for him, he played aggressively in a tank thats not at all op, and
    wasnt a dick, well diserved

  11. Tier-for-tier is T-10 better or worse than IS3?

  12. Luka Žnidaršič

    There are draws in assault matches, just very rare, because the last 2
    tanks have to kill each other…

  13. Christopher Klark

    Pls make a video about my favorite tank the amx 13 90

  14. what about is4 no body like (old wot tank)

  15. Good game, good commentary.
    T10 (was IS8) didn’t work for me very well as I got pened very easily in
    most games and later sold it to buy IS7. Looks like HD update made it

  16. like a boss

  17. Please Make A review on the Tiger II Quickybaby PLEASE!!!!

  18. I can pen the t-10 with the jag panther!!!why is the jagd tiger using

  19. Finally a T-10 video. Review next maybe?

  20. SuperUnicornSlayerSpotted

    The T-10 is a very good tank, this mobility, this gun (you can do 500 dmg)
    and good armor. Just the accuracy is not very good… I think is a very
    very very good tank

  21. t-10 is my fav tank

  22. 8:43 T-shirt changing

  23. Great job by him BUT I feel as if It was mostly luck. Not all but Most.
    Those snap shots were luck. Great replay QB!


  25. I loved my T-10

  26. If he would join to dynamic platoon 2 in the battle, he would get Crucial
    Contribution too :)

  27. I wonder if blitz will also have clan reward tanks since it is also world
    of tanks…

    Umm wait g-guys, I also play wot on pc so no rage, wait no, dont drag my fa

  28. #Brexit Thanks QB.

  29. Why you not try play tier 1,2,3,4 tank

  30. +quickybaby when are you doing videos about CZ meduims tanks?????????? the
    tier 6 or the tier 10?

  31. This tank makes the Centurion 7/1 look a bit sad… or at least my stock
    one anyway. But I mean it’s quicker, has armour and a similar gun. Rasha.

  32. It is beter

  33. what a beast game !

  34. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    i used to have this and this was amazing! armour(you need to know how to us
    it) is amazing!. gun damage is good

  35. The IS-4 plz!!!! No one does the IS-4… :(

  36. Jak se jmenuje na WoT?

  37. Sounds like he is doing a Jeremy Clarkson type of description on the tank

  38. T-10 is my best tier 9 heavy tank!!! its fast, the gun is really accurate
    and reliable, 258 pen and 440 alpha damage to trade with 390 guns, the
    armor is not fantastic but good enough at least compare to Frenchies. This
    tank can do everything in the game. Nothing is faster than T-10 if the
    armor is as good, nothing is better armored than T-10 if it is as fast~~~

  39. some idiots are just living for a you qb. i pitty you

  40. dont forget about the machine guns. ^^

  41. Guillaume Ruette

    Hey qb I played in the public test server and I have seen a Swedish flag in
    the nations. This was in the tank filters of the garage. Do you more on

  42. QB you haven’t reviewed an IS-4 HD

  43. why didnt he get a mastery badge?

  44. Surprised Wizard


  45. Good players always have high RNG, look low roll on arti, I play T10 a lot,
    always ammorack and lost track all the time

  46. this video is on the world of tanks replays

  47. Ward Op de Beeck

    My favourite tank:) just ordered a model kit for building it and giving it
    a place on my desk

  48. wow,im surprised no one hasn’t made a joke about how he does over 9000

  49. why are your videos always just a highlight of one guy in a dream matchup
    producing a high dmg total….its becoming redundant. Can you highlight
    an exciting match instead.

  50. Cung Tuan Thanh Le

    T–10 OP plz nerf

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