World of Tanks || T-34-3 – 1 vs 7…

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-34-3. Today Android5 is going 1 7 in the Chinese premium tank, the alpha , T-34-3.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Plz stop showing us heartbreaks

  2. noob driving in the kv3 just get 7 kills causcally

  3. Arvin Dave Velasco

    the buff on this tank a few patch ago boosted its potential… had one mine
    at SEA server, love the credit earnings… but the ping at SEA especially
    at PH sucks

  4. More vids

  5. Ikill you QuickyBaby aaahahaaa

  6. Double Double 4G

    Seems like a decent vehicle, just not too flexible is all. You’d have to be
    careful to control the engagement and play to it’s strengths.

    I love games like this where it comes down to a matter of seconds. Too bad
    Android5 took too long to finish the A44 and T28 – another few seconds and
    he could have made his escape :(

  7. Brave run between the two Russians! Excellent reading of the moment, GG.

  8. You know that it is the Asia server when two heavy tanks try to chase down
    a fairly faster medium tank in an open map with shit view range..

  9. so they buff this but not the 121…… logic

  10. Hey guys! Let’s change the vocabulary word of “Shoutcaster” to “SCREAM

  11. Hey. Do you know how can i fix that- I reseach my cannon for centurion 1
    and it doesnt unlock. Like i have everything and the cannon is last thing
    what i need to have everything. Do you know how i can fix it?

  12. TheKingCobra78 - WoT

    I’d say the fcm is the best of the tier 8 premiums because of the crazy
    credit income it gets so it becomes more worth the money you pay for it

  13. Adrian Szewczyk

    Lol he’s shit

  14. does the xbox version have better graphics? it looks like it does but I’m
    not sure

  15. It reminds me of kv13 a bit

  16. Congrats to my fellow FLEX clanmember for this replay.

  17. Bad sniping shots, He used HEAT on a T28’s side (you can pen its ass with
    HE for more damage), I mean, why carry HE if you don’t know when to use it.
    He got extra lucky with the 416 not rushing him from behind and the reds
    that traded with him (well, they bounced), arty not focusing him etc. Ideal
    situation, bad play.

  18. QB i have my loadout so tracks is always 5,5 driver alive is always 4,4 and
    then manuel ext is just 6, saves time… and lives, mainly mine :D

  19. ineed to change the server when all play like this 😀
    looks more Fail video then win

  20. Get off the Road

    So what did the KV-3 get for xp?!

  21. I have my Med-Kit on the 4 button. So when the driver dies (happens alot in
    my T34) you can just hammer on 4 to reactivate your Driver. Agreeing on the
    5-5 tap with the Repaircat.

  22. 6:50 just rebind the “6” button to “Q “and thus you can spam the fire
    extinguisher easily.

  23. Hey guys, this was my game, glad you enjoyed it. Just to answer some of
    your questions.

    Why did you carry 8 HE?
    – Honestly, I’ve never run out of AP in any T-34-3 game ever. However I did
    run out of HE once when I only carried 4 which cost me the game. As a
    result of that I started using 8. After this game I was kicking myself for
    doing that however. I rarely rarely use HEAT except for the front of heavy
    tanks and I only engage them If I’m forced to.

    I find myself sniping in this tank more than any other soviet/chinese 122mm
    tank, so HE can be useful if you are shooting an angled heavy that HEAT or
    AP would be ineffective against. However you don’t need more than 4 or 5.

    Why were you so bad at leading shots?
    – I had uncharacteristically bad lag during this game and I have no idea
    why. Most of the shots that I was leading I would not have missed in a
    typical game. I believe the lag is why some shots look like they should
    have missed and instead hit. The worst lag spikes were against the arty
    (which caused me to miss) and against the KV3 in the field.

    Why shoot HEAT against the KV3?
    – I loaded HEAT for the IS3, otherwise I had no way of penning his frontal
    armour except for the top of the turret. I suspected my camo would have
    held up but if it didn’t I wouldn’t have had time to change rounds.

    Why didn’t you use HE against the T28?
    – I didn’t realise I ran out of AP rounds until I derped that shot, then I
    was too far into the reload to change. HE would have been more effective
    however AP would have been more reliable if the IS3 or KV3 came back
    earlier. That derped shot cost me the game.

    Why were you running at the end?
    – I was trying to get to the Southern section of the map away from the IS3
    and kill the KV3 from hulldown locations. Alternatively if I got range on
    either of them I could use my 470m view range to kill them easily. If they
    both decided to cap I would have had some trouble but I still could have
    attacked from the top and abused my turret armour.

    What is your T-34-3 setup?
    – Rammer, Optics and Vert stabs. For beginners I would recommend a gun
    laying drive instead of optics as your gun handling to just too bad. I use
    food and BIA to assist my gun handling.

    Would you recommend the T-34-3? – In my opinion it is the best tier 8
    premium, HOWEVER you need a really really good crew for it to shine. You
    need view range and camo to turn it into a pseudo scout, you need gun
    handling skills because the base gun handling is bad, you need repairs for
    brawling, you need mobility skills as the tank is a bit sluggish and you
    need BIA so you can drop the gun laying drive for optics or vents (without
    which you are quite blind). In this match I needed all of those skills.

    If anyone is interested I can upload my 3 MOE game (5k damage in a tier 9
    match). Or hit me up if you want tips to playing this beast.

  24. Or you can put your fire extinguisher on space and it is eazy to hit…

  25. It need more love

  26. They should put it in blitz… Perfect tank for small maps

  27. Wotko s Vokurkou

    He did a lot more then he should have, but he made mistake and paid em
    dearly… Looks like the not fully aimed shell on KV-3 bite him the ass in
    the end… Also from the long range shots, it looks like the shell velocity
    on this gun is not that great.

  28. Stiver Ong Tze An

    In the Asian server recently it was very lag and high ping almost every
    time…Wargaming needs to fix this.

  29. bad aim on kv-3 cost him the win

  30. Ethan Macdonald

    I hate war gaming soooo much right now On the Aisa erver We don’t even have
    9.15 yet (wargaming is retarded) 🙁 :-|

  31. L.t Sharpshooter

    I use the KV-85 with my 122mm D-2-5-T and its such a beast cannon, Just
    before I did 839dmg to a T34 heavy tank :)

  32. Sean Volstrup Petersen

    When is your vlog coming out?

  33. hahahahyou is styupid

  34. I bound my fire extinguisher to spacebar. Its always under your fingers so
    it’s amazingly easy to hit fast.

  35. I think you need a new intro bro

  36. Eduard Marcinek

    Why he carry 8 he rounds when he dont use them in right situation? That T28
    ass wanted some he rounds.

  37. Glemrex Olaivar

    im a member of qsf-sea :D

  38. easy to play as long as ur team dun suck, also if the stars is on a line
    for u this is ur lucky day

  39. Daan Bronkhorst


  40. Consumable layout: Medkit on 4, cause of driver; 4-4, and gunner; 4-2.
    Repkit on 5, cause of tracks; 5-5, and gun; 5-3 – same spacing as the
    gunner. Fire ext. on 6 and remapped to thumb button on the mouse. So with
    just a flick of the thumb the fire is out, just as fast as Automatic fire
    ext.I’ve later remapped 5 to E to get those tracks on even faster.

  41. I also have my consumables laid out like Android5.

  42. If he HEd the back of the T28, even if only on the HEAT she’ll he bounced
    off the extremely well angled upper rear hull armour (he had no chance of
    penetrating there), preferably by pulling back and putting it into the flat
    rear armour, he’d have had a much higher chance to win because he could
    have put distance between himself and the low view range, highly visible
    Russian heavies that were remaining, and he’s have had 3 HEAT shells left
    for them.

  43. Minute 7:19. At least the Shell goes forward. Once I Shoot on the move
    using T49 with point blank range, and the shell Literally DROP by an Inch
    in front of the the T49 gun Barel. Thats RNG for you.

  44. You don’t use hotkeys for consumables? Noooooob!

  45. QB, any tips on the personal missions? I’m finding MT-15 (with honors) to
    be extremely difficult and I’m getting frustrated to the point of tking
    allies that are shooting tds and getting banned. I know that’s wrong but
    coming within 50 points of damage of completing only to have someone kill
    the final td on the enemy team is really ticking me off (I snapped a
    keyboard when that happened). I just need to get honors for it but there
    are either not enough tds or I have a bad game and die early. Typically
    though my play style leads me to fighting against enemy heavies and mediums
    (I prefer brawling). I’ve even tried going down the E50 line as they would
    seem like the best anti-td mediums. This mission is really frustrating me
    because mediums just don’t fight tds all that much so if it were that same
    x amount of damage against mediums or heavies then it would make more sense
    and be easier to complete by playing the class as intended. Any advice
    would be appreciated.

  46. did you notice his ping thru the battle, already hard enough to have a game
    like that with under 100 ping but he was fighting with sometimes over 200
    ping, nice job and nice game really sucks that you missed that shot on kv3

  47. Oh man that surprise defeat hurt a lot. Another good video QB

  48. soo M4a1 or t-32-3, dont give a rats ass about armor cause everyone just
    spam gold these days

  49. T-34-3 isn’t easy to do well in especially if you get used to the fully
    upgraded WZ-120 or the 121.

  50. MeatyBaby.

  51. Tim de Martines

    Why was there a kolobanov medal in the thumbnail if he doesnt get one???

  52. I love the games that end with ‘….’ :)

  53. The downside of having to move servers! Moved from the North American
    server to the Asia server…

    And had to leave my Type 59 behind…………… :(

  54. You know, I got a 4 skill 121 crew (which I got like a 54% wr in) I put in
    this thing on occasion, and I swear 2/3 of my shots go SO wide they might
    as well go out of the circle.

    I cannot get this tank to work for me.

  55. Jeong Augustine

    what happens if War Gaming removes a tank that you own from the game?? can
    you still use the tank?

  56. Landcervelatwurst

    I, as a light and medium driver, have the repairkit on 5 for the same
    reason, but the medkit on 4 because of the driver.

  57. SeaTehNoobWorld

    It happens all the time on the SEA server.

  58. To my knowledge , this tank is considered a shit good for nothing .This
    player is a hacker , at the start of the game is brawling against several
    tanks wich should have tear him a part but he won . How come ? We are
    idiots and he is a god of electronic games ? Give me a breack !

  59. saveprivateryan1

    enemy team was trash

  60. If it doesn’t have 8+ gun depression I’ll never feel safe tbh fams

  61. Here we see an android part of the red ribbon army. If left alone could
    have killed millions but the allies of Goku were able to take him down.

  62. I feel like Qb has bin saying “meaty” a lot lately

  63. nuttenson pombo

    Please use my computer with 10fps max for go to pro lvl…

  64. other then using AP or Heat when HE would have worked probably just as good
    if not better like against the artillery or rear or the t28, solid replay
    and good game

  65. Wouldn’t Mao Zedong guide the shots of Chinese tanks?

  66. SEA server for the win :P

  67. Hey check my replay on your website its about game with my luchs where i
    managed to do almost 6k spotting damage :D

  68. D “Doom” Wilson

    Really wish he would put win or loss in the description so I don’t waste my
    time watching a defeat….

  69. Personally for my consumables I have my fire extinguisher in the first
    spot, but i use a button on the side of my mouse because it gives me such a
    quick reaction time.

  70. After those buffes,I’m really considering buying this tank !

  71. What about that 11k dmg game in the T34-3?? its in your replay site and u
    cant see it?… just checked and its still there

  72. DeathToAll Live

    9:08 quickybaby says bert is tier 8 now…

  73. I think it’s time for another artillery replay…

  74. Sweeeeet! Another awesome high-tier’d super-unicum replay. I’ll give it a

    Maybe one day I’ll get to play in these stratospheres of gameplay. Thanks
    again for dangling an awesome carrot for us ‘plebes-n00bs-scrubs’ players.

  75. do you play with just premium tank ?

  76. it appears that this patch shell tracers are off

  77. Android5 be like “DONT SHOOT ME DONT SHOOT ME!!!”
    KV 3 be like :3

  78. can we see kv3 game perspective

  79. brilliant

  80. I have my extinguisher on SHIFT, my ammo on Y & H & B, and my other 2
    consumables on 2 & 3. I have forward on D and right on F. This allows me to
    more easily reach the various keys I have binded and is more comfortable.

  81. Im selling EU account with Type59, Jgt8.8 and USA T34….8000 golds and 7 x
    Tier 10 tanks for 199$….link at the selling page here:

  82. Mao ZeDong guides his shells,

  83. I love all of this praise and work on a loss. It truly is an exceptional
    game – it’s a shame that this tank has so little health to go around,
    because he used his armor magnificently. The only thing that really cost
    him the game is the accuracy and aim time… oh my, the T34-3

  84. Eww flex clan

  85. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  86. i feel like its better to have the small first aid kit on 4, because the
    driver is 4, 5 for the repair kit cause of tracks like you said, and 6 as
    the fire extinguisher, Makes the most sense to me to use them that way

  87. 2:28 Anyone have an XVM mod for that?

  88. Katherine Hickman

    My first aid kit is on 4 and repair kit on 5 for driver and tracks

  89. I knew this would be a heartbreak as soon as I saw his ammo loadout. That’s
    just way the fuck too much HE for a tank with such a low ammo capacity.

  90. easy to see his on sea server 160ms ping

  91. AttackPenguin666

    I can now tap 4-5 quicker than I can look down and see my Engine is knocked
    out not my tracks ?

  92. still waitin on 9.15 in SEA :(

  93. Mergim Burrniku

    Quickybaby why does my hit mode thing is on top of the team score it’s your
    mode pack please answer

  94. TBH, he was going to lose even if he KV missed.
    He fired AP and HEAT when he shouldve used HE far too many time and wasted
    too many shots to be able to fight both the heavies.

  95. I do my medkit on 4, so that when my driver is killed (which seems to
    happen so many times no matter what tank I’m in) I can get him in back
    quickly. I put my repair kit in 5, for the fast track repairs, and my fire
    extinguisher in 6, as I am almost never set on fire.

  96. It goes more easily: change your “6”-button into the “right mouse” button
    and put the fire Extinguisher on it. You are very flexible with it and you
    never get more than 2 ticks if an enemy will set you on fire. Trust me, I
    have this many years and it works perfectly :)

  97. Take one sip of your drink for each “meaty” u hear

  98. Bailey Macdonald

    i like it i think it can keep up:)

  99. on scouts put medkit on 4, 4-4 for driver, and repairs on 5, 5-5 tracks.

  100. Better setup:4 key: Med Pack5 key: Repair KitSpace (not 6 key): Manual Fire

  101. Yisi Liu (Reviews and Gameplays)

    I got 5 aces in my first 15 games. My 1st ever game was an Ace which pissed
    off my friend who played it for a long time. I got it 10 patches ago!!! I
    think its good medium

  102. Been a couple of these heart break videos lately.

  103. Matthew Caughey

    The kv-3 is without honor

  104. One of my favorite tanks in this game. Nothing says “SURPRISE BUTTSEX” like
    this thing coming around a corner shooting its massive shells into its
    targets. It’s just unfortunate that the player who uploaded this didn’t use
    HE shells on the back of the T28 and to finish off the A-44. Those were
    complete misplays and perhaps lost him the game.

  105. IS 6 or SuperPershing?

  106. Speaking of tier 8 Chinese premiums, whatever happened to the 112? It was
    supposed to get a price reduction but instead seems to have been removed
    from the tech tree entirely.

  107. TheKanzlerismus

    prem consumable on 4 is not the best choice. For LTs and MTs, the worst
    thing is loosing a driver or tracks. So med kit on 4 –> 4/4 for driver,
    rep. kit on 5 –> 5/5 track repair…

  108. I sold that piece of shit. Then they buffed it.

  109. I have the same consumable order than the hero

  110. Whitetrash050 geen

    Can anybody please tell me wich aim dot he is using?

  111. Hey QuickyBaby, I recommend setting up your extinguisher consumable slot to
    be set up with your spacebar. It allows for very quick reactions to fires.

  112. lmao i bought 112 a year ago

  113. quickybaby, do you think that the t54 first prototype is worth earning
    150,000 experience for?

  114. Can you do a guide to the kv4?

  115. VolcanicAkuma555

    8:30 Silly Quickybaby doesn’t know that Stalin guides Russian shots.

  116. docterdoodlegames

    I have a logitech G600 MMO gaming mouse, I just put down my my 4th thumbkey
    and slide my thumb up to 5, it’s in any possible way faster then reaching
    for your number keys on your keyboard, I use the same layout as you btw

  117. I have my repair kit in 5 and I drive light tanks a lot so 5-5 get my
    tracks up I did this at the start of WOT and it’s just a thing I do and 6
    for fire manual just cause and med kit in 4 just cause I get into cover and
    then use it

  118. Muhammad Farid abdullah

    that was true.u need to hard carry in SEA.i hope qb have another acc in SEA

  119. CamperAndBamboo

    I would probably buy it if it would be as cheap as the other Tier 8 prem
    meds. It seems it brings joy for those who play it.

  120. The new gun depression is nice but it doesn’t change the fact that the gun
    itself is a horrible tit-twister. The pen, the accuracy, the bloom… if I
    play ten games in this tank I alternate back and forth between thinking
    it’s the best thing ever and the biggest waste of my money.

    Every ounce of blue-balling RNG that arty is designed around has been put
    into this medium and it drives me freaking insane. Not a tank if you want
    something you can rely upon, or which has a skill ceiling you can climb to
    and earn. Tomatoes can do amazingly and purples can shit the bed in this
    thing. Every time I click the mouse in my T-34-3 I get visions of tugging
    on the handle of a slot machine.

  121. HE for T28 back would be a lot better. And he drove away a little too
    confident in the end so bot kv3 had a shot on him.

  122. I thought Its was blitz because you mentioned android :V

  123. Good video, btw guys check my funny videos on my channel if you want :)

  124. First aid on 4 (driver= 4,4), repair on 5, others on 6.

  125. I moved my fire extinguisher button from 6 to mmb.

  126. I bought this tank on the first day out, and got my ace in my first match.
    I have always enjoyed this thing, and the recent buffs only made it better.

  127. Great round. Terrible ammo selection.

  128. For load out he should of done 5 HE shells and 5 Heat and rest AP thats how
    i load on T44 when i want to use 122mm

  129. Christoffer Moen

    plizz make a video of a french auto loader

  130. Quicky, i got my medkit on 4, so reset my driver is 4.4, repairkit is on 5,
    so tracks are on 5.5, and extinguisher is on 6, but normaly autoext, so it
    doesnt matter. I think this is the best loadout, because you can heal your
    driver and tracks much faster.

  131. I play the T34 2 with the 122 mm gun and have so much fun.
    I dont aim every shot fully and snapshot about 90% of the shots and hit so
    many shots.
    So never aim and just shot with 122 mm guns!!!

  132. Nice go at that 1v7… but 8 HE shells?

  133. i have the med kit on 4 so i can hit 4 4 and put the driver back on, repair
    on 5 so i have to press 5 5 to repair the track and the extinguisher on Q
    so it’s very easy to hit ;)

  134. Gabriel Ivanovic

    I saw you ingame 2 days ago 🙂 Quickfingers

  135. HE shells on board….nah dont use them on the t28s 50mm ass to save some
    important AP and HEAT shells.

  136. 2 inch punisher

    I do not like the heartbreak games. 🙁 xD

  137. Hey quickybaby could you upload a video showing the maps that have been
    removed and why? I didn’t even realise since some time that pearl river or
    hidden village for example were removed. And I haven’t played in stalingrad
    since a while too so is that removed as well?

  138. Wow QB people are really liking your videos!

  139. Anybody else have a problem where they cant hear the crew voices when
    pentrating/losing tracks, etc?

  140. Hope HD WZ-120 and 121 BUFF -5

  141. i do love this tank!

  142. What does everyone think about the OMC modpack?

  143. just a little thing about the loadout. i’m driving with med on 4 – cause
    4-4 is the driver – repkit on 5, cause 5-5 are tracks & fireextinquischer
    on f

    the t34-3 got much better since the buff, but still that trolling 122mm gun
    with 0,46 accuracy is realy still a big downside…

  144. Hayden L'Ecuyer

    QuickyBaby could you do a proper A-43, A-44 and Obj. 416 tank review that
    is up to date?

  145. Merlijn Mannaert

    Im in love with this tank!
    This tank really is something for me sadly i cant buy it because i dont
    have gold :(

  146. elknightrider666

    Stop wasting people time with failed games….

  147. Mr.I can Do Everything

    kung fu panda guided the shell

  148. Tier 8 British SPG the FV304 GJ QB, Even I know it is tier 6

  149. Is there a mod that counts how much credits you make in a battle? If there
    is not, who want a mod like it?

  150. 140,000 credits in a battle… I can’t even … 9,000 credits per ah fuck

  151. Am i the only one who wants the main player to lose?

  152. Would anybody want to see 5k dmg in a tier 6??????

  153. This dude was actually retarded. Not loading HE for the back of an American
    and nor leading his shots…

  154. Konstantinos Savvoulidis

    Give me a reason that 30people disliked this video

  155. Is there anyone on Xbox that wants to play in a Platoon

  156. I love my T-34-3…I dont understand why you dont like that thing, QB.
    Avarage dmg : 2k+
    Credits : 20k-90k

  157. He can get pool medal

  158. T-34-3 BUFF -5 is now regarded as good HD can expect

  159. But the real question is: How many credits and Exp would he have gained by
    winning this round??

  160. the few terribly led shots in this game actually lost it for him

  161. every dog has its day, t34-3 still crap

  162. Nichita Chilimnic

    Repair kit is always on 5 , Fire st… is on Space and Med Kit on 4 because
    of the driver

  163. I have the T-34-3, it’s one of my most played Premiums actually. I love it,
    and I still would never recommend someone get it unless they need it as a
    Chinese crew trainer. Even with the buffs it’s still clearly one of the
    worst performers in the tier. It really only shines when there aren’t any
    Heavies around, because as you saw in the corner fight against all those
    Mediums it does a really good job filling that role when there aren’t. If
    it were cheaper, I’d maybe recommend it. But the price is just nuts when
    you look at all the other options that are both better AND cheaper. It’s
    not worth the money.

    But if you can get it for cheap somehow, it can still be a fun tank. Not
    often, but every once in a while you have a monster match smashing people
    in the face and bouncing shots in return. I find it especially rewarding to
    watch heavy players twitch when you get around their flanks and smash them
    with a heavy caliber gun.

  164. My stats and skills are nowhere as good as his appear to be, but there were
    a couple times when i was really confused by stuff he did.. Shooting at the
    KV3 was iffy on his part, at least how he aimed at it. That KV3 got lucky
    at the end, but to be honest, im not sure if he wouldve had enough shells
    left to kill him and the IS3. Guess i cant argue with success though, “if
    its stupid but it works…”
    I personally dont like that style of medium.. I guess IMO i want a medium
    that can do some damage and penn, but that reloads decently quick. That
    reload seems like a pain in the butt especially when the penn doesnt sound
    the greatest

  165. Best loadout is… 4:4 = driver… 5:5 = tracks

  166. Yeah QB, I’ve never understood why you didn’t have your Repair kit on 5.

  167. Thibault Legrand

    This gun is amazing :0

  168. apparently everything in this game was both big and meaty in QBs mind, lol
    rewatching spongebob are we?

  169. T-34-3 is my favorite tank in the game <3 after 1 years.Congratulation
    Android5 !

  170. Wow this was really poor gameplay.. he played sooo baad omg.. just had luck
    over 9000…

  171. poor aiming and ammo selection, shools have finnished the a44 and t28 with

  172. Maarten severijns

    Grile 15 OP becauce people see good replays on YouTube they are screming
    T-34-3 good replay NERF PLEASE.

    This is totaly true

  173. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    what I seriously don’t get is why people hate gold ammo. all the arguments
    they come up is : ‘unskilled nub’.

  174. Chinese server T-34-3 Yes 300mm !! ~~ No 250mm

  175. This was the most obvious heartbreak I’ve seen from you

  176. insane game

  177. good tank

  178. I have my Med-Kit on 4 and the Rep-Kit on 5… Makes it easy to run away
    quickly, because you can douple-tap the 4/5 to get the driver+the tracks
    back into action much faster. And i don’t see the point on putting the fire
    extinguisher on either the 4,5 or 6, if you bind it to “Q” you can reach it
    extremly fast.

  179. Least it wasn’t yet another arty arsehole..

  180. So sick of watching unicum players just wreck everything. Dude lets see
    some average players doing really well. Also, quit with the heartbreaks.
    They’re not that interesting to watch.

  181. I knew it wasn’t Qb playing since he hates this tank lmao

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  185. poor ammo choice at the end

  186. Med kit should be over 4 so you can double tap 4 to get your driver back,
    repair over 5 for double tapping your tracks back, and that leaves 6 for

  187. waste of my time, clicks “dislike”

  188. If only he wouldn’t have screwed up the first snipe shot at KV-3.. He
    probably could have won..

  189. how can i send u a replay?

  190. Should’ve rammed Bert and shot the A-44 to save himself a shell.

  191. Ever notice how these kinds of games tend to take place in encounter

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    Great video. Just won a 1v4 in my t49 :D

  193. i have my consumables on my mouse buttons.Way faster than number keys

  194. What is RNG

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  199. 4-5 is faster

  200. Hey QB great video.
    Your modpack doesn´t have the zoom out more mod.Or maybe its not working
    Plus when i open my friends list it almost crashes my game and i get a xvm

  201. Sliphantom REALLY needs to make a unicum guide to this tank because of the
    weird playstyle and bad rep it has…

    but really? why the hell does this guy not have an auto fire extinguisher?
    that engine is damn flammable from rear shots

  202. could you give us a mod guide. like which mods you are using and links to
    downloading them

  203. Benjamin Bastings

    I’ve always had my repairkid on 5 and medkid on 6 lol

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    win :D

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    enough u got a 8k dmg round and 8 kills but still he isn’t such a great
    player or at least he didn’t show it here. Hoping for something more
    exciting next time QB

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    premium tank to perform

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    T-34-3 is probably the worst tier 8 medium premium, and the most expensive
    one, doesn’t make too much sense. The gun handling is just too terrible,
    would love to see a massive accuracy buff to it, or massive aim time
    buff…. or massive pen buff… pfff

  220. All of the low rolls.

  221. He could have used HE at the T28 back its easy to pen…

  222. Best way to set up your consumable-loadout:

    med-kit on 4 (4+4=driver)

    rep-kit on 5 (5+5=tracks)

    fire extinguisher/food on SPACEBAR (thumb is on spacebar in case of a fire)

  223. PANKI was here 🙂 Nice game ;)

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    Pls make a new KV-4 review!

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    I have a problem with WOT, before the 9.15 patch my WOT worked perfectly.
    But after the patch, when I would try to enter the battle, during the
    loading screen the game would just restart itself and when I hit connect,
    the game crashed with error message, “WOT stopped working please close the
    program”. I tried running it in safe mode and updating my drivers, even
    lowering the graphics, but nothing helped. Can anyone help me?

  229. that’s how I have my consumable load out

  230. I actually prefer having my medic kit on 4 so i can double tap it for a
    dead driver (useful if he dies while trying to retreat) and the repair kit
    on 5 for the track repair then a fire extinguisher on 6 (prem one if your
    not cheap like me)

  231. Kristopher Jones


  232. God dammit Android5 !!! YOU HAVE 8 (EIGHT!!!) HE SHELLS, USE THEM WISELY
    Arty: he was lucky to one hit him, HE would be better.
    A-44: easy HE, even a splash would have been enough, i regurarily deal
    100-200dmg on front of Jagtiger with that HE shells.
    T28: paper back armor, HE would have raped him even more, maybe setting him
    on fire, but also saving HEAT and also time…
    KV-3 shots: i guess his brain was “dont fuck it up, dont fuck it up, dont
    fuck it up, ….” and then he actually did it :c

    But except for the ammo (- loadout and -) usage, the rest was pretty damn
    good! But also lucky at times, as always in these ultra-matches :D

  233. Small repair kit on 5 is old as Metusalem…..
    “It makes so much sense……” lol….

  234. The day has come, T-34-3 had a good game, shut up! I can hear you! I
    totally didn’t buy a bad Type 59!

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    T-34-3 is a tank which i really like it, but i cant get it

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    to pen the T28 ass for 500 dmg

  237. Dat KV-3….. I’ve played 500 games and still no top gun or a master class
    only and I one… :(

  238. I sold this tank a bit ago before the buff, I regret it… By the way
    thanks for no spoilers :)

  239. Managed a 7k match with my 34-3 once, still ended up getting nuked after
    getting surrounded by a t-150, t34, and a su-101.
    Best game ever aside from the loss.

  240. Honestly this was boring and I’m sure you could’ve found a much better game

  241. *Adds a kolobanovs medal on thumbnail*
    *game lost*

    Imo he played really well and the decisions he had were really wise. Give
    this man a cookie!

  242. nicely played

  243. I got my consumable load out to be med kit on 4, repair on 5, and
    extinguisher/food, on 6. Mostly because its more likely for your crew to
    die, than get set on fire. And med kit on 4, then if my driver gets hurt, i
    can tap 4-4, or 5-5 for tracks

  244. for anyone wondering, the KV-3 did 2555 damage and got 1273 xp

  245. How and where to get the new custom camouflage colour. Xbox1 player..

  246. The t44s 122mm isn’t so bad it’s average is 410 with 3.80 rounds a minute
    which could be better but I like it

  247. He really should have used HE for the rear end of the T28. 82+% chance of
    full penetration with a good chance of damaging both the engine and the
    fuel tanks at the same time. Still, good use of the available terrain.

  248. Great video as always

  249. 93rd bruh lol

  250. Is this a premuim or standerd oh wait I play world of tanks I should know
    but I dont

  251. Its a great tank but its not that good if you play solo, the long reload
    can let you down sometimes when you are trading shots. The mobility is not
    that great (the engine only has 420 blaze it) and it struggles with the
    HEAT (other tanks get APCR, with lower pen but hey, its still APCR)
    sometimes you do better firing regular AP to the side of russian heavy
    tanks… insane but true.

  252. i got medkit on 4 since i can heal my driver instantly, my repairkit on 5
    for the 5,5 trackrepair and 6 for the fire extinguisher since i dont have
    to use it that often, and i can hit 6 fast enough :D

  253. ohh look, G2A has up to 80% sale on games!


    This guy got lucky with a bunch of shots. I mean i own a t34 3 and you miss
    9 out of 10 times if you aim like this guy. when i play this tank i know
    that the first 4 shots will most likely miss and after that i start hitting

  255. god damnit with thease hartbreakes!

  256. This guy is terrible with a gun. not leading shots, auto aiming across map.
    seems like most of this is luck.

  257. Heartbreak my ass. The amount of shots he fucked up and the amounts on
    unnesecary use of HEAT is pathetic. Why use heat when all the tanks in the
    cap are easy to pen

  258. Go to 7:07 to hear Quickybaby’s consumable rhyme.

  259. Well, I have fe, track, ammo, engine repair and gunner, driver and loaders
    heal on my mouse extra buttons… So… repair cat is on 4, first aid 5 and
    fe 6… :)

  260. that shot on KV3 must have been guided by be the hand of Mao

  261. QB can you do a T30 tank review

  262. First

  263. How can you have such good stats but still dont know how to properly lead a

  264. I really like my T-44, even though it also has 175 mm and no preferancial
    matchmaking. I’ve got also two marks, and I believe the T-44 has less
    gundeppression. My point is: this tank is significantly better than the
    T-44, the last one only has better manouverbility.

  265. I hands down love this tank. If only I had the tank on PC, because i’d be
    submitting my own replays with just that haha. (And before any of you PC
    elitists comment, there is such a thing as playing a game on all platforms
    and still enjoying them)

  266. WW2BrickProductions

    kewl video

  267. Good thing his name is Android5, since if his name would be Apple5, his
    tank would’ve ran out of fuel in 5 minutes ;)

  268. Maurits Kasteel

    i would be like : fuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  269. My fav tank in the game

  270. The Wooden Bowl

    You could say Mao guided that shell , with his hand.

  271. Is this tank worth it?

  272. Omg the 2nd T-34-3 video on Quickybaby’s channel. Nice! Finally another
    one. Lol and the first one was 3ish yrs ago

  273. my consumable load out is first aid kit on 4 (4-4 to heal driver) repair
    kit on 5 (5-5 for tracks) and extinguisher etc. on 6

  274. I am not first… :/

  275. Finally the T-34-3! I wuv this tenk so much <3
    It is not overpowered, but the 390dmg combined with the (now buffed) -5 gun
    depression and the turret armor are just brutal!
    And the max. tier 9 MM is also nice, didn't even know it had limited MM
    whilst buying it, lol.

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