World of Tanks || T-100 LT – Tank Preview

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. Today I’m previewing the brand new T10 Soviet the T-100 LT which looks to be one of the best scouts in the game!

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  1. These t10 light tanks are like t8 mts with better mobility right? lol

  2. IMO, tier 10 lights might replace meds in clan wars, higher view range and camo.
    armor doesn’t mean anything in tier 10 CW since everyone fires prem shells.
    only saving grace for meds are the better guns on rof and accuracy

  3. Awesome idea It would be so kool if they made a pz 1 c or mt25 like machine gun on a higher lvl tank with balanced stats for that tier, I really enjoyed that type of play stlye of the pz 1 c and the mt25 with its machine gun harasment of lower armour targets like spgs and certain td as well as certain lights and mediums. It really made a challenging game and made it even more fun, would be kool if they made a tier 10 lvl equivalent. XD

  4. T-100 LT vs T62A I bet T-100 LT will win 100% of the time, on city maps i don’t know.

  5. even the test server has inactive players. this game is plagued with inactives 🙁

  6. russian bias much, it has the lowest weight but the most amour….

  7. And a perfect 15-to-1 battle which all the changes of the MM is desgned to counteract…

  8. WG is killing their own game now. It’s getting way to fast with all these light tanks & autoloaders. WTF can you do in a slow heavy tank when all these lights and meds can pen you frontally now. And what can ANY tier 9 or 8 do vs these fast OP shits?

  9. russian bias confirmed

  10. the ap is used when brawling since the tanks is low profile it will need some normalization of the ap in some angle

  11. Guys, guys, guys your missing the point the t100 is made 100% of the finest soviet stalium the Russians could find and has anti grav generators which are powered by pictures of stalin arm wrestling a space bear see it makes prefect cents!

  12. Yo QB Could u do a renewed review of the WaffenTrager Pz.IV?

    Or at least put up a video about it.. I hear ZERO about it these days from anyone.

  13. Does he get special idiots to play against ?

  14. Francisco Reveriano

    How do you manage to stay so serious with this bullshi*?

  15. Damn son how have she so much money and battle points

  16. Looks totaly balanced…

  17. Emiel van der Neut

    Love this tank, the low profile makes you very capable to facehug and sidehug pretty much every td and heavy tank. Just used this to rack up 7k dmg and 8 kills +2k spotting. Love it

  18. so you are telling that new T10 AMX LT is well balanced in comparison to TVP50/51? its same tank with lot better camo values, literally pointless to go for TVP50/51 now, because there is just a better tank in all aspects AMX105.

  19. What would happen if 3 of these tanks gets into a 3-5-7 game on a small city map (like Ensk) against 3 Maus?

  20. Florinache Florinache

    balanced light tanks my ass,t100 will wrape other lights and some meds

  21. 4k damage 4kills in 4 minutes=arsenal

  22. Can you leave timestamps to when gameplay starts?

  23. Russian bias back at it again

  24. Oh yay, another invisible tank that only needs a tiny bush to hide and shoot, I’m sure we’ve had other tanks like that before. Because right now I’m thinking of the E 50 divide by 2. ?

  25. thanks for the informative vid QB. I’ve been watching your stream and I appreciate your tech tree show cases as well as your ability / freedom to stream the test server. keep on keeping on

  26. Hey. Can smn tell me when the Update will hit the Servers ? Estimated.

  27. Remember when the best light tank in the game was the tier 4 leopard? Top tier meds and tds were tier 9 and top arty was tier 7. Now all tank classes go up to tier 10. World of tanks has come a long way.

  28. GunterVon Kerosene

    All the new tier 10 light tanks a so nice !

  29. Talking about russian tanks… the IS-3s armour needs a buff. It’s been powercreeped as hell

  30. He is disgustingly good. I feel so inadequate watching his games

  31. I love that video QB ❤️

  32. stop crying about the armor it will still get penned by tier 9 and 10 tanks but tier 8s are fucked….

  33. When QB starts throwing out patch reviews,you know it’s only about 2 weeks away.

  34. The racetank I’ve been hoping for…

  35. oh yes.. Balanced Tier 10 Lights- Everyone knew it

  36. i’ll wait for the wz-132-1 review..

  37. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Russian bias is stronk with this one
    -Darth Vader

  38. In the mean time 121 still has -3.5 gun depression

  39. copared to arty changes this looks ok. I just worry auto aim dogfights with this thing is going to be a bit broken due to auto bounces.

  40. Jussi Raitoniemi

    If any had an answer, would be greatly appreciated 🙂
    I’ve been searching for Crew skill training information about how much does the first skill/perk require crew-xp, but i cant find any 🙁 Does anyone have even a clue about it?


  42. Marek Václavík

    Russian OP shit as usual. No skill needed.

  43. T-100 LT, yet another mainstay CW vehicle and what a coincidence, it’s Russian *yet again*.
    It would have been nice if WG would drop that attitude for a change and would make another nation viable for competitive play.

  44. Blitzkrieg méta

  45. 15:1 …fucking retards of players, especially in tier X when I play in random battles. I know it’s sandbox but this is usual thing in regular game…Bunch of morons have tier X tanks

  46. It would be awesome if Quicky could get a press account and show us the MTLS-1G14.
    That thing IS the rarest tank in the game and it is completely unique in that it has two guns.

    With WG ramping up production it might be worth talking about multi-gunned/ multi-turreted vehicles as a future addition to the game and where better start off then with the only living example of such a thing.

  47. Good light tanks already have a really high impact on the game, I feel these light tanks will be fairly unbalanced. That togheter with the arty buff in the next patch and it might be the worst patch to have ever been implemented into the game.

  48. I think it will be having quite an impact on the game itself, alot of people are most likely to just take your scout out and use them instead of a med because they are faster and can spot easier ofcourse due to not having +3 MM anymore for scouts.
    I would rather say the normal MM for scouts is going to be a blessing and a curse for the game, its easier to spot for your team and having a higher chance on survival while also being spotted easier.
    My opinion: finally no more +3 MM for scouts, at first we only had T10 Heavies in the game… which also slowly got added T10 meds, TD’s, EVEN artillerie and now finally scouts.
    I guess its time for to be saving up credits for the new scout (s) 😛

  49. Hey quicky baby play warthunder

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