World of Tanks || T-22 sr. – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

LetÙs check out upcoming 5th T10 Soviet medium the T-22 sr. which looks to be an absolute POWERHOUSE!

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  1. well….i never thought that the other nations mediums can become any more
    useless to level…

  2. Congratulations for 300k subscribers! Great videos & stream, keep it up! :)

  3. Congratulations for 300k subscribers! Great videos & stream, keep it up! :)

  4. Congratz on your 300k subscribers QB! :)

  5. Da comrade, it’s very balanced. Put it in the game, pour me some more.

  6. 300.000 SUBS!!! NICE

  7. Paralysed Eternity

    Another Tier 10 medium oh god

  8. that sight on 26:10 was very cool :D

  9. An overpowered medium tank given to good players. Yeah, it might only have
    a winrate of 99%.

  10. Why are the German mediums so bad compared to the Russians… its not

  11. why always russians get the “upgraded”? its kinda unfair, look at japanese
    n chinese, why not “upgrade those 2?

  12. Marthijn van Oorschot

    congrets with your 300k subscribers QB

  13. OP as hell

  14. that turret looks a lot like an is3’s turret tho :)

  15. QB. you have 300,000 subs! Just saw it.

  16. I thought of a medium tank that would have IS-3 hull a long time ago, since
    you can bounce JP E100 shells with some help of Stalin in your IS-3. The
    tank also isn’t that heavy, so just give it a better engine and a medium
    tank gun.
    A year later, I see this coming to the game. Well done WG for reading my

  17. congratz with 300k subs

  18. Dae-Ho Kim (파도치는소리)

    What a cute turret ~ !

  19. Needs to be nerfbatted hard.

  20. Obviously OP. But fixing it’s bonkers level of OP would probably require
    nerfing ALL soviet meds.

  21. It’s nice to see my IS-4 will be even more inferior than it already is.
    Seriously, heavy tank armor, medium mobility why even play heavies anymore?
    The power creep of these superior new/reward tanks are seriously de-valuing
    the existing lines to the point where they aren’t even remotely viable
    anymore. I really think they need to either add a tier 11 so the tier 10’s
    can be balanced better, or replace the sub part tier 10s to tier 9 and add
    more balanced equally powerful tanks at tier 10. This is just getting
    ridiculous. Good video as always QB. /rant off

  22. bounce no damage bounce no damage
    no damage
    no damage
    no damage
    no damage

  23. i hope it is hard af to get so you don’t get owned so often…

  24. ralroost einsnulldrei

    What? a fictional soviet medium that is going to be the best in the game?
    You don’t say…

  25. 300000 subs congratulations

  26. haja “sabogas123” maza

    14:29 dat frame

  27. I just looked up and good job 300k subs

  28. Trần Thiên Quốc Nguyên (Michaelverymad)

    1 thing, too OP. Noobs and newbies may ruined its beauty. Just saying

  29. Even though this tank is absolutely fantastic and 4 sure OP as hell, it is
    goin to be UNREACHABLE for average tand above average players…. Only
    Youtubers and SuperUnicum players will have these and i think that WG needs
    more tanks that can be obtained through missions and also reachable also
    for new players. After terrible missions i finally got myself a T-55A and i
    think WG needs more Mission reward tanks even lower tiers. For example: low
    tier heavily armored TD and low tier lightly armored TD for everyone to
    choose which tank they want to get through missions. If there were
    permanently like 15 tanks to choose from everyone will at least think about
    changing their opinion about missions 😀 Great video btw, but im afraid
    that i will never get the T-22

  30. we needed more OP soviet mediums

  31. 300k subs! Go QB!

  32. 300K !!

  33. Rush gaming channel

    its premium this entire video was useless to me

  34. seriously though don’t put it in like this. don’t be gajin and put op
    Russian vehicles in

  35. the low DPM doesnt compensate all the pros because the DPM is just
    theorycall because you dont shoot every time

  36. Haha wargaming good joke

  37. Wargaming should include this tank into WoT Blitz.

  38. how do you can get this tank

  39. It’s like all us IS-8 drivers knew it was just a big medium tank all along.

  40. Why dont they (WG) just design a Russian Medium with 400mm armor all
    around, a 12 shell autoloader with 1000 alpha and 10 sec reload between
    magazines, 150kph speed and 20° gun depression? Would at least be honest…

  41. In the first replay, it’s more like RNGesus allowed that arty shell to hit
    Quickybaby and not kill the E75 in the process.
    Everyone knows even fully aimed arty shells miss their targets. :P

  42. more more more

  43. Why EU server player shooting ap? In US server, it’s just world of gold.

  44. OP russian tanks

  45. IS-type tank in medium tank configuration with wtf speed and hp with wtf
    accurate sniper gun… OMG… and here i thought O-I HT is the most OP tank
    in WOT…

  46. So wargaming,want to add more Brits, maybe buff the M48? No? Ok. Just don’t
    add any more OP Soviet meds. Wait What?

  47. Im looking forward to trying to get this, hopefully it does not get nerfed
    by cry babies who dont know how to kill it…

  48. Wargaming is that T-22 serious?

  49. my mind keeps screaming: “It’s a f***ing mini IS-7!”

  50. a suoer fast tank with the sides of an is-3? Wow that is hard to fight…

  51. a suoer fast tank with the sides of an is-3? Wow that is hard to fight…

  52. 1. t62a /2. obj. 140 /3 obj. 430/ 4. obj. 907/ AND NOW T22SR?? WHAT THE
    HELL WG??

  53. Nice way trying to kill you own game WG with this OP shit. We are getting
    fed up.

  54. Of course it’s overpowered, it’s Russian. Jesus Christ this thing needs
    some sort of nerfbat to counter it. The engine is far too strong for all of
    its upsides like its totally troll armor and gun.

  55. Tanks that have such small cupolas should suffer the penalty of a lower
    viewrange! Like in this case… 385-ish… OH WAIT! It’s russian…

  56. power creep?

  57. gr8 vid and thanks fr tips on creds saving, just stocked up on consume
    balls, who knew ther ws store only been playing year lol

  58. Uh, Wargaming tries something very new and releases another russian op
    tank. Looks like an almost guaranteed win for the team which gets one of
    these in the match making.

  59. I remember this from the live stream!

    Also this tank seems very OP

  60. How do u get this

  61. CheesyKiller Cheese

    quickybaby its more like IS-3 design..

  62. Whenever Quickbaby says “good shot artillery” i cut myself.

  63. Jaylin The LaxBro

    400 meters view range?! That’s not Russian!! What is this?!?!

  64. front point weak spot, reverse side scrape?

  65. QB, aren’t there 6 Soviet tier 10 medium tanks now? You forgot about the
    Object 260. (That one is Soviet, right? If not, this is awkward…)

  66. I want this :O

  67. All most 300,000

  68. 100subs away from 300k! congratz!!

  69. Khang Nguyen Duong Bao

    damn, u mistaked between heavy and medium man

  70. Is3 2.0

  71. this thing is almost as fast as the fucking e25 and has godly armor
    wtf WG?

  72. thejoedude thefirejoe

    so this tank is essentially a upgraded BTSV hull, a upgraded IS3 turret
    with a T62 gun and a T-50-2 movement style…

  73. listen to 22:45 threw 22:48 with your eyesd closed LOL

  74. thejoedude thefirejoe

    well this is shoving wot even further down by adding a tank that is so op
    that even total nubs are going to be able to carry

  75. Typical Wargaming…. Introducing a 5th fucking soviet tier 10 which is
    completely overpowered while not releasing new tanks like the chieftain or
    action X, as well as not buffing tanks that are overshadowed by competitors
    (M48, FV4202). And we can’t forget the needed changes for artillery
    mechanics. WG needs to get their priorities straight

  76. So why play heavies anymore…

  77. Eugenio “Atomic gaming” Dublan

    do you guys think this will be a premium tank or are they going to add a
    new Russian tank Line

  78. Great another overpowered soviet medium tank…just what the game needs! I
    mean forget about adding the M60 to balance out all the good soviet mediums
    already in existance. I mean it’s a good tank and all but thats the whole
    point….theres more than enough good soviet mediums to go around. Thats
    all you see anymore is some soviet medium tank racking up top guns and
    radleys. Love how they try to tell us theres no russian bias. Anyway rant
    over good vid QB and look forwrad to the next one. See u on twitch!

  79. so much goosebumps watching u play.. awesome QB!!!

  80. The tank is fucking ridiculous… And they think they shouldn’t add the
    Chieftan because it is too modern or whatever. But this is just fine, huh?

  81. another good reason not to play WoT anymore. Well done, wargaming. Well

  82. How about a second tier 10 medium for many nations before we introduce the
    5th soviet medium

  83. So we have that IS7 prototype Object 260 was it? Which is one of the best
    Tier X heavy tanks, and now we got another Russian tank, but this time a
    medium which is also going to be one of the best Tier X medium tanks…
    Russian bias much…

  84. pin point accurate russian gun …wtf o.O ………. turret bounces what a
    maus cannot ………… yeah biased russian crap

  85. I don’t see what everyone’s complaining about, clearly what WoT needed was
    another superior Russian tier X medium hovertank :v

    Just ignore the “heavily-armored” Object 430 in the corner, we…we don’t
    like to talk about him.

  86. Looks a bit like the IS-8

  87. “However he aimed it well, without taking out his friend.”*relied on Serb

  88. Once again an OP russian tank is added to wot.seriously wg, fix the tanks
    that have been power creeped and start adding tanks to tech trees that need
    them, like the british, japanese, or chinese, not another russian medium
    tank when WE ALREADY HAVE 3 STANDARD ONES. lol what can you do, except rage
    quit wot or load gold that *might* pen this tank.

  89. Pity the title didn’t include “Reward tank”.

  90. Your angling a tank that you shouldn’t angle in frontal combat surely qb

  91. Worst of Tanks ooooppps I mean world of tanks needs to be fixed

  92. Looks like too OP tank, how can T8 deal with it ? WG is a bullshit

  93. is it a prem tank?

  94. This is my like a very fast heavy tank, it looks over powered in my opinion

  95. so basically if you have 250+ pen you can damage this tank at any angle (if
    you aim properly) at tier 10 thats not a problem coz every one have 250+
    pen and dont forget gold rounds. i like the gun and mobility on this one

  96. This thing is OP as all get out. Glad I won’t be at Tier 10 for a VERY long

  97. Very good tank review

  98. Loled at all the European and western tears about russian bias in the

  99. 5th tier 10 med. WUDA FUCK !?!??!

  100. Is my name too long for you to read because I know it's annoying to you who is reading this comment

    I’m sick of these OP Russian tanks! I mean, there is only one OP tank I
    know, that isn’t Russian, the 2j. And that isn’t even a tank, it’s a
    titanium box with a bloody MG42 sticking out!

  101. Tier 8’s are gonna wet their pants when this thing rolls around.

  102. MBT- Main Bias Tank….. GG

  103. What? HTs like would struggle to pen this MT tank? I think the armor is OP
    for this MT.
    Faster, good gun and good armor; deadly mix.

    I also don’t like the idea of this being a Reward Tank, which means the
    pros will get it but majority of us won’t. Why reward a pro with an OP
    tank? seal club others and make them look silly in their top tiers.
    Pls nerf the side armor.

  104. dont care 🙂 will never mange to do this mission , as not SO MUCH TIME and
    RNG …..

  105. great another SUPER TANK FOR GOLD SPAMMERS just what w o t needs

  106. Hey there. Does this mean that personal missions for T55A/Obj 260 will be
    over, once 10.0 update comes? If that is so, i m screwed, still have a
    little bit to take T55A and I cant even imagine myself doing missions for
    Obj 260. without expanding my arsenal of tanks. :(

  107. Abdur-Rahman Bilal

    fucking great
    another op russian tank
    and QB licks WG’s arse again one of the most op tanks tier for tier in the

  108. Wait, so this thing is faster than an obj 140, more armoured overall than a
    T-62A and with a competitive gun? Smart, WG.

  109. ninjajagyr ninjagyr

    is-7 troll armor+leopard 1 speed=t-22 sr.

  110. Another OP medium, russian bias is alive and well, so nothing unusual….

  111. Christopher Sherlock M.

    WHAT put in new meds for other countries to come on wargaming

  112. Will it be prem? I don’t think so…

  113. Whats the difference between a bounce, ricochet and no damage?

  114. Ok so it is in other words, for all intents and purposes, a Leo 1 with
    armor. Perfectly balanced. Stronk roosian logic.

  115. did he say which tank the t22 builds out of?

  116. T22 tank have so much armor and he is only 36 tons? WTF? German Tiger have
    fu*king same hull armor and he is 57 tons, even if we compare turet armor
    of Tiger and T22 we can see that Tiger have much less armor and i almost
    forgot to say Tiger is a little smaller . WARGAMING GO DRUNK YOU ARE HOME

  117. I don’t see why everybody is arguing about this tank being OP. THIS GAME
    NEEDS OP TANKS. If every tank were balanced, this game would NOT be as fun
    as it is.

  118. Please put it in, cmon please put it in! Yess xD

  119. HuntsWithWolves II

    nerf the speed a little and nerf the accuracy but keep the gun handling and
    i believe that would make this tank balanced, as is it is not

  120. Who wouldn’t know about the frontal weakness? This is exactly why everyone
    tells you not to side scrape in vehicles like the IS-3, IS-8, and IS-7.

  121. Zdzisław Alfabet

    World of Pancakes by jokegaming. Powered by jokemaker and joke numbers
    generator !

  122. Krisjanis Valdmanis

    C’mon, PUT IT IN, PUT IT IN! – YES! Nailed it!

  123. what does that cheeky French M4A1 there?

  124. 22:48 lol “put it in”

  125. Sebastian Burrichter (Sefribu)

    everything working as intended, i guess. it´s a little strange it doesn´t
    shoot lasers or tactical nukes by default. but knowing wargaming, this will
    probably be either patched or available as consumables. and of course this
    tank is easy to defeat: just throw a mouse on it, from the bridge on
    westfield. if rngeesus is with u, that MIGHT kill it. srsly…. this is the
    old t-59 grown up a few tiers. just ridiculous.

  126. How u get it again?

  127. Did WG’s balance department get fired? None of the tanks released recently
    seem to be balanced in any way.

    What about the Chieftain and Centurion Action X…

  129. Yeah this was soviets e50m

  130. Please don’t change the Obj. 260 missions!
    *panics* so fucking close to the Obj. 260!

  131. did whe really need another OP russian tier 10 medium?

  132. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    26:50 shows how much this game is Russian biased, in reality Soviet tanks
    were not that good!

  133. Dat 7:10 cut had me like WTF for a sec. LOL

  134. obviously rampge is not popular among the players so wg is stimulating
    players to play more rampage mode by giveing them the best medium tank in
    the game…. tank is amazing

  135. Obj140: decent armour, decent speed, awesome gun handling.
    T62A: mediocre armour, decent speed, awesome gun and tank handling.
    Obj 430: excellent armour, decent speed, bad gun handling.
    T22: AMAZING armour, AMAZING speed, AMAZING gun handling.
    The balance is strong.

  136. Happy B-day ! Keep on the good work :)

    this is why i stopped playing the game all they care about is Russian tanks
    even in world of warships they are putting the Russian tree in first before
    anything else its war gaming that’s all i need say

  138. this tank scares me….

  139. I guess this is going to be really really hard to get since it is this
    good. Just like obj 260 which is better than is7 but very rare. It’s armor
    works like armour of the is3 befor the HD model but with better side
    armour. If you were able to kill is3 in your tier 8 meds befor 9.10, you
    will be able to kill this. Gun has not so good alpha and dpm. I just hope
    that no one will be able to buy it with gold/cash. It has to be really
    good, otherevise no one would grind it (it’s probably going to be some
    marathon like it was for the wz 11111111111, just in that deathmatch mode
    with no way to buy those tokens for separate nations)

  140. Hey QB you say here that it is ‘ONE of the best 10th level’mediums.’ How is
    it NOT the clear best Md of all if not the best tank in the game. Who can
    compete in your opinion?

  141. Васил Димитров

    How I get to the account? Pls tell me if i can get one :D

  142. What’s the M4AI French tank it looks like a Sherman but french

  143. I have a feeling this tank is going to be exceptional at reverse

  144. wow… that thing needs to get nerfed. f### rusian bias.

  145. Let me guess, another completely and utterly broken russian medium, as if
    there wasn´t enough of those already…”no ruski tank bias at all, stronk
    histy facts yaya” my ass…

  146. THIS NEW TANK is so OP! look at the start of the game ow fast it is
    compared to the leopard 1 (t10) that has paper armor to be that fast, in
    the other hand this Russian tank made of Stalium will have a lot of armor
    and speed at the same time.

  147. Hey QuickyBaby can you do a review of the M48A1 Patton since i see this
    tank struggle a lot and cant really see its strength

  148. This thing scares me.

  149. “Put it in! Put it in! Yes, we nailed him!” -QB 2015

  150. 18% DPM difference is like nothing.

  151. Whats the news with the Chieftain Mk.6?

  152. CaptaineRex 74 (Captaine Rex 74)

    Premium Tank Quicky ?

  153. Dimitris Xouiazis

    this tank has an is-3 turret but with better armor and it has a very weird
    hull armor but it can move very fast and with this good gun can do a lot of
    work but it has a bad thimg slow relad for 100mm gun

  154. *While WOWS gets better and better and is approaching genius WG seem to
    have decided to just sabotage WOT out of pique and frustration (see also
    Jap giant BS tanks too!) with tanks that wreck years of balancing and thus
    all the other tanks from the past.
    Why do they do this and the really stupid new battle formats that are like
    the Christmas stupid joke games I cannot imagine. (No teams, multi spawns
    etc). Well as long as they don’t F’k with WOWS I am happy. I just gave up
    on WOT. Byeeeee!*

  155. that E75 driver /facepalm

  156. appearance one more badass tnak

  157. I’d be terrified to come across this thing in my T32…

  158. Yourneighbor Johnhinkins

    I’m so tired of all the soviet tier 10 mediums… they’re boring op tanks
    that are so fucking annoying.

  159. More mobile than a Leopard, more armor than an IS-4, and basically the
    same, arguably OP gun all the soviet tier 10 mediums get. Nice one. But we
    can’t have the Chieftain, that might be unbalanced. Thank god there’s
    finally a competitor on the market.

    EDIT: Oh, and also the gun handling of a Patton. Balancing is hard, am I

  160. Too much Russian vodka on this tank.

  161. Does anyone else play Anal Warfare? ooops my bad I mean Armored Warfare.

  162. So where in the techtree will this one be set?

  163. Alastair Ostrowski

    Is it similar to the T-55A

  164. I’d love to play see this tank in the game. I’m so sick of seeing these
    ugly, boring 0bj. 140s wolfpacking around. The T-22 looks more dynamic and
    fun to play and more interesting to fight.

  165. that centurion saved your life dude! at least say thanks!

  166. This tank is unbelievably broken. Good thing I won’t be around to get
    pummeled by it once armored warfare enters open beta this Thursday. WG has
    officially destroyed their best title with yet another OP Russian tank
    added in for no reason.

  167. where is it in the tech tree? Is it going after the T-54 or the Obj.430 II?

  168. Another ridiculously powerful Russian medium tank, however it looks sexy

  169. Ronaldo de Assis Moreira

    what tier 9 comes before this t22 medium? please answer

  170. This tank can’t make it into the game as is it’s just way OP.

  171. How the fuck is this tank supposed to work irl? No space for a driver,
    transmission and no engine with that HP could fit in there, the sispension
    would take serious damage with every bump in the ground and the tracks
    wozld eventually fall off… The turret itself would be way too heavy for
    the suspension… Another typical Wargaming bias tank

  172. I enjoy watching your videos at 0.5 speed ._.
    You don’t do drunk streams so i have to improvise…or something like that

  173. Butter butter butter always butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! QB Stop with the

  174. I hate the powercreep in this game.

  175. xX_Destructo_Xx IsHere

    Stock ammo on this tank is APCR or what?

  176. 188 from 300k subs

  177. another op tank… notnig for avarege player… this is all for profesional

  178. So this tank has better armor and better dpm then the E-50m? What advantage
    does the E-50m have other than better accuracy?

  179. i have a challnege for you
    get over 2000 damage in the comet with the derp gun

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  181. Lee Halverston Hayes

    can u do a tank review on the Ferdinand plz

  182. Abbadon Despoiler

    I think it’s “OP” only because QB is playing it…

  183. This thing would be a monster at reverse sidescraping

  184. This is stupid, angling like that gets so much armor on the side? WTF!?

  185. What do I think about this vehicle asks quickybaby.
    One word sais envi:

  186. Looking at the state block for all those Soviet mediums makes me and my M48
    very sad. Except for gun depression, it’s worse than the worst of the 5 in
    ever category.

  187. Happy birthday quickybabay

  188. Vector Signorelli

    leopard1 and e50m and fv4202 are better

  189. Happy bday quicky!!!

  190. Thank god I have quit this game months ago. Its only going downhill with
    this powercreep

  191. i saw this game on your livestream :)

  192. so the hull is I.E.D. resistant?

  193. Bam this what i want from a med tank to be fast and to block dmg from big
    guns :D

  194. 10,000 Subscribers And No Videos!?

    Thats gonna be a hard tank to play, its going to be a gold sponge….

  195. like we need another op tier 10 russian tank, ISN’T THE IS-7 ENOUGH?!

  196. not sure if WoT might add in another version of the T-22 sr. , the Object
    279 HT.
    As the HT made it’s appearance in Metal Gear Solid 3 in Groznyj Grad,a
    research base.

  197. “Come on,come on! Put it in! YES!” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  198. with the AW aroudn the corner ..there is no reason to play WoT especially
    with what is Wargaming doing to the game.

  199. ColonelEviscerator

    Is this what power creep looks like?

  200. him playing that account is such a troll, anyone useing stats to judge
    skill will be screwed by it lol

  201. Quinton Dombrowski

    If it wasn’t Soviet, I would call this OP.
    If it wasn’t premium I would expect nerfs.
    “…a notch above the other T10 Soviet mediums.” Good, because those were
    not good at all.

    Well congratz, WarGaming, in your money-grubbing binge of new Premium tanks
    you managed to confirm everyone’s suspicions of Soviet bias and Pay-to-Win
    tactics. WP. GG.

  202. Luka Žnidaršič

    That gun on the T49 was actually a 90mm HE shell…just saying, ’twas the
    stock gun :D

  203. wargaming should just re-release the type 59 while they are at it. it would
    be more balanced. they truly are not even trying anymore.

  204. does anyone know the requirements to get this tank?

  205. hopefully that tank is really hard to get..

  206. Holy shit Stalin you did a good job!

  207. Oh another fucking soviet medium yah lets have 3-5 more

  208. hahha its very clear what WG is trying to say with this all SOVIET MEDS..

  209. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    So here we have this, e50m having 1200 fucking hp engine, and weights some
    66 tons…
    this fucking piece of shit has 700 hp engine and a 40 ish tons…
    But lets fuck E-50Ms terrain stats, lets put them 2x worse than russian
    Wg, you can go fuck urself…FUck other tanks, fuck 4202, patton,
    especially patton, lets just have 3-4 more t10 russian mediums, with even
    better stats, lets make jpze100 shells bounce the turret side, lets do
    this, lets give a tank 1800 hp engine ,weighting some 50ish tons, give it
    better terrain stats than 140 and 62a , give it and is4-is7 turret with
    best stats of all, give it 12 degrees of gun depression, and just for
    ballance sake, dont make the side 90, make it 80, but as a counter to that,
    give it even more sloping on the side and give it 30mm of spaced armor x2
    full side even on tracks…and cuz of that, give it max speed of 120kmh,
    and so it doesnt be so op, give it 60 mm back armor…and dpm of
    tortoise….yes, that would be it…

    I deleted this fucking game 2 weeks ago, 2k avg wn8 and 1600 current wn8
    with some 53 % win rate… but this was just too much…is3/is7 buffs, fuck
    tiger 2 , fuck other tanks, lets just buff the russian ones that were
    already op as SHIT, the only ones that are being used in clan wars,
    strongholds and so on…
    Now im glad that i deleted this bullshit game…

    Thou, i occassionally dream of playing wot, so yeah 😀 after 18k games
    played it can happen i guess…just my 2 cents.. :)

  210. quickybaby from your replays i want to play world of tanks but if i play
    world of tanks i always think : what is this a shitty game

  211. hey QB…you forgot the AMX 30B in the last statistic, which was about
    DPM…but it doesn’t really matter :D…I really like you anyway :D

  212. Would you prefer the t62-a or the object 140 ? I’m talking to everyone

  213. 22:46 thats what she said…

  214. BlackPanther012LP

    Of course the Russians get a nother “OP” Med Tank :DD Because why the fuck
    just not!

  215. I now wonder what M48A1 Patton has over this pretty much Main Battle Tank
    other than some more degrees of gun depression.

    Looks like tier 11 tanks game after all. GJ WG.

  216. quickybaby have u tried reverse side scraping?

  217. Wellp there’s another reason for everyone to go and play AW in like a week
    when it comes out…. I mean it’s not my fault that WG is making WoT
    crappier than AW so I might as well direct people to a superior game…

  218. Hey Quicky, will you make a video once this tank is available on how you
    are supposed to get it? I don’t play the game much anymore thanks to
    college but I’d love to unlock it when it comes out.

  219. Is the test server up or im missing something ?

  220. In the beginning u sounded like a golf commentator

  221. i think if they make it difficult to get1 then it will be ballenced.

  222. Yeah Wargaming, keep disproving that Russian bias…

  223. So basically no major weaknesses of this tank. The DPM might be less then
    the other Soviet mediums, but it is still awesome. It has tons of armor. It
    has awesome engine power. It can turn well. The gun is accurate. It
    penetrates well. It can shot on the move, moving the turret, and takes
    almost no time to aim. It has light tank view range as well. I expect such
    a high tier tank to be powerful, but damn.

  224. Well, this totally doesn’t look disgustingly op.

  225. If I’m completely honest, it looks annoyingly OP… which, interestingly
    enough, is not super surprising for WG when making a Russian medium.

    Either way, I can only hope they see some sense and start nerfing at least
    something here.

  226. Why so many Russian mediums !!!!!!!!??

  227. If this goes into the game in this OP state… the following medium tanks
    will be outclassed in almost everyway: all of them

  228. Just as expected from WG. They’re losing their playerbase to Armored
    Warfare, so they release an OP tier 10 RUSSIAN tank to hold the cashwhales.

  229. yes that’s what we need another tier 10 soviet medium which also seems to
    be retardedly unbalanced if its gona be the way it is im might sell the 140
    and get this

  230. Not a bad decision at all by the arty at the end of the first replay.
    1. He kills both of you, and they win
    2. He kills you and they win
    3. He kills only the E75, which you would have done 3s later anyway.

  231. longer,faster,better version of an is3

  232. so from which tier 9 are we gonna get this tank?

  233. It’s an IS-7 lightweight

  234. new fantasy soviet absorb tank..

  235. Looks fair and balanced and russian.

  236. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    dont say its op, I want it like this :3

  237. WG Your drunk, go home!

  238. 22:45 that what she said.

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  240. Tomislav Lovricic

    Another OP rusian tank. -.-

  241. That thing is a monster o_O Gold sponge inc!

  242. With my low skills I can make this OP tank look like a pile of crap in a
    very short while …

  243. Man this thing is going to make so many people BM and rage over it.

  244. a medium tank thats the same size of an E75 just a little lower
    profile….. and super angled armor everywhere.

  245. docterdoodlegames

    they made a new type 59, but now on tier 10 with even more acurracy, better
    dpm, more armor and even more mobile.

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  247. Iam excited for your 300K subs!!!!! :-)

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  249. fuck the incinerator mission. I just want my t55A :(

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    medium accuracy. Sure wargaming.

  251. This tank looks veeery lovely. I’m sure they will nerf it afap. If not,
    another selfown for WG…

  252. the tip of the V ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  253. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    22:44 “Come on, put it in, put it in!”

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  255. Heey here in my backyard uhh.. You guys always ask me for a tour

  256. still needs side armour buff

  257. It really looks like a heavy!

  258. nice vid 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-)

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  260. The next Tank i cant get..

    LESSIE I NEED YOU!! 😀 :(

  261. That hull shape is crazy, shame about the dpm, though!

  262. TheMightyJingle s

    OP russian tanks? No, of course not

  263. is this test server?

  264. Come on WG, at least remove the log at the back. That’s just too OP !

  265. “heavy tanks”

  266. Another cheated tank tyvm WG

  267. Astefanoaie Alexandru

    Tier 10 Medium* tanks :)

  268. Looks like a modified lS-3 bcs of the turret etc

  269. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Russia isn’t OP enough? Release another high tier Russian medium!

  270. ThePeople'sPanzer

    this video makes me physically sick, realising that Wargaming has
    completely lost all idea of balance. It is beyond OP. 250mm side armour
    even when drastically over-angled. Impenetrable turret at all ranges.
    .mobility on par with even the Leopard 1 unless they drive perfectly
    straight on hard terrain. Gun handling better than all other Russian
    mediums. If this thing fired one shot a minute it would still be
    competitive. What the fuck were WG thinking allowing such imbalance?

  271. Finn Alting Siberg

    Im going to poop if i’m back I want 1000 likes

  272. Canadiangaming 101

    will it be a clan wars tank or something like that?

  273. Canadiangaming 101

    Almost 300000 subs QB nice

  274. Thank you qb. Really needed this video to spruce up my day.

  275. this tank looks as rotten op.

  276. WTF ?! this is a med or a heavy ???

  277. My second favorite tank i see xD I don’t see it very OP but it is very good
    indeed. I just hope they give the mission fair. Not overly fucked up
    mission. I’m very curios on what mission they are gonna put and certainly
    I’m very exited for the update indeed.

  278. Will it be acquirable like the wz-111 or did i misunderstand?

  279. Just what the game needs – another russian tank…. :(

  280. Nice…..
    BTW happy birthday ?

  281. I dont get WG in stead of buffing bad tanks or rebalancing OP ones they
    just put in more OP russian junk, did they realy think that is 3 and is 7
    was weary week tanks, why dont buff black prince or 113.

  282. i feel like the t62as hull armour is left out:( so sad

  283. happy birthday qb !!!

  284. Finn Alting Siberg

    I saw this live… Lol

  285. I hope it’s a mission reward. I’d rather have this than the tier X Ruskie
    heavy tank.

  286. because we need ANOTHER T10 soviet MED

  287. Nice tank but I like stb-1 better

  288. Hats off to WG for giving everyone a chance to get it. This actually makes
    up some of the ridiculus package “offers” they have done lately.

  289. WG, put away the crackpipe and go to sleep, if this tank goes into the game
    like this, it will be sooo OP, yes, you can argue that the DPM is shit, but
    DPM is just theorie, u can never continuously fire the gun and take real
    advantage of the DPM. This tank has the speed of a medium, the armour of a
    very very well armoured heavy and a laser cannon for a gun. Gj ballancing.

  290. This med-tanks getting better and better armor. There is almost no reason
    to play heavy tanks

  291. Got to love how good Russian tanks are

  292. 10 million likes 4 uploading this before the frenchie :)

  293. QB, could you please add the enemies spotted/dead (light bulbs and skulls)
    to your modpack?

  294. 5th tier10 russian med? russian bias..?

  295. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    dat e75/deathstar brawl <3

  296. Seems like this tank is better at sidescraping than some top tier heavy

  297. You forgot to add AMX-30B to the dpm list

  298. How do you obtain the tank? Thanks :D

  299. OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.TheElongationOfThatUsernameWasPlainlyLegendary

    “I am not even worried about him penetrating me in this location”
    QB 2015

  300. Great vid as always.
    AMX 30 B misses in the chart.

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    if they do like clan wars and this tank is your like wut why u do that? no
    they have to make a puschebul :DDD tank

  303. So its basically an is8 ( t10m ) version 2

  304. Happy birthday for yesterday hope you had a gd one.
    Love the content, learning a lot from it as a relativity new player with
    4.5k of games under my belt.
    Keep it up.

  305. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    low dpm isnt a balancing factor

  306. This tank looks like a sidescraping beast!

  307. Nice Video and Happy Birthday….:-)

  308. congrats on 300k-ish subs :)

  309. so there will be personal missions for this… are they going to replace
    the current ones, or will we be able to do both? because i really want the
    obj. 260 but i dont even have the T-55A yet…

  310. Another OP russian shit…

  311. lets make a Leopard but like with armor and of course russian!

  312. the live version was funnier :D

  313. Poor AMX 30B crying outside your tier 10 medium DPM compare chart, but
    anyway I love this video

  314. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    why should the russians get a 5th medium….
    that has good armor good gun good mobility….armor in places that

  315. did we seriously need another russian T10 med? ffs…

  316. The arty did not aim it well….. He just pointed and clicked, not caring
    about anything but damage as he can easily get without much skill.

  317. will it be in the game or it only from clan wars :(

  318. ”We have to protect our artillery”…..sure m8, just like they ‘protect’

  319. Its soo beautiful 0.0

  320. Kostas Jakubauskas

    put it in put it in

  321. Is this tank any good at reverse sidescraping?

  322. New Russian= New OP balance breaker

  323. why r u guys competing to be the first to comment this video instead of
    leave a proper comment?
    well, i don’t know why we need another russian medium tank…wg must be
    really proud of their tanks. useless entry in my pov.

  324. iJinks -Clash of Clans

    looks like an IS-7 and T-62A had a baby

  325. perfectly fair and balanced as usual.

  326. Yes, because we need more Russian bias med tanks, as there is a lack of
    them -.- GG wg, GG, which is why I don’t play your shit any more.

  327. I want to see the IS-3 Autoloader x)


    You could get the 907 from 3rd CW campaign.. not first

  329. 3:07 am here :)

  330. already wow

  331. LOL im following 3 wot youtubers and im seeing all new ta ks 3 times XD

  332. was expecting the M4A1 before this russian tanks :-(

  333. Great video quickybaby!

  334. this video has been uploaded16min ago

  335. The G-String armor tank lol..

  336. So basically it’s op in every way… heavy tank armor, light tank speed and
    a t10 medium tank gun. GG wargaming :D

  337. The gun on this is a 100 right? Don’t think qb showed it

  338. Yet another OP Russian tank!

  339. Would you recommend reverse side scraping in this like the IS-3?

  340. Another russian? :/ Glad AW is here 😛 (for early open beta allah)

  341. I watched the live :P

  342. Is that suppose to be a heavy tank? It kinda as big as is 8 i think

  343. Ohh look its a new OP russian tank

  344. Stephen Plays Games

    good job QB hi! Keep up the good work on these pre-views! =D

  345. Just had an intense game in the Jagdpanther IV came top in a mainly T8
    match up hahaha ( 360 ) … Playing like jingles and quicky really change
    the game for me …

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  347. With all these new tanks, I still wont come back and play wot

  348. uhhoo!! that is awesome that. Im MT so i dont have problem control it.


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  351. So, a New OP Russian Bias tank….


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  354. why cant you just review the french premium tank i have been waiting soo

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  357. 13th to comment! Now I’m going to see the actual video. :)

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  359. Heh 107th

  360. Ily

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