World of Tanks || T-28E F-30 – 14 KILLS…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-28E F-30. Today SovietPanda91 is going to have the game of his life in the T4 Soviet premium the T-28E F-30 contesting 14 !

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Cruiser IV 4:53 , he is a 2nd coming of tank god, maybe some kind of Serb
    in a future life reborn in the world of tanks !? What does that mean xD ?

  2. im honestly not a fan of this tank, it doesent have good armor

  3. raseiniai in my country lithuania :)

  4. It’s a good change, not to spoil the results anymore.
    If you want to play a low tier tank that is riddiculous, but not over
    powered(really!), try the cruiser II. It’s howitzer sends tier 5s packing,
    and tier 3s scare it to death because they are too small to hit ;))

  5. I think this tank is good..

  6. Awesome replay, you should make more reviews :D

  7. i just start the game in safe mode then buy a tank.. log out then activate
    the moded

  8. only 2 problems on this tank that i find,1…the team 2…Match making

  9. How did u know the marder 2’s health using xvm???

  10. Vlad Ştefan Popa

    Play Armored Warfare ffs, it is much better than WoT

  11. “The first miss for SovietPanda” When he had already missed some of his
    other shots…hokey dokey

  12. sad. he didn’t do anything that required skills. just shot noobs all battle
    long and got 14 kills. boring

  13. Ah yes, the T-28 that *used to be a free tank* in-game before they removed
    it’stop gun, then made it a premium and charged money for it.
    The normal T-28, even with the 85mm gun, was never overpowered, not even
    close. It was however a really good credit earner and worked well in
    general, just like the Pz4 with the L/70.
    Then WG found out that you didn’t need a premium account if you played
    either of these tanks a lot as they earned enough credits by themselves
    which led to them being replaced by an inferior version.
    Then WG had the *brass balls* to release both of these tanks a premium
    version to get a bit more money out of it.

    Used to be two of my favourite tanks in the early days during closed beta.

  14. 6:34 Gives it away lol

  15. Soo you said something disappointing will happen in end . I see nothing …

  16. that redness, it hurts my eyes :D

  17. Please make this top comment !!!! – Quickybaby please tell Wargaming to
    bring back the Aufklärungspanzer Panther PLEASE !!!!!
    It’s my favorite tank , just imagine QB if they removed your favorite tank
    from game the Comet and how would you feel, soo please bring the scout
    panther back !

  18. AMX 40 channel already showed this replay some time again what a shame

  19. I like it more when you don’t spoil the main plot in the video title

  20. Haha. “Not only do you have to have the game of your life…but everyone
    else on your team has to completely suck.”

  21. This reminds me about that time when the is3 faced off the arty, a soviet
    tank going up against a weakly armored German tank with a powerful gun.

  22. Maybe dont tell the end results of the video in the title. So it will
    always be a suprise. For example: T-28E F-30 10+ kills

  23. ahh so thats what caused it ? ohwell ive gone off the game anyways

  24. Daniel Zwierzynski

    I got 5 times 9 kills and thats all. About game on tier 4 I love to play my
    T40 with howitzer, it’s Pure fun. From one side you can it call
    sealclubbing (not so much as tier 2 imo) but from other one.. I will say
    tier 4 tanks have the worster mm as tier 5 are very dangerous and tier 6
    are so much stronger. Lets only say Kw, Kw-2, both O-Ni’s, TD’s and we’re
    often 1 shot kill for higher tiers. It’s dont look so bad if u playing tier
    5 above

  25. I have not been Epic.

  26. world of uselles must kill em all allone

  27. how the hell didnt he get a Tank Ace medal?

  28. nice gameplay

  29. Stefan Milinkovic

    06:09 that wasnt his first miss…..

  30. Hi QB , I think you should play more “little” tanks so you can club the
    seal clubbers 😉 and help the new players learn the game .

  31. to get a radley, you need terrible enemies. to get a pool, you need
    terrible teammates as well.

  32. the thumbnail tripped the hell out of me, thought it was some tier 8
    premium tank, or a mixture of an O-Ho or O Ni

  33. Top Tier premium with an tier V gun shooting up tomato’s *slow clap* i am
    out of here.

  34. Chris Hayton (HowlsatWind)

    Wow thanks for that g2a games link. Got the Warhammer Dawn of War Franchise
    set (£99 on Steam) for less than £6!

  35. i have this tank and my record kill total is 8 and i have earned about 6
    top guns

  36. CrazyRedstoneCreeper 66

    Quicky baby u need to do Xbox gameplay

  37. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Never post a heartbreak video ever again.

  38. Did this guy use a consumable called ‘repulsive magnet’ or something

  39. I like what Jingles does with his videos: he just gives them a catchy
    title, that way there are no spoilers. Maybe you could try the name of the
    tank and something similar, since it was still clear how this was going to
    play out based on the title.

    Great commentary as always QB, and thanks for the content!

  40. +QuickyBaby

    It’s nice when you keep the outcome of matches as a secret in your titles.

  41. Quinton Dombrowski

    So, give WG money, and they give you a low tier seal clubbing machine…
    And people wonder why low tier gameplay isn’t fun.

  42. I call it tier two hate it!!

  43. Great one quickybaby, favourite youtuber <3

  44. APCR? Wtf…

  45. QuickyBaby, it seems like you have had the same beginning scene or intro,
    whatever you want to call it, and I think it would be a welcome change to
    see some new stuff with that portion of your videos. I like your current
    intro, but it would be nice to see what you would do as your channel has
    grown quite a bit since you made the current one. Thanks!

  46. In soviet union, panda endanger you!

  47. wait, did you say this is now free?

  48. I think its wonderful that you dont tell us its a heart break. Makes the
    video so much more intense.

  49. TheRancidMarshmallow

    I really like the fact that sometimes you have misleading titles. it made
    the end of this replay much more tense while he was waiting behind the
    rock, as I knew I might actually be a heartbreak. as long as you change the
    title to be truthful after a couple days, so when I actually want to search
    for “WoT 14 kill game” I don’t get a video that’s actually a 13 kill

  50. TheRancidMarshmallow

    “the one that everybody wants”
    no, not really. I don’t want one. I already have one.
    ok, so it was while seal clubbing in my Matilda, and 2 out of the remaining
    5 enemies couldn’t pen me, but hey. you take what you can get.

  51. Hey QuickyBaby why don’t Peppy have her own channel???

  52. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Cruiser was a smurf? More like re-roll…

  53. kratos killsyou69er

    Quicky babys savage af

  54. i like it when it says heartbreak as it categorises it…even though the
    excitement is nice… in a lot of the video’s it is still obvious that it
    is a heart break/going to be one.

  55. Lol I thought this was one of your older videos show casing the t-28e f-30
    back when it came out on the gift store.

  56. How was this NOT an Ace Tanker?!

  57. how do you display the hit points left via xvm? it looks like it is s
    keystroke, not sure though.

  58. Help me out people which is best T8 money maker

  59. “Your team must really suck”. Love that statement hahaha.

  60. It would be a great game if he didn´t use autoaim bot all the time…

  61. Congratz SovietPanda

  62. I was hoping that marder would shit on that seal clubbing shitter

  63. RIP Cyoun56 5:17

  64. i can’t even get this much damage in my stock T54E1……

  65. My jaw suddenly dropped when SovietPanda missed that shot at the Marder.

  66. where does xvm show the remaining hit points??

  67. yes, please dont tell us who wins, but give it a label of heartbreak or
    victory or something. this way we can keep guessing the outcome

  68. Wait, why didn’t the marder keep moving forward? He stopped and choked in
    the end and move back…puby mistake…

  69. Hi QuickyBaby, pretty sure I found an aimbot used on your replay site. Look
    for an Spähpanzer Ru 251 replay called ‘RU251 OP?’ (quite ironic really) by
    adad09 @ 9.14 patch

  70. I just call it the T-28 85.

  71. the grant is better than the Lee imo

  72. i like the ominous titles

  73. Thomas Smith-Keary

    You killed the suspense with the title QB. =(

  74. I think you might be a bit harsh on people who appear to be smurf/reroll
    accounts, QB. While I am sure it is an accurate label, most of the time, it
    isn’t all of the time. I had watched yours and Jingles’ videos about WoT
    for about 2 months prior to actually creating my account. It was because of
    videos of you two, that I even knew about WoT, but it also gave me an
    incredible understanding of the game before I started. I had over a 68% win
    rate over my first 1k games and still better than 65% for my first 3k
    games. After watching your videos, I made it a priority to educate myself
    on how best to use the tanks I had and how to best take down tanks I would
    likely encounter. I understood things like bush/spotting mechanics and
    angling/side scrapping well before my first game, thanks to you and
    Jingles. I just think sometimes, maybe you are too quick to judge a high
    percentage player with few games played.

  75. low tiers are so much unbalanced

  76. Can you do a review of the tier 7 German Panther? Thanks man!

  77. Please QB, stop. Just say: (name of tank) – (epic game, great game, etc.)
    Everyone knows the outcome before even clicking the video.

  78. the second you say “contesting” you give it away as a loss @quickybaby

  79. Seal Clubbing Art its finest ??

  80. pedobear detected…

  81. The Grant Is Ugly :P

  82. 5:07 Some kind of Serb :D

  83. Seal clubbing, yawn.

  84. *You really should have had Frank Klepacki’s Hell March playing near the
    end :P*

  85. I like it

  86. I used to be in that clan DOG5: The Grumpy Old Dogs.

  87. can som1 give me tips to destroy higher tier tanks i never seem to hit when
    they are like 2 tiers higher?

  88. I did quite a lot of damage with the T-28 F30 but its very hard to make the
    kills, as you usually leave the enemy tanks you hit with a fraction of
    their health, making them easy kills for everyone else.
    The T28 with F30 is my favourite tier 4 tank. Not only is it super good at
    tier 4, it also stands a chance in tier 5 and 6 games because of its gun!
    Those OI hordes will wreck the poor t28 but its gun can penetrate most
    (except for tier 6 OI) heavy tanks from the front. You hardly ever have to
    use gold, so the profit you make is quite significant. Also: Tier 4 and 5
    games do not take as long as your typical tier 8 game, so you will probably
    get 3 games done in this tank, while you play 2 games in a tier 8 premium
    for example. The money per minute might actually be just as good in this
    thing, as it is with tier 8 premium tanks.

  89. worst at titles -_- wait to find out title already tells us all we need to

    __-__ please make it a bit more mysterious so we dont know what to expect

  90. world record.. 14 kills? godamn!! if you wanna break it you have to kill
    the whole dam team which is impossible

  91. I prefer the surprise personally

  92. better QB if you dont put heartbreak cuz i/we wanna get surprised at the

  93. Will you be at tank fest this year

  94. I don’t need to know the outcome of a game before hand ,it’s fun to have
    disappointing endings. Why don’t people like a little change up once in a
    while. We all know heartbreak in wot. Why not see others have it too lol

  95. Please continue not to tell wether its a heartbreak or not. makes it way
    more exciting. you may even decieve us with the title of the video. seems
    legit! :D

  96. I was watching the mighty jingles xcom 2 video and I didn’t realise that
    the character that he called quickybaby was referring to you.

  97. I did 2000 dmg in my Manilla with 9kills it’s on your replay site

  98. Quickbaby, Just put the damage in the title because in the last part where
    you say “he has 13 kills will he get him” of course he will the title says
    14 kills. ONLY DAMAGE IN TITLE PLZ!!

  99. that tank has boobs

  100. I remember when QB used to reward 2,500g to people who have these amazing
    replays. What made him to stop? Just curious if anything.

  101. Anonymously Anonymous

    Yes, I like it that you don’t tell us, makes it exciting

  102. Skandranon Banefire

    Coming soon to a theater near you: Marder 2: This time it’s personal.

  103. Eez perfekt balance, comrade.

  104. Anonymously Anonymous

    Are you sponsored by razor?

  105. Haha

  106. nice i can do that

  107. nice i can do that

  108. Wow! Another display of disgusting sealclubbing brought you by the broken
    WoT MM. You know I don’t have any issues with WoT players being good. The
    issues I have is how these good players are placed in a matches that
    consist usually of newish and average players. That makes it utterly
    uneven. To make things even worse there are some super powerful premium
    tanks, like this one here that just destroys any sense of fair play. It
    sure seems that this tank is seriously OP for it’s tier. While other tanks
    like the Pz B 2 have great armor, but it has a piss poor gun. Really a tier
    2 gun on tier 4 tank? It must be that so called “balancing” that WG thinks
    it’s necessary , no, mandatory to add some kind of nerf too. If so what is
    the nerf of this T-28? They took the gun away because it was unfair? Look
    this video, the gun is killing players with 1 or 2 shots! The speed is
    slow? Really? Drive a Matilda, At 2, Chruchill or Tiger P. These are slow
    tanks. And then there are those tanks that NEED to be nerfed like hardcore!
    That’s right I am looking at you Cromwells! 4 shots with a 88 to your
    engine and you lose half your life, yet you can pop me in 2? Seems VERY
    VERY messed up!

  109. I honestly thought this was a Japanese heavy tank

  110. Great display, although the tension-build was a little spoiled by the title

  111. Get outta here with that seal clubbing shit Quicky, at tier 4 half the
    players dont even understand how the mechanics work.

  112. When are Japanese heavy tanks coming out on Xbox One?

  113. Thehellestdk Highborn

    i dont like hearthbreak spoilers

  114. Am I going crazy? I could have sworn QB posted this game already.

  115. T28 F50 did you say at the end?

  116. Denzell Rodriguez

    If I hadn’t have had any trouble with the mod pack should I change it at

  117. Denzell Rodriguez

    Yea man no spoliers is great.

  118. two amx 40 vs. another amx ,so interesting that he should just let them

  119. This tank is not available in NA ?

  120. I like the star on top of the turret

  121. Zak Stratford-Smith

    I would have turned around when my sixth sense turned off in the final
    battle and then gone and flanked

  122. I like it when you dont tell us QB

  123. Clive “Marksman” derp

    QB!! please do BT-7 review or atleast put a replay!? :)

  124. G’Day QB, Thanks for this – liked this video. Regarding the heartbreak
    series, I liked the early ones, but I feel that there was too many of them
    lately – and so I was glad that this battle ended with a victory.
    Later, Matt

  125. It was at this moment the Marder knew, he fucked up.

  126. wut. WUT. I one shot that thing daily :o

  127. That was a kill off of my clan-mates. (I rarely play World of Tanks
    anymore, but still…)

  128. Because aiming is not needed for balance russian tenks

  129. I only bought one of these things today, but holy crap its disgustingly
    good..Already aced it with a 1.8k dmg defeat in a tier 6 game :P

  130. LichKing300ification


  131. I’m still chasing the Radley Walter’s Medal – the maximum I’ve destroyed is

  132. i had 3400 dmg in the amx 40 4 months ago :3

  133. What is a smurf in WOT?

  134. Sitruc SaintsKing

    i like it when you suprize us

  135. HAHA, “the one no one gets” :)

  136. You actually get tier 4 games in the Luchs a lot it’s not unusual

  137. Oh dear more seal clubbing, I can’t watch too graphic

  138. 4:30 “Is he able to secure the other 6 ?”, let me quick read the title

  139. QuickyBaby its Not 50mm of armor its 80mm of armor it has 30mm standard
    with a 50mm plant welded on

  140. +QuickyBaby what are you talking on 5:05 : he is the second coming of the
    tank god, maybe some kind of Serb in a future life reborn into world of
    tanks?? wtf :O

  141. very funny ^^ you will have to find out…

  142. I prefer to have a surprise ;p

  143. Too many idiots in the comment section, QB used that title to create
    suspense. The title could have meant T28E gets 13 kills while his teammate
    got 1 kill.

  144. nuclearsharkattack

    14 kills could have = last enemy tank alive could have killed him, so it’s
    not entirely troll title. That said, I do prefer not seeing the
    “heartbreak” in the title. The “keep ’em guessing till the end” makes the
    video more intense. ;-)

  145. Blue Rules Minecraft

    Convenient music at the end adds a lucky sense of epic

  146. Maarten severijns

    I would like to see the Q&A

  147. They nerfed the VR of the Marder II. It’s now 310m, as part of their nerf
    of low-tier TDs and their Tier 10 view ranges.

  148. play a higher tier tank you filthy seal clubber

  149. Dick butt Nick butt


  150. can you do a review on skoda t 40 tier 6 premium?

  151. What a hairstyle?! What epic battle?! :3 Nice video QB ;)

  152. What makes this tank so hard to get that many kills, is that it is so slow
    and cumbersome. It cant ‘chase’ anything………..

  153. 6:25 hahahahah hes talking about me

    and btw i liked the new name ” the one that nobody gets ” the most
    appropriate name for such medal

  154. I don’t like the spoilers. Only put a medal like the Radley-Walters medal
    in the thumbnail only if the person gets 9 kills or something. Spoilers
    spoil videos

  155. I personally like some strategy and decision making videos, how you plan
    out your moves, what your decision making process is like, etc. thanks QB!

  156. hey quickybaby, I installed ur modpack and had a blast, and then there was
    a bug, which didn’t allow me to buy any tanks, it said bc a mod was
    outdated… I had to remove the mods and reinstall WoT. currently playing
    modless. you have an idea how this could be prevented in the future?

  157. So that’s why I couldn’t buy any tanks… I researched for a good 30min on
    why without luck… :(

  158. Doing great work. And yes I like the cliffhangers.

  159. Hey qb could you do map reviews!?

  160. You should not spoil the battle in the title, you know, when you say like
    10 kills, and the guy is lone against 10 enemies, you know that he will win
    with 99,9% chance

  161. I like when it’s a trick and a heartbreak at the end so plz keep it up

  162. this tank is so OP

  163. I got 2.5K damage and 12 kills in my standard T-28 🙂 u can see it at his
    website too :)

  164. Big deal, an experienced player in an OP tank butchering newbies to farm

    F-30 gun simply does not belong to tier 4. In fact it is too good for the
    KV-1 also, combined with that troll armor. WG made the right decision when
    they took it away from T-28, and it was a real dick move to bring it back
    on an up-armored premium version.

    Tier 4 is full of bad tanks, this is the most frustrating tier anyways for
    new players. Really short sighted decision from WG to put such a monster
    gunned prem tank in, for pedobears to play with. They will lose more and
    more fresh recruits, when people realizes that they are here just to feed
    premium tank pilots.

  165. Another disgustingly OP premium… Aaand it’s russian, of course.

  166. That’s why i couldn’t buy a tank


  168. I just got 7 kills in world of tanks blitz :)

  169. 1:50 Oh QB The Lee is great you just can’t get it to work :P

  170. ExterminateMovies

    am i the only one with XVM bugs ?

  171. what the player have done at 5:50 was a bit egoistic. i hate anti mates
    like him. ok, he had to defend the base but he had enough time to even try
    to help his mate

  172. QB, I have a challenge and a good idea for you. Make the titles tricky so
    it won’t always be that lame plot twist thingy. If you make them tricky it
    would be kinda suprise and/or heartbreaking..

  173. Jasper Leto-Niemetz

    “You’ll have to wait and see” – bullshit, it’s in the name.

  174. I have t26 f, it’s very nice

  175. Toasty Roasty Man

    great tank ! One of my favorites

  176. Getting over 10 kills really isn’t a huge achievement anymore, its the
    damage that you do that is. It isn’t hard to ninja the kill, just holding
    fire until the target has low enough hp for you to kill it.

  177. the “your entire team has to suck” part happens pretty often, but mostly
    the enemy team is simply too good and you dont even have a chance to have
    this kind of a game 😀 but anyway, congrats man, great game :D

  178. just wanted to buy the fv 304 and was like ‘wtf why cant i buy this tank?!
    ok lets restart WoT oand watch QBs vid’
    so good timing QB

  179. Bashing Noobs….woooowwwwwww that Skill o0

  180. You say Raseiniai wrong. I’m from LIthuania and this is a lithuanian town
    Ra-sei-niai. If you don’t believe do some research and if you don’t believe
    that I’m from Lithuania… Then… Labas, kaip sekasi? Mano vardas Titas.

  181. I found a few points where he took damage, that wasn’t needed. It seems
    like he has at least half a brain, but the other team doesn’t even have
    that. This is just another case of a half good player going up against shit
    players. I am not amused.

  182. I would prefer the titles not give the result away

  183. Nice hoodie Quicky! And I dont know why I say that -.-

  184. pls dont make the titles that obvius it is like a spoiler alert.

  185. Amazing!!! question: What is a smurf?

  186. What key do you use to check hit points of tanks last spotted?

  187. I dont check every video you put up and if you trick me in the title i
    might aswell unsubsrcibe cus i dont know what i am getting

  188. Daniel Johan Andersson Ortega

    QuickyBaby QuickyBaby mutch players cant BUY New tanks, do you know why??
    after the small update most of the players csnt BUY New tanks, answer

  189. Did I hear anyone say: ”the m3 Lee is a horrendous vehicle” lol?

  190. whoever thought 85mm on t4 med would be “balanced” should be forced to play
    t3 lights for rest of their lives (and no pz ii j!)

  191. Ffs. You people are idiots. If you actually watched his content then you
    would know that he did this with the Ferdinand game where he said 12 kills,
    but then died at 11. SMH

  192. Do a review of THE is-7 plz

  193. mantas aleksansdravicius

    the hearthbrakes when u don’t know about them… it really makes the video
    more interesting :D

  194. *I love how evrybody is saying the title is obvious but he can say 14 but
    the T28 could just get 13 kills and die in the end **#Heartbrake**
    Quickybaby has done title trolling before*

  195. Ślązak Grzesiek

    NO! Prem tanks arent better than oryginal…
    Especially T28E and pz.IIJ

  196. 350m view range on tier FOUR not excellent? It’s one of THE BEST view
    ranges at this tier.

  197. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    it said 14 kills. How do you know he didn’t mean his teams total kills? Or
    his kills. his team did score 1 kill wich could be a heartbreak. You guys
    arnt thinking it was a suprise to me. 

  198. I love the pain in an unexpected heartbreak

  199. It seems you have to play tier 4 to get raseiniai medal for yourself.Medal
    is a medal afterall

  200. Why do people use “smurf” in a derogatory way or curse “reroll” during the
    game? I mean it’s not like I need a reroll to get into low tier games or
    that it gives me any advantages.

  201. your mod-pack lags my toaster of a computer

  202. QB ffs, please dont show the battle results in the video title…

  203. Ainis Jakubavičius

    Damn it Quickybaby, its not Razeiniai medal, its Raseiniai medal. Dont let
    down your Lithuanian fans!

  204. welcome to world of stat padders… atleast he played a premium tank so you
    cant really blame him

  205. I don’t really see the appeal in matches like this. It was someone that did
    well in a very OP seal clubbing tank in perfect mm and the teams on both
    sides were terrible. High tier matches where both sides are evenly matched
    are so much better to watch but that’s my opinion of course.

  206. i always have these games where my mates get absolutly slaughterd

  207. I prefer not obvious, keeps me watching

  208. Apart from the fact that he got 14 kills, there is nothing really
    impressive here. Just an OP tank being top tier, driving straight forward
    and raping everything he encounters. Playing in a team that did rather
    poorly but still left many tanks low HP and against another team that was
    barely better.
    That plus the fact he was carrying premium ammo/consummables at tier IV is
    simply disgusting. This is purely seal clubbing and I thought you were
    against it, I really don’t understand QB.

  209. The only mod that i ever used regurarily since one of the “it gets new
    functions! (but others get lost..)” update was the permanent serverside
    reticle mod. The same like back then with Caps lock + 0. But since 9.14
    even the updated serverside reticle mods dont work really. Some show a
    reticle which is way off in size and style, some crash the game instantly
    at start….
    Really Wargaming, get your shit together. Bring me back my extra permanent
    serverside reticle or i will pour your vodka into volga ;__;

  210. I am jelous.. Eh.
    But yes, leave us in dark a bit, it is more interesting.

  211. that last kill was so scumbag

  212. man he was deffinetly panicking. i already made 1+1 and figured marders
    position. he just started running

  213. Better not.obvious title indeed

  214. Spoiler QB

  215. Because you tend to show more super big games than like (oh, 5 kills and 4k
    damage and the rest of the team just cleans up too, gg) then yeah, I do
    personally prefer having the possibility of having a trick title in, just
    to have a little suspense.

  216. Qb the lee is very very AWESOME! Not ugly it is beautiful!

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