World of Tanks || T-34-3 – Alpha Monster

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World of Tanks – . Today I’m playing one of oldest T8 premium medium tanks in the game the T-34-3 a vehicle which has always been the Alpha Monster!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free . It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. How the hell do you have such a quick reload?

  2. Rodolfo Andres Elizondo

    you Will talk about the t 34 3 and its alpha but not the su 101 which
    hasn’t had a video in years

  3. Rodolfo Andres Elizondo

    you Will talk about the t 34 3 and its alpha but not the su 101 which
    hasn’t had a video in years

  4. T-34-3 is awesome but I have the Type 59 so it’s hard to decide what I like
    for my money maker

  5. Luís Augusto Panadés

    They should do buff on Grille 15, that shit that nobody ground. No
    penetration for TD in tier X; no mobility, just speed; bad terrain
    resistance; shit gun handling. That vehicle is a crap.
    Gun depression and elevation is a joke in Grille 15. A vehicle developed
    from an Arty with just 15 degrees of gun elevation, and just 8 of
    depression without any reason, those values could be geometrically higher.
    So, why aren’t they?

    And DPM on Grille is riddiculous low. Yes, it is. Because you have to
    compare Grille using AP and other using HE. This is the right comparison
    for Grille 15 DPM. And it is a shit.

    Grille 15 is out of tier X period.
    Need huge buffs

  6. Dislike
    You let a scumbag survive

  7. A 122 just loves hitting tracks! LOL

  8. quicky, what crew and equipment loadout do you use?

  9. Just killing time during a hdd transfer, at the end of this video I checked
    to see how long it had left “About 18 Hours remaining” it appears I will be
    watching youtube for awhile.

  10. Can I please have ur account 

  11. Do an amx 12t review

  12. The reason arty exists is for BS preferential matchmaking like this, if I
    had been in the M40/43 I would of focused you and your 3.4 second aim time.
    You’re lucky the other team’s arty sucked so bad.

  13. where do you get your replays from I want you to show one of mine for the
    lS plz

  14. t54 prototype or t34-3? wich one?

  15. There are more than 3 , I have 4 tier 8 Chinese , WZ111 , 112 , 59 patton
    and the T-34-3 , quickybaby you are slipping

  16. Not to be off topic, but is your replay website down?

  17. Post Traumatic Stress Ball

    Old chinese gun depression is like China’s economy, always pointing up,
    never down.

  18. LOVE my -3! Didn’t even know they buffed it.

  19. now review the T95 centennial on console

  20. Quickly how do I contact war gaming I can’t find a way and I was gonna ask
    them for a press account cuz I’m starting YouTube do you know where I can
    ask them?

  21. Waaaay too expensive for a medium. Way too expensive period as is ALL
    wargamings DLC. Such greedy bastards they are. All their DLC is way way too

  22. Can anyone explain me what is preferential matchmaking?

  23. The Chinese medium line is disgusting compared to the Soviets.

    – higher alpha

    -worse gun depression
    -twice the reload time, meaning that soviets will average ~700 damage for
    every 420 you average
    -no APCR as standard, so long shell flight times
    -incredibly long aim times
    -poor mobility
    -worse armour

    Balanced! More vodka please!

  24. QB consider about reviewing one of the most popular tanks Tiger II…

  25. Please shave.

  26. This thing is basicaly a T-44 w the buffed version of its 122mm

  27. Well, I’m PISSED OFF about WG’s premium tanks that are becoming better than
    standard tanks, even when they got preferential MM and don’t meet 2 tiers
    higher tanks. Not talking about this tank only, there are even better ones
    (i.e. Mutz).

    Think OP PREMIUM vehicles + PREMIUM (SO CALLED PREFERENTIAL MM) + full clip
    of PREMIUM shells = PAY TO WIN (+ PREMIUM credit bonus + PREMIUM experience

    That’s World of Tanks today. Money, money, money, must be funny in rich
    man’s world…

  28. T43-3 is my fav vehicle and qb plays it my life is complete.

  29. Have always liked my T-34-3. Even when it first came out. Course back then,
    there where lots of T-59s. A platoon of 2 59’s and one T-34-3 just wrecked
    everything. Even today they still do. Even if you platoon up and get in a
    T10 game, you can still wreck a lot. Side armor is side armor and rear is
    rear. And a 122 shell can still erase the finger prints.

  30. I don’t car how good a tank’s other stats are, 3 degrees of gun depression
    is unplayable.

  31. What happened to replay videos?

  32. Just got the 112 it’s brother which one is better

  33. hi, can anyone tell me if quickybabys modpack has been fixed? no gun sound
    most of the time. thanks

  34. Lol gold to tier 6

  35. Are you on a bonus for pushing this stuff. Overpriced pixels at the end of
    the day.

  36. Still quite possibly the worst premium tank ever offered. The gun
    performance is absolutely diabolical avoid it. Skorpion G is awesome and
    probably best premium tank ever offered. T54mod 1 far superior to this turd
    of a tank..

  37. Hey QB!

    Can you make a review on the Panther 8.8 Premium Tank.

    please and thank you!!!!

  38. Hi MMs Anton, I know you will reply.

  39. Finaly this!

  40. What do you think of it’s price in the Premium shop? It’s basically just as
    much as heavies and way more than other mediums.


    Hey QB could you do a review on all the maps which are on Xbox that are not
    on PC i sometimes have a hard time getting around the maps because i don’t
    know where to go at times so if you could do a review on that that would
    make my life so much more easy when i play World of Tanks :)

  42. My only Poole’s medal in world of tanks is in the t-34-3.

  43. apparently there are 4 because there should be a Type 59 G too

  44. How did he fix the sound for his mod pack?

  45. There is a golden Type 59.

  46. why did you load he at the end there? a normal shell would have been enough
    there yea.

  47. i like it

  48. The Revalorise is way better…

  49. And yet the Super Pershing continues to sit in the corner left to rot by
    WGing. The promised pen buff never came. It’s armor got worse. If any of
    the tier 8 preme meds needed some love it that tank.

  50. Oldest premium in the game??
    I got my KV-5 way before the T-34-3 ever existed.
    Same with my Type 59. I got my type 59 around the patch when they first
    added British tanks. Might’ve been a couple patches before. It’s been so
    long. Heck, I remember when they first added the T26E4 and nobody knew
    where to shoot it. Then they nerfed the armor and nobody wanted it so war
    gaming let people sell it for a full gold refund.
    That was ages ago….

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