World of Tanks || T-29 – Worth Keeping?

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World of Tanks – T-29. Today I review the latest T3 premium medium gift tank the T-29 and suggest if it’s worth keeping!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. WZ-111 5A Tech Tree Showcase starting @ 19:00 UK TIME 17/12/2017!

    • Thanks for all the vids. I’m new and just found your channel. Very informative hope to see you on the battlefield.

    • QuickyBaby it could be a good idea to put these videos later on youtube, for those who cant see it on twitch

    • Berk Osman ŞATIROĞLU

      i won type 59 at last qb try again boxes 😉

    • I got the T28 with F30 when it was first released in the advent calendar in 2015. I love it! It makes surprisingly good credits too, so cheap to repair. I do actually like the T-29 probably for that reason, so I’m gonna be keeping the T-29.

  2. so far, I’ve found that despite the numbers, the accuracy isn’t half bad.

  3. It’s a free garage slot.

  4. BT-7 art. brother *cough*

  5. Michael von Hirschmann

    They really should add an (L) after that new T29.

  6. QB you need to put stuff on the wall behind you. I liked your last room better only because there was the TV, tree and couch to break up the background.

  7. i completed all of the winter missions and only got to Christmas atmosphere lvl 7. Are there gonna be anymore seasonal missions coming out or is that it?

  8. I wish the asia server had a chrsitmas event 🙁

  9. “a ricochet or two”
    PZ I C proceed to shoot another 398 bullet

  10. wg has blessed us with pz2j slayer

  11. sooooo….. i nearly ran out of christmas boxes. they actually think im gonna buy these boxes if my challenges are all done? 😀

  12. It is crap.

  13. the stats for this tank are bugged…. I needed to go play advances so I just left the game even before the timer for the start of the game counted down and I still got a ace tanker.

  14. Its fun to go around in bt7 arty killing all the t29’s everyone is playing..

  15. You should compare it to t 46 . tier 3 soviet light tank , some people use same 76 mm gun.

  16. You can lose and have 0 damage and get an ace tanker for some reason.
    100% ace tanker makes no sense, yet its a thing xD

  17. RNGesusStoleMyBike, what a great name ;’D

  18. quickybaby i bought boxes with my wg acount Borntokill_165 but in WoT my account is called Borntokill_1650 . please help how do iget the boxes back..

  19. Wth u moved ?

  20. That looked like a t 28

  21. would be great if they would update the Asia server, no chirstmas theme for us Asian server players :/ Or do i need to have Premium time or something?
    Looking forward to one shotting this tank with my Cruiser II 😀

  22. You got the snipe part right! lol

  23. My t27 is an awesome tank.

  24. Diden’t get it… ?

  25. Could you turn turn up your gamma? I can’t see anything, it’s so dark. Thanks QB.

  26. I really like this tank; as a freebie it’s one of the best they’ve ever given away. Comparing it to the Toldi III, Swedish L-60, Light VIC, and so on is like night and day.

  27. So this tank is a successor prototype to the T-28 at T4, but this is T3…. makes sense

  28. Got Ace-Tanker with 90 damage^^

  29. Anyone else realise that the M2 medium has 20 degrees of gun depression?

  30. Have to agree. The Soviet T29 is pretty underwhelming for all the points you stated. Upon getting I thought “Hey cool,I don’t have many low tiers anymore, maybe this will be some fun”. Not so much. There are equal tiered standard tanks that are better.

  31. Rolls out in the AMX 38 or D2 when the entire enemy team consist of T-29s

    Laughs like a frenchman.

  32. Got the Ace in the first game. Guess I’m not gonna be touching that tank ever again.

  33. Play this tank with HE ammo

  34. I love this évent with mu cruiser mk2 . There are a lot of one shot 🙂

  35. you yap too much

    • i frequently get halfway thru your vids and turn them off cuz you yap like a gurl nagging..also we dont need to see your mug in the shot..either

  36. Death is the Solution to all problems

    I remember trying to grind trough the T 28 quickly I will always remember the countless times I threw my mouse or keyboard at the wall

  37. I loaded full HE in this thing and aced it in 3 or 4 games. It’s really really good at flanking, and honestly I’m loving it. Anyways, great video as always. Loved the stream, ps it’s great that you’re finally in your new home! Happy tanking!

  38. Nice to see a video featuring a new player having a good game!

  39. I like it have had awesome matches in it so far

  40. Hey Quickybaby, Map Tactics was a great series would be helpful if you continued it thanks 🙂

  41. Time to whip out my Cruiser Mk2

  42. New house tour QB 😀

  43. The thing’s go skkkkrrrrra 2:38

  44. looking for some holiday spirit for a friend… anyone can help with some boxes ? user: RRekor

  45. So many gift soviet and us tank….. what about others?

  46. He cant play well with that fps.hes trying hes best..but good games happen

  47. This tank sucks the big one lol QB.✌?️??

  48. good job wargaming as always.
    map design is controlled by idiots.
    how stupid are you ?

  49. fuck you wargaming.wish you …………….

  50. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. It doesn’t matter if this is a “ Good” tank or not , just play it to have a different experience and it’s FREE ..Make WoT players buy something they bitch , give them something free they bitch WTF….now let the hating begin?

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