World of Tanks || T-103 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of – T-103. What a frankentank of a T8 Soviet premium ! All you need know about the T-103!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

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  1. What the hell is that thing?????

  2. 258 pen on a t8? What is the point of going down a heavy tech tree? VK 100.01 is already out classed by many tanks. The same goes for many other heavies.

  3. my first impression of this tank its like they put turret to su100y

  4. stalin dont have a choice so he put a fucking refrigerator to put his dig bick on tracks

  5. Isn’t the better comparison of this thing not the T-28 Prot? A skorpion and SU share very little with this thing…

  6. Christopher Woodard

    Your armor doesn’t hold up well against T10 premium rounds either?

  7. It’s a SU-100Y in it’s final form

  8. Play war thunder

  9. but this tank cant beat the 25TP in ugliness

  10. Only 30mm of armor on that flat deck under the gun, good place to land some HE lovin’.

  11. Fortnite Funny Moments Z7XAMT

    new marathon?

  12. Wargaming actually introduced a premium Russian tank that is balanced? Maybe there is hope after all…

  13. Hey look! A balanced tank! I thought those were extinct!

  14. so… its a russian M6A2E1… with a better gun. and dont bitch at me about armor. the M6A2E1’s front armor is shit currently. as no balance passes have been made since 8.0

  15. That is one ugly Motherfucker…..

  16. That Show With That Boi

    My Tsar tank flash backs are occurring

    The Russian tank designers

  17. hey quickybaby you seem to always forget about the South-East Asia servers when you talk about these sort of things

  18. Seems like that tank is like the E4. On paper looks like crap, but in game performs quite well.

  19. All I can say is thank god they’re not making the tier 8 prem power creep worse. Now if only they would remove some of these other premiums from the store, but I know they won’t because they make a ton of money off OP premiums.

  20. Nikolai Bukhtiyaov

    I love mine that I currently own on xbox

  21. Russian Challenge Incoming

  22. Why didn’t you compare it to the t28 proto?

  23. Quicky’s comments were right on. Met one in T8 game, shot it through the hull 3 times and killed it. Thanks for the hint.

  24. Hidden stat: Russian RNG snap shot ability 😛

  25. Gustavo Ramirez Montes

    is it a reference for a BOW´s?….

  26. Quickybaby this tank has been out on console for a while now and it’s an absolute beast

  27. Nerfs to 430 and 430u cancelled due to complaints by russian community. But soviet bias doesnt exist….

  28. I’m curious if you’ll still have this good a time with this machine about a month from now, when people have a clearer sense of its strengths and weaknesses.

  29. Looks like a su-100y on steroids to me tho

  30. It just needed Ferdie level hitpoints.

  31. Incredible how shells go where you want to go!

  32. best tier 8 armored TD with fully rotatable turret… just because it is the only one that fits that description 🙂

  33. its ugly rly ugly i cant think any other tank so ugly

  34. Man.. that looks ugly. A lot of the new tanks are ugly. Why..? they didnt even exist.

  35. There are a lot of premium heavy tanks that can play this role better than T-103. Why bother?

  36. Martika Kotopoyli

    SU-100Y is a better comparison to this one! just a su-100Y in bigger tiers just to pull some money again…i wonder have they ever counted how many tanks are in game both premium and standard? how about making a world of tanks premium tank game and world of tanks standard tank game! i am pretty sure there will be 2 different games!

  37. QB could you see this replacing one IS3/defender on team battle?

  38. Looks like a SU-100Y and a KV-3 had a retarded child lol

  39. It’s feels like a Russian take on the T29 but way worse as it packs a semi-decent turret w/ good alpha but having a major weakpoint (cupola) on top and a huge paper hull that’s also poorly angled in the front.

  40. When t50-2 have sex to the su 100y.u got this

  41. Annyone rememberd the old alpha damng about 400? That used to be the standard ?.

    This tank… This is kinda how premium tanks should be, a little bit bad but somting usable to earn credits. Good job here by wg, as long as they dont sell defenders again ?

  42. So it is basically a T 50-2 that got super fat, then got the IS 7’s gun.


    Crappy stuff, bad for sniping and bad for close combat, it will sitt on the bottom with the KV5 as 2 worst tanks

  44. This tank make me think of the Löwe good turret armor horrible hull armor

  45. Just the Soviet Mauerbrecher. ????

  46. cancelled nerfs on 430U, back to printing premiums… I hope you guys are still spending money on this game, hahahhaa….

  47. Naurava_Pottu Peruna

    A balanced premium? Happy days! Let’s beg that this would become a thing again.

  48. The T-103 is like comparable to a slice of bread in its blandness.
    It is as generic as a T28 Prototype in its lack of interestingness.
    It was born on the console version and not even we cared about it.
    The only thing going for it is it’s not the ISU-130, that is without a shadow of a doubt the most cunt filled dogshit machine in the game.
    What are you waiting for, buy the T-103, your supposed to want to after I told you the good traits.

  49. Console had it first William and it’s better on console haha we also have a skin for it, and I think I has 490ad on console too love the videos keep em coming ❤️

  50. Why all this one off garbage, do the asu line sneaky breaky.

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