World of Tanks || T-29 – 1 vs 6

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. Today Biceps86pl going to demonstrate why the has to be one of the best tanks tier for tier in the game!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. lol , he forgot loading ammo? my t29 has i dont know …63 shots?

  2. Where can I get enemies like this? If I worked that corner on the hill I
    would almost 99% of the time be swarmed. Anyway it’s an ok replay, he got
    lucky, but don’t we all every now and then?

  3. He forgot to tick the box. Happens to me once in a while.

  4. i would tk that cromwell myself .He was blocking shots as if he was on the
    other team

  5. They went at him 1 at a time. The T29 reloads slowly so simply sending in
    more than 1 tank at the same time, letting one take the hit and the others
    could get lots of damage as the T29 was reloading. All those players with
    red stats showed in this video why they have red stats. The level of
    stupidity is off the charts.

  6. beautiful work, why do i never get HT like this on my team?????

  7. There are two consistencies with all the great wins. Shit goes their way
    and usually the battle is full of retards.

  8. … That game looks like he needed a lot of lucky hits for him to have
    pulled it off.

  9. Maxed T29 vs O-Ni with Derp

  10. Dear QB, please stop featuring scrub luckers.. thanks..

  11. Indranil Mukherjee

    the tiger was a complete dumba*** .

  12. How about the amount of games some of the players have had and have got
    such low win rates and wn8 with so many games under your belt surely you
    must improve?

  13. Димон Армагедонович

    На ваших Евро-серверах одни раки!)))

  14. Can you do some type of video on skills and perks? I don’t see too many
    videos that go in depth on this topic. Which perks and skills work well
    with which tanks. That would be nice.

  15. Tiger 1 could have easily killed him, if he was an experienced player, he
    would have known that the t29 was reloading. He could have stopped and
    aimed properly, and one shot the t29

  16. Brawo on

  17. T-29 is an awesome tank but people play it like its invulnerable to damage.
    If you find that great hull down spot boy you can really be a beast.

  18. Precambrian Rabbits

    I absolutely despise this tank. It’s blatantly overpowered since they
    removed the hitboxes on the ears. If the only thing that can kill you
    hulldown is artillery, there’s something wrong. If your tier 7 turret armor
    is better than most tier 10 heavies, there’s something wrong.

  19. Re his low ammo load out: it’s possible he either A.) just bought a new
    tank so he had no cash Or B) he accidentally uncounted that auto replenish
    tab…. It happens

  20. Solid game

  21. perfect

  22. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do, but I would have shot that
    Cromwell in the beginning, straight up. So annoying, blocking every shot
    for him. Zero awareness. One “accidental” shot into the back of his turret
    and he would have caught the drift.

  23. Does QB really believe that the yellow marker when shot means HEAT (KV1
    shot) and the black AP (Pz 4h)? Instead of black=blocked and

  24. Hi QB I think Biceps has plenty of credits for shells if he can afford to
    run with cola maybe he just needs to check his service load out. keep the
    vid’s coming

  25. pasha biceps!!!

  26. Seems like Cromwell had yolo day because it was annoying af

  27. Had myself a 4.9k dmg game yesterday in my t29. That cromwell deserved it,
    soft medium should never take the inside

  28. Do you accept Xbox one replays

  29. this should be titled as potato vs the red army

  30. Hey Quicky,
    I know you’re not a big arty fan, but could you make a video about how to
    maximize xp with arty?
    I ask this because of SPG-15 mission, whose toughest requirement is to be
    top xp.

  31. T29 a selfish player.

  32. I’d have shot that Cromwell out of spite and rage.

  33. PapaBiceps ;)

  34. He may be loading less ammunition to give himself a better chance of
    farming a Fadin’s medal.

  35. rip intro

  36. That cromwell tomato though, he shows how a bad player can make his team
    worse if he plays over afk.

  37. Regarding the low ammo count -> this is currently happening to me as well.

    Doing the T-44-100 marathon and running tier X tanks without premium
    account can really eat up your credits fast. For example, I now have about
    2k of credits and a bat-chat that needs repairs + resupply. Play one game
    in my FV4202 (P), win and get just enough credits for repairs and
    consumables on the bat-chat BUT not enough to resupply all 30 shells, only
    have for 25 so I go and play with 25 because the odds that I will be on 0
    shells at the end of the game are really low.

  38. that Cromwell at the start, no wonder he has 46% WR and a 615 WN8 rating
    with 8k games.

  39. Most lucky player ever. And a typical T29 jerk player. You know the type
    that whine about arty and lights that dont spot the way they want lol

  40. Very pro red teams on both side. Standard for WoT.

  41. Fights of 30 kurwas. No skills, only RNG and some luck…

  42. Pl :-)

  43. Why are most polish players include “pl” in their nicknames ?
    I mean, there are lots and lots of bad polish players with high number of
    games, are they rly proud of that ?
    Sorry to all decent polish players, hope you’re not mad…

  44. turned off the video after i saw the red enemies and easy matchmaking

  45. Pay to win games always fun when they have Muppets who promote it :)

  46. This comment section is more toxic than the ingame global chat used to be.

  47. Even as a spectator, that Cromwell was like a gnat buzzing in and out of
    the corner of my vision. Who blocks a hull down heavy from a hull down
    position just to take bad trades against tanks that can easily pen and
    out-alpha you?

  48. I'm just a crying seal

    I have a world of tanks video on my YouTube channel and I would really
    appreciate it if you guys could have a look.

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