World of Tanks || T-28E F-30 – is it Worth It?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

So Wargaming just released a new T4 premium medium, the T-28E F-30, which will be available for only 24 hours… Is it Worth It?

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World of Tanks is a 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Karolina Guratowska

    for me it is :)

  2. I love the T-28, got 2.3K damage with it in a tier 8 game (mainly aiming
    for fuel tanks and ammo racks-the APCR is absurd since it has 189mm of

  3. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    Can’t wait to ammo rack that tank with my SU-152 armed with the 152mm
    Howitzer. ;3

  4. in all honestly prob a better tank than the T 34 haha. much better
    penetration gosh i hate T34.. bounces like no tmrw killing lone At and
    heavies only works towards the end of the game… gosh idk how i bared with
    type 34 and type 58 right now im baring with -.- China also needs some more
    options i swear cant wait till IS2 and T 34-1

  5. wargaming usually lets people have a second chance to buy the vehicle on
    the advent calendar .
    Last they had the bt-sv up around three times. its a bit shit really
    because all there doing is getting tons of peoples money just before
    Christmas as pretty much everything on the calender leads to you putting
    hand in you wallet

  6. Show us the chieftain already!

  7. +QuikyBabyTV T-28E F30 is a bit OP, played 2 games in it with 8 and 11
    kills and over 2k damage. it is just ridiculous!!

  8. Борис Гаганелов

    Back in the day I loved the T-28 after I got the F-30. It was a great glass
    cannon. (that was like a few days after the game left open beta and went

    Not worth the 10 bucks though unless the armour actually holds up. :D

  9. they removed 85mm on t-28 because it was op with it, now they change t-28 a
    bit and put it back on it and called it a premium

  10. QuickyBaby why dont you show other games like World of Warships or Armored
    warfare or other games you play ?

  11. Does anyone else think of something completly different when he says “meaty
    gun” ? or is it just me? :p

  12. What was the fourth tank that was in tanks gg when you were looking at the
    guns? It was British?

  13. Matilda gets 110mm pen u noob

  14. Good old times loved this tank back this time…
    But I missed the sell :(

  15. I remember this 160dmg gun. The gun stats are a tad worse than what they
    used to be because it took 2.5 seconds to aim it. With a different aim code
    however. WIth the change to 105mmHE for low tier, I have trouble 1shotting
    regular T28’s, so an armored and slower one is no different. I never
    understood why they took it out. The armor begs for spall liner because

  16. Always love your video QB, but now I have problem with my wot, the wot stop
    run in middle of the battle, wargaming dint help me well and probably is a
    problem generate from my windows 8.1 I dont find what is the reason and now
    I stop play and I see less video like yours because Im very frustrated.
    Good Luck QB, even your streming is nice, sorry I have no one to say that.

  17. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    “That premium for being a bonus vehicle.”
    DERP, good one QB.

  18. LoL. I remember the old T-28. When they changed the MM to +/- 2 it was one
    of the rebalanced vehicles. The F-30 was removed because it was deemed OP
    on a Teir 4 vehicle. So they added it back in on a premium tank….

    I’m not interested in premium vehicles that are saddled with extras I don’t
    want. The Shop used to not have bundles. And players have not wanted them
    bundled since the first time they added them that way.

  19. Nice vid! Got this and happy with it.

  20. 2 extra clicks for crew transfer? lol no, that’s a deal breaker.

  21. I’m really getting sick of WG trying to suck us dry with low performing
    premiums. Between this and MM, I’m ready to switch to Armored Warfare. AND,
    on the NA server it’s $9.99 with only 500 gold. Sorry WG, but we’re tired
    of you ripping us off. If you were smart you’d put the Type 59 on sale.

  22. I had already decided to not buy this tank before watching this video. I
    also honestly believe the regular t-28 with the ZiS-4 gun is the best tier
    4 in the game. The thing that make it good is the gun handling and
    mobility. Giving up that for meh armor and better alpha seems bad. I don’t
    enjoy tier 4 games anymore and mostly played t-28 when I was a noob, and
    kv-1s was a tier 6 tank. Still have a 59% win rate and six Lehväslaihos in

  23. Quickybaby is the best world of tanks both respectfully in knowledge and

    Lol hopefully I made no one cringe XD

  24. picked it up 5 min after watching. thanks QB.

  25. what program do u use for tank viewing?

  26. I didn’t play World of Tanks since Armored Warfare went open beta and I
    still like and watch all your videos. You’re doing a good job QuickyBabay.

  27. I’m grinding my way to the Kv 1 right now. Oh man the I despise the T-28

  28. продавать бронированый трамвай по цене танка-картошка такая картошка

  29. hey can anyone help me with my wot game it won’t work with my Windows 10
    computer and i really want to get it working again.

  30. Love watching your vids.. keeps me updated!

  31. Also, this thing outclasses the DW-2 in every way. It has the same armor,
    only sloped, it’s gun is at least twice as good, and it’s much faster.
    Russian bias.

  32. Omahgahwut, this thing is a KV-1 disguised as a T-28!

  33. It’s called Bannana Road

  34. I bought it here on NA for $9.99 with 500 gold. First game, tier 4 match,
    ace tanker, top gun, and high caliber, 1500 damage, and 42k profit with a
    premium account. Absolutely worth the $10. It is OP in a tier 4 match,
    though it is probably reasonable against tier 5s and 6s and we all know how
    often tier 4 tanks are actually top tier.

  35. monkeystandoffsucks

    Actually, J̶i̶n̶g̶l̶e̶s̶ QB, that was the Chinese Chi-Ha

  36. there is going to be a is-3 auto

  37. This looks like it would be quite OP if it was a normal tank

  38. yuch, No way.

  39. Looks great! Its literally a baby KV1.

  40. these tanks got boobs :D

  41. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    we cant get it on the SEA server.. so unfortunately for us the point is
    mute.. ;)

  42. kratos killsyou69er

    Great now the T-28 can pen my O-I exp… meh

  43. thx QB saved me an expense

  44. Why you didn’t put dmg blocked log in your new modpack?

  45. be nice if it was on the US severs, hope it is at some point

  46. id say its worth it, it’d be nice if they added it on Blitz

  47. yea they totally “rebalanced” that thing…

  48. Not available on the SEA server. We get a tier 6 T34-85M

  49. Quickybabytv do and preveiw or review or whatever of the IS-3A

  50. The daddy of tier 4 is the SU-85B

  51. LOL Alright Wot making us pay for what we already had for free untill they
    took it away
    .mark my words you will see the original t50-2 released for Cash sale when
    wg staff need new ivory back scratchers.

  52. fucking WG whats next reselling the old kv1s?

  53. The T-28E F-30 has been in the game for a while, but has been hidden for
    events like this. I’m not trying to be a know it all (but I know I am), but
    I wonder what other tanks they could be holding…

  54. This is too OP. Makes me fill like its a pay to win thing

  55. Marvin Cuadra (Pliskin)

    For the future: WZ-111 or IS-3A?

  56. Marshall Allshouse

    hey so i noticed that your damage dealt mod isnt overlapping your team list
    on the left side of your screen, how did you fix it so it so that it isnt?

  57. on SEA we get t3485M for first day. Lol

  58. Good tank, runs on Vodka. Cannot go wrong getting it.

    The s0viet 85mm is one of the best guns in game, combining very good
    penetration and alpha damage of AP/APCR with epic HE. What’s not to like.

  59. Qb what is this for a crew voice mod?

  60. Are your REPLAYS not saving?
    Forums suggest checking if the settings in-game are on “Battle-recording”
    “all” or if the replays folder is set to “read-only”
    Something they don’t mention is that: In the launcher window, go to
    settings and disable HD(beta) resolutions. Dunno why, but with them on I
    wasn’t getting ANY replays. So now you know.

  61. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    cant upload my replays

  62. I like the new shirt……the tag is still on lol

  63. The issue is that if I wanted a 85 mm and some armor I would play KV-1 not
    a T28 that is trying to be a KV-1

  64. I´m a noob, less than 5k battles. Overall yellow, recent green stats.
    And even I get showered with medals, XP and credits in this tank. I can
    only fathom what an experienced player can do with the T-28E
    I run this thing with vents, GLD, camo paint and optics and I get
    ridiculous amounts of XP only for spotting damage.
    Tier IV: Step to the side Matilda, there is a new king around…
    Tier V: You kick arse, and they can´t see you…
    Tier VI: They totally underestimate you… “Haha, puny tier IV, let´s just
    ignore him… BANG… Oh wait, where did that 160 HP go?”
    This tank is just insane :-)

  65. tier 4 tanks are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;_;;;;;;

  66. Not worth it to me. I have a 60%WR in my t-28 and the only things that make
    it work are:
    Gun Handling
    and Mobility

    This thing literally took away all of that for 50mm of armor, which is
    barely useable at tier 4. Without Pref Matchmaking you’ll get 2 shot by
    tier 6 and crushed by tier 5s who out maneuver and out DPM you. And relying
    on 0.41 accuarcy to snipe? Nope, not with its camo rating. I just see thing
    as an equally unarmored and giant t28 that cant get to cover fast enough.

    Don’t get me started on that stupid calendar thing. Those things were
    designed to give you a nice treat. Its just a glorified advertisement to
    sell more stuff and make you feel like your unboxing something. Not to
    mention their obsession with bundles. Not as bad as usual, but I still
    don’t need that 1000 gold.

  67. to be honest, for an online game, WOT is way to expensive. its the biggest
    turn off for me. paying up-to £30 to get a tank model. nah wargaming i
    rather spend that on other mainstreams games which could provide similar

  68. Hey QuickyBaby, is there an updated version of your modpack with the damage
    indicator somewhere? Love the vids, keep it up.

  69. If I want a 85m gun at tier 4 I think I’ll stick with my su85b.

  70. Delightful Gentleman

    the prices are 10x too high

  71. 2 radio operators and 300m signal range… makes sense

  72. I just finished the grind for this tank, lol this tank has a nice gun but
    it is large and has terrible armour.

  73. Get the Rudy on their 24 hr special coming up soon. Its the best Tier 6
    Medium, even better than the cromwell.

    Good mobility
    GREAT Gun
    Decent spotting/view range
    Half Decent Turret
    Eye popping Turret Traverse
    Good Power to Weight Ratio
    Bark Bark with 6th sense

    Cons: Cant train crews 😛
    No prem MM
    Slightly slower RoF on gun compared to other 34-85 versions.

  74. WZ-111 or IS-3A? The christmas thingy is coming up and I was wondering
    which one to get

  75. thank you for the video i just bought it and if it is good or not i do like
    how it looks 🙂 so 9.99 for a tank and a1000 gold i say its okay to buy

  76. So if i get this straight, WG has just taken the regular T-28, put the old
    85mm gun back on it, and sell it for real money…that just sounds
    ridiculously stupid, even for WG standards.

  77. I saw this tank ONCE on the live server. Way back in 2014

  78. Got this tank instantly because it’s a Russian premium medium I can put my
    tier 10 crew in and play tier 4 instead of having to play a tier 8 premium.
    Fun tank.

  79. Is the e-25 coming ?

  80. how are you making that many credits?

  81. klineczproductions

    After this, Pz. III really needs a pen buff.

  82. if i was that sherman 3 and i was using the howitzer(derp derp derp),it
    would propably do over 300 damage to QB,but nooo,that sherman 3 was using
    the regular 75 mm,i thing,what a shame,he was doing it wrong.

  83. Oh man i remember those times when people used to play junior tank
    companies and t-28 along with pz III and su-26(pre-nerfed) were the only
    tanks people were playing. Them feels :(

  84. what is that IS 3A that is coming out during the 12 days of christmas?

  85. Sell the Fury again on all servers for a weekend. I would pay at least $90
    for the tank itself

  86. SU-85B is better :v

  87. Boulik Macboulinkton

    IS it just me or did Quicky not really address it’s powerlvl?

  88. Cruiser IV is light tank :)

  89. I like this tank..
    I got it as soon as it came live in the US server…

  90. 6:55 you had a shot to the rear but didnt fire at him why?

  91. With 10 euros you can buy Churchill III or Matilda IV. Much better.

  92. Thanks for this quick uploaded video. I will buy this tank now. I already
    love my T-28.

  93. That is an overpowered tank, ugly and unfair.

  94. I hope the Sturmtiger comes soon >:D.

    (probably wont)

  95. This t-28 is totally worth the cost.

  96. 10 euros?

    holy shit
    cheap as shit,very fun to play…..
    lets buy it 🙂

    my father plays wot aswell

    we are playing on 1 account
    wait,its my account but he plays on it aswell soo
    he might buy all of the calender stuff :)

  97. The new tank is so good! It is a cheap russian supertank(for its trier)!!!

  98. Marc “Imperator” Nürenberg

    Cool tank, but I decided to don’t get it, I wait for AMX M4 49 or other way
    more cool tanks, but surely they will cost more than 10 euros :D

  99. You need 2 radio operators because one is deaf and the other is mute so
    they gotta hand talk and do charades to report their position. :)

  100. OMG there was a battle where me (IS-3) and 2 arty were vs 2 heavy tanks and
    1 arty… i killed the 2 heavy tanks with the arty, but 1 of our arty died
    and the other arty was on 30 hp and i was on 14hp, we went to cap, i
    spotted the last enemy and he missed me so we have won. than i sent this to
    the enemy heavy tank who had a good battle and i thought i have to tell him
    that i think its sad because we have won but he answered this:

    Davoda1 (2015.12.01. 20:58:21) sorry mate
    Davoda1 (2015.12.01. 20:58:26) sorry mate
    Davoda1 (2015.12.01. 20:58:32) forgive us
    Davoda1 (2015.12.01. 20:58:37) pls
    Davoda1 (2015.12.01. 20:58:49) i cant speep without it
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:00:07) shut fuck up you bot
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:00:28) 4** hp arty hit you 14 hp left
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:00:31) lucky bot
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:00:46) and m12 on your team hit me behind a dead
    tank right
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:00:57) rngesus won battle for you
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:01:08) not your skill or m12 player skill
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:01:37) your max dmg in 1 battle 4.7 k
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:01:42) me almost 8 k kid
    putosousa (2015.12.01. 21:01:46) now go sleep

    I wanted to be friendly… but usually its useless, coz the others are

  101. Qb, What is the name of your damage tracker?

  102. So its T-28 before taking away its 85mm gun? Nice WG

  103. I want a t-50-2 premium :>

  104. I like it, I added gun laying drive for aim time. Just stay hidden

  105. I want it but i think i cant buy it bcus parents ;(

  106. NA server only gets 500 gold lol

  107. Seems way too expensive. If this tank would be a regular tank i don’t think
    I would be interested in buying it, costing 1.5k gold, definitely not.

  108. Hooray ANOTHER gimicky novelty low tier Russian medium

  109. One of the tanks coming out is the IS-3A any clue what that is?

  110. The World of Tanks team…. I got an Email saying “we have an awesome
    ‘gift’ for you” and then they present me a premium tank and they want 9.99€
    for it.
    I’m not saying it’s an unfair price, but it sure as hell is not what i
    consider to be a gift.

  111. And just to add insult to injury it comes.. IN A BUNDLE
    Nice to see wargaming sticking to traditions.

  112. Being paid by WG by any chance ??

  113. This tank is NASTY when top tier and clubbing other tier 4s and lower, only
    took two battles to ace mine and clubbed a tier 6 team lol. 1700 damage and
    two kills (arl v39 and Jap Tiger), that pen in tier 4 tournaments is lethal

    If it had more health the things it could do would be what a lot of players
    could only dream of.

  114. Денис Пельтихин

    Привет из России!) Удачи вам в бою и артиллерия по вам не будет
    стрелять!)))( RUS)

  115. T28 bad? I got 70% in that thing…very fast and good hp per ton and good

  116. “Enhanced gun laying” not good idea for this canon ?

    + gun rammer + bino (replace this by “VENT +5%” if playing with friend)

  117. T4 i dont rly care :)

  118. Can you buy it with in game gold?

  119. Oh look just ANOTHER new soviet premium


  121. Gun: Enjoyable
    Mobility: Good, despite weight
    Armour: Poo, despite increased thickness.
    View range: So-so

    Main drawback: Size. Almost impossible to miss or hide

    Fun? Yes.

  122. WOT has gone to hell, they can piss right off with their broken premium

  123. downsides- slower, less maneuverable
    upsides- top gun from the KV-1, better armour than the little bro

    yet another completely balanced russian med…just like the t22sr!

  124. Because russia

  125. Васил Димитров

    If i meet this… I’m gonna one shot him Pz IV H :D

  126. Amazing tank!

  127. it’s the t28 I loved that they robbed from me patches ago and now they want
    me to pay to get it back? pfft.

  128. Meh, i like the T-28 for it’s speed, mobility and an insane DPM, ripping
    apart most tier VI tanks very quickly with it’s 75mm gun with about 2.2 sec
    Not sacrificing that insane DPM, accuracy and mobility for slightly more
    armor and slightly more penetration.

  129. Ok. I go and kill myself.

  130. Can you see this tank vs. O.I exp, O.I, Kv2 and so on? I don’t think so.
    You are one of the best players in WoT, so i say people will not do so well
    in this bucket:)) However, that’s my opinion, i wouldn’t spend 10 euros on
    this, it’s not worth it:)

  131. When you can could you do a video on the is-3a

  132. Shut up and take my money

  133. Is it much to ask of you to do a regular T-28 review?

  134. This should be on tier V, imho.

  135. “didn’t penetrated” best grammar ever

  136. I miss my old T-28 with the F-30. Yet this one is quite a bit slower than
    the old T-28, so I am a bit on the fence.

  137. Very worth it from what i’ve seen, borderline OP and better than the T28 IMO
    + great money maker for T4
    + good armor for T4
    + amazing gun for T4
    – requires GLD, vents, rammer, & good crew to maximize DPM

  138. lol u get killed two times but u did so many damage :-)

  139. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    Should really be a tier 5 tank with that gun. But what do I know. Certainly
    not Russian bias at all.

  140. Joed Arandia Dela Cruz

    doesn’t worth it…

  141. Not available SEA server…. although right now on SEA they are selling the
    IIJ for about 99 usd with 90 days perm and 18000 gold.. If this available
    I’d be tempted, looks like a better low tier crew trainer than the Matilda

  142. I wasin the market for tier 4 premium tank with full mm anyway. Bought the
    tank when I saw it in premium shop, even though I would have preferred AC1
    Sentinel for better fitting crew

  143. Just another padder tank. Wooo..

  144. Why the fuck did wargaming put it in a bundle i cant buy it because i buy
    my gold whit phone, and they didt put it in the in-game store. GG

  145. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    sorry but if ther comes a luchs with a full loaded clip at teh side or also
    at teh front i think this tank would have no cahnce

  146. Just picked mine up :)

  147. dont care if its bad i will just buy it for the looks

  148. hello otter :)

  149. The MG turrets on this thing are moderate weakspots

  150. [LuckyPatchGaming]

    he shells for days :D

  151. the SEA Advent calendar is the T-34-85…Oh WG you so stupid

  152. Shitty kalendar fucking money sucking cunts

  153. On tier IV the T28 F30 is very good.

  154. Mr. spritzig spritzig

    you are every prem tank buying ??

  155. You’re So Kind. look representative What do you think, guys… !

  156. I remember when this gun was on the non premium T-28 ;__;

  157. On NA its only 500 gold and also 10€ -_- wargaming fix your shit

  158. I guess WG have been planning on adding this tank since 2012 then

  159. e255555555555555555555555555

  160. I kind of want it but at the same time that’s $10 I can spend towards a
    kv-220, rudy or kv-5….or jgtiger 88….or m4a1 rev….or a gold pack….

  161. fifty second :D

  162. looks like a helluva lot of fun!
    too bad I mostly play on the xbox, so we won’t see this for a while, if
    ever – if I was a PC player I’d simply be upset about the 1-day sale but
    still buy it :D

  163. Another fine example of blatant Russian bias by introducing an OP premium
    tank, again… It’s really nice to drive t5 meds with less mobility and
    penetration than this newest abomination.

  164. Dude are you kidding me … you just got that tank today and you already
    mastered it :O Whaaaat!

  165. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Finally a premium actually worth something. Not much but it’s not an M7

  166. vittorio cortinovis


  167. sale

  168. -_- not worth it in the slightest rather have the e25 for one day

  169. For that price, yes it is. Only games I’ve done 1500+ damage in are tier 6
    games. It’s not the most accurate sniper due to shell speed, but it gets
    the job done. And as a top tier it’s just a bully. Only had 22 games in
    mine yet. 90% WR and it’s still over 1K average on the damage. The view
    range it has makes it even a great scout with bincos if you want. But 300m
    radio and the 3 sec aim time can be a killer at times.

  170. saw the gun and made the purchase, nice tank w/o being OP; two radioman was
    a surprise, but, not a huge issue. it is all about the dmg and this tank
    can do it.

  171. M4 IMP. is bad bad tenk. My worst buy.

  172. thumb up blindly

  173. lol qb never underestimate a matilda

  174. Omg the old t28…it was so op back then….now i want the pz4 with darth
    vader turret!

  175. Ridiculous tank for tier IV.

  176. When he compares the tanks at 1:40, a Matilda suddenly appears at the right
    and disappears again later :D

  177. every dame premi wg has ever released they yav taken off of the game. wish
    I could buy this but me has no money

  178. they are adding a is-3A with a autoloader pls do a review

  179. the new tank is shiiit

  180. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    i want kv220-2….i swear i better see one of them on sale…i missed that
    tank last year! i wont miss it this time!

  181. mine server got a T-34-85M =_=

  182. I just hope last new year calendar doesnt happen again

  183. well i played with the gun when it was still on the non prem t28 its a
    beast gun

  184. That’s ridiculous because the E2 and E8 Shermans 76 MM gun only has 128 pen

  185. 8===D

  186. Hello, Japan calling! We also have 2 radio operators in heavy line. We are
    the guys you never use a med kit on. :(

  187. I’m hoping they release the Hydrostatic Panzer IV

  188. Thisisfuckingannoying


  189. 9th? Well, good enough. Also, you are going to buy all the new tanks they
    sell in the calendar?

  190. What do you guys think about the T-28E F-30? Is it worth it?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  191. Le Grand Chasseur de Woutz


  192. 4th omg O:

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