World of Tanks || T-34 Shielded – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks – T-34 Shielded. Today I’m looking at a T5 Soviet medium that will be available as a mission marathon reward!


of Tanks is a Free 2 online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Some Russians actually put screen layers on the sides of T34s to try to block Panzerfaust shells when going into Berlin. They didn’t work.

  2. When I got my Ace on T34 I blocked 880 dmg in a battle at tier 5,with T34S I will block over 1K at tier 5.

  3. Quicky u are quick

  4. I first though that this video was about the Maus until i read the Video Title haha

  5. Kristina Begura

    That tank is op

  6. Alexandru Ciubotariu

    So 30 days for a garage slot and some premium consumables? I think i ll pass

  7. ooh yes just recently we had the sherman firefly, so we need to be happy with the 1 on 1 ratio, 1 other tank 1 russian, piss of game, and that hidious garage. I skipped more than half of this video. and I only watch theese videos cause I enjoy watching qb.

  8. Autism is Uncontrollable

    Another free garage slot

  9. reviewing with elite crews is a BAD review (even more so on that tier), stop doing this, take only vanilla 100% crews without any skill, 2 matches one top tier & one bottom tier, standard equipment only (no special consumables like chocolate etc)

  10. Tuur Van Rostenberghe

    I’m glad he says you should enjoy summer instead of grinding this xd.

  11. WG actually balanced something well this time.

  12. nasser mohammed

    well, this game is for rich people.
    need good computer for high resolution.
    need also premium account for fast exp.points and gold to buy good stuff for tank.
    AND need EMPTY time to play many hours (witch all rich people have) .
    so this game need a lot of money to enjoy it literally.
    thnx gl and hf 🙂

  13. Instead of Germans getting to use Tier VII Tiger I and Panther the Germans should have been asigned the Tier 6 VK3002M which better represents the Panther Ausf D which was used at Kursk and the Tier 6 Tiger 131 which better represents the historically correct Tiger I Ausf E.

  14. I uninstalled the game a while a go due to pay 2 win reasons.

  15. well a tier 5 perm tank doing the missions will get you two slots lol

  16. Bard Kuźnia Dram

    Useless another Russian MT.

  17. An actually well-balance premium tank?
    Is WG high on vodka again?

  18. Already got this baby in War Thunder ?

  19. No sun, sun bad hiss hiss.

  20. Zero the Wanderer

    It’s a slow tier 5 BT-SV

  21. How to you already have one?

  22. Is this only for EU?

  23. I like how he gets a mastery badge in every new tank, simply because nobody else has a chance to play it that early

  24. Ninja Plays Games

    Yeah, I’ll pass on this tank.

  25. Andrea Bassolino

    Just for collection purpuse. 4.3 acc? LULZ

  26. Watching you club baby seals…. great review!

  27. Play 30 days to get a tank that is not even €10,- worth. Yeah, sure WG. But it is obvious that only premium tanks that you spent real money on are equal or better than the regular tanks in the tech tree. Any gift tank is crap compared.

  28. Gallant Fatco Razy

    Looks like we need Obj 268 v4 with “S” variant

  29. Seal clubbing food fest ?

  30. Krystian Gogoliński

    I can imagine that making comparisions on this high amount of new premium tanks can be boring for QB, especially if it’s a tier V. That’s why I like this video for comparing t34s ony with t34. I have never bought a prem tank and this will be my 6th medium russian prem Just by completing marathons or buying magazines with wargaming code inside. Crazy! But still, can the finały give something other nation prem as a reward? We had already t44-100 t34-85m, now again t34s…

  31. If u can do all missions one after another without time limit like in the italian marathon then its a gud deal if not it will be a pain in the ass

  32. Mikael Schwartz

    Oh yay, yet another premium tank. It’s getting quite clear WG is losing players and do whatever the hell they can come up with to keep the money coming.

  33. Lilium Bosniacum

    When skorpion G be on sale?

  34. Sir_Flankalot[BZD]

    Honestly I’m the kind of player who will accidentally get this tank hahah, while grinding the JgTiger, and the 5A, but I’m going away in a week so.. we’ll see probably won’t even have time before university starts

  35. One Dewpy potato Boi

    LoL that thicc russian boi tho xD

  36. Ivan Stepanovic

    It is perfectly fine to commemorate the battle and considering what the game is all about, very appropriate. On the other hand, no reward vehicle was worth that much effort, none of them are really good. And anyone paying WG now, I think, deserves a PhD in stupidity. In this case, thanx to the MM. You pay for tier 5 and end up in tier 6&7 matches like 70-80% of the cases and get screwed… What, pay to get screwed?! Maybe some folks like it, I don’t.
    Trivia: spaced armor was soon abandoned cos it worked in theory only. Which the results of these shielded versions you mentioned, QB, (all destroyed) confirm. Later on, in battle for Berlin, T-34 crews added steel plates and nets away from main armor in order to protect them against HEAT projectiles (Panzerfaust), but it had no effect except psychological.

  37. when you review a new tank, dont use every god damn thing there is… BiA, food…

  38. im sorry, im gonna unsubb since the game is at a hirrible state now and im not really playing the game.

    but if the game gets better ill come back.

  39. What do you to if you face a tier 7 heavy tank in this little tier 5? Surprise mother fuker and blasted in the face! What do you do if you face tier 3 tanks? COME TO ME BONUSES!Fuck this game i quit 😀

  40. premiums premiums premiums can wg do something else ffs

  41. WatcherMovie008

    Who asked for this?

  42. I want Tiger II Shielded.

  43. They’re selling it at A$47.16 and A$77.72, I think it’s fair to say it’s not worth paying for, given that you’d be able to purchase vehicles of higher tiers or those that are probably way more enjoyable at a lower cost.

  44. @QuickyBaby why doesn’t the ammo cost (show?) in the end of battle?

  45. Hmm another free russian med tank. I NEEED IT

  46. Actually if you want to get T-34S you only have to play South missions with those specific tanks, for example i finished the 1st day of event in less than 30 minutes…play stug, be top 10 in experience 3 times and thats it you get 50k silvers and 1st day is over 29 left sooo i think its easy to get it

  47. Oh look another premium tank lmao

  48. Lol, look at the Chi Nu Kai! 33k games and ~500 Wn8. If that’s no bot, i don’t know what is xD

  49. We’d get a lot more from your reviews if you didn’t play them with 8 skill crews and 20k premium consumables. Most of us don;t come close to that and it means we’re seeing a different tank to the one we’ll play.

    I’d be more interested to see how it performs with a basic 100% crew and cheap consumables.

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