World of Tanks || T-34-85M – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

. The T6 , the , was significantly buffed in 9.17.1 I give me opinion if it’s worth it.

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  1. Wanted to say appreciate your videos. Was on the fence on getting the Jagtiger and really find your info extremely useful for a new player.

  2. Ridiculous! Well, Maybe I’ll just sell my Rudy… because, why not? This is so OP compared to other Tier VI meds. As QB says, a Tier 7 DPM at tier 6.
    And, because it’s a premium, WG will not nerf it once it’s found out that it’s OP. It really seems like they don’t even bother to look at the stats before they put new tanks on sale.

  3. Hey WarGaming, just wanted to let you know that:
    your pay to win is showing

  4. Selling my world of tanks account with pools medal and lots of tanks! 300$ sale!!!128682588/

  5. I’ve had this tank for a very long time and let me tell you that it seriously needed a buff. But this buff seems to be a bit too strong. mmay be kick the dpm back a bit so its inline with other tank.

    • Darksteel_ plating_46

      make the rate of fire the same, but keep the improved gunhandling, because it traades mobility, even compared with the rudy, becaue the rudy has better ground resistance

  6. Oh wow look at that another OP Russian tank! Who would have thunk it? Oh what’s that that? I can see tier 4’s? Well now does that not fill me with pure disgust. WORT, World of Russian Tanks. I am glade I stopped playing this 1 sided bias game. Broke as all hell!

  7. The T-43 is one of the worst tank I ever played. It’s a tier 6 with 1000hp in a tier 7 mm.

  8. Why play this when War thunder exists?

  9. Another play in wargamings plead for fucking money

  10. I bought this, before Rudy was introduced… 🙂

  11. QB is excited for the new Zelda game?! 😀

  12. #powercreep The Rudy was already at the top of the tier 6 medium damage stats, now they do this? This tank may actually be able to survive after all the E25 absurdity. That is the main reason why I don’t play my Rudy, once an E25 starts shooting you and you’re in a Rudy, you may as well leave your keyboard and go make coffee

  13. Thats same like T34-85?

  14. think it should have reduced speed and same gun handling as the other ’85s so it is more like a assult version of the normal T34/85

    • Darksteel_ plating_46

      the armour is nice against all tier 4s, tier 5 tanks with low pen, and a small ammount of tier 6s, but its NOT an assaut vehicle! 130mm at best isnt enough

  15. I still like my Rudy more for the dog alone 😛
    and crew with free BiA

  16. May have just been me but I think this guy is playing with autoaim+. For those who aren’t aware, this is a mod that does a vanilla auto aim by right clicking NEAR a target (as opposed to needing a silhouette). Not an aim bot. The auto aims against the ikv and Hummel are what make me think about it.

  17. the t-43 is god awful. not surprised this tank fares better in comparison in a lot of ways.

  18. Basil Abeysekera

    how about the type 58? its still a t34-85, being neglected, crap gun dep, crap pen, crap alpha.

  19. Basil Abeysekera

    and qb, the ikv 103 fires heat as standard ammunition on top gun.

  20. I’d like a rewiev on either the löwe or panther/m10


    #QuikyBaby i have downloaded the test server but is there a Huge update cause i cant play in the test server for like 2 days

  22. Владимир Николов

    I got 3k dmg with from, but didn’t got so much kills and also I finished with full hp. xD

  23. +QuickyBaby next time use two tabs in chrome and ctrl + tab to compare tanks instead of clicking on versions 😀 you’ll save some time

  24. The extrem buff is just a refund of WG to all the players they cheated by selling a prem tank as crappy as this one. When WG sold it they called it “rare and special” but the only “special” was that you couldn’t compete with any other tier 6 tank.

  25. They seem to have a strategy that is probably working. Over-buff a tank, put it into a ‘collectors gem’ sale, and reap the rewards. 6 months later when everyone has stopped playing its direct competition, over-buff it, rinse and repeat


  27. I’m going to chose this as my reward tank for the NA server Feb-March tank rewards , since I have all the others anyway so in very happy to see it got buffed !

  28. a t26e5 pay to win at tier 6

  29. bought it back in the days to train my soviet MT crew, and play whit my nubling friends.

  30. i saw him yesterday in battle i was in same team with T-34-85 and he got 5kills

  31. Wargaming always wins…

  32. Will this be available in the US shop?

  33. Isn’t the MG port a weakness on the front?

  34. T 34-85M(uch better)?
    Yeah I think they over did it this time, keeping the old damage would have been good. Then it has a special feature by shooting faster and take more of a beating. Right now it is just no point in any other T 34-85 variant as this is better in almost all ways, the little view range and ground resistance differences are negligible.

  35. Someone in WG, who is responsible for implementing new tanks in the game, has problem with drinking??

  36. More pay to win.
    Why i cant buy – only – this tank,looks like WG need money same like 3 tier+gold cost 100euros:)

  37. good review qb, happy to see you streaming all this week 🙂

  38. sovelis holimion

    they made a tier 6 a tier 7… of course it is OP

  39. so the Rudy is a piece of shit now cheers wargaming

  40. I have had a T34-85M for ages and it has always had the armour but the gun handling now looks great

  41. 160 alpha dmg and it will be balanced as e25, i mean hell

  42. Is it worth it 15:10

  43. The one premiumtank that I actually sold…

  44. Looks like my new toy for SH6, great counter for China LT’s

  45. Tom's Game Replays

    Just another milkjar

  46. Pretty much the same DPM as the Cromwell but with 180 alpha and excellent gun handling. Russia balance comrade, da, da!

  47. i wonder if there are more T-34 variants waiting to be revealed…

  48. I played this as the complete turd it was for a long time. To me a little overbuffing feels like a due compensation. Putting it on sale again immediately though… meh…

  49. Rudy is still better deal cause you get a 0-perk crew with it.

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