World of Tanks || T-44-100 – is it Worth it?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-44-100. Today I’m looking at the upcoming T8 Soviet premium the T-44-100 and answering if ’s worth the grind.

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World of Tanks Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I like your videos so much

  2. even qb is winning 1/3 his games these days.


    bless you with your cold, qb! thanks for your review, and for guiding me
    and many many other players through wot :)

  4. QB, the Asian server didn’t get the memo, it was just like “hey, we have a
    marathon…starts today!…ehh…bye!”

  5. You keep your sword next to your couch? Interesting..

  6. gold noob

  7. good video QB.. saludos desde Argentina

  8. why dont they give rheinmetall scorp as the prize? WG is getting cheaper
    every year. Previous marathon gifts IS-6, SP, WZ-111(twice) were heavies
    (excluding the SP, whose marathon was much easier) hence more gold value
    than other premium meds. Now the prize is a med, with harsher
    requirements(Even with the day extention) compared to previous heavies, and
    it has no SMM either. Not a fast med, 183 pen, tier10 MM, I would not want
    to play T-44 again.

  9. Missions too hard, too expensive price for a tank having nothing more than
    a normal T44
    It is impossible to put 50 euros in a tank that does nothing more than a
    standard tank excluding premium benefits … A 50euros we bought a T34

  10. bad match up? he always gets 60%+ probability lol

  11. someone noticed the sword leaning on the wall ?

    QB show it us !!

  12. eh I will be happy with dicker max

  13. 99.9% arty just ruins your game when you are not camping so A arty should
    have much much lower dmg B remove.

  14. Fuck I was banned yesterday for ever ?

  15. i dont even have a tier 6 and need at least tier 4 on all nations and make
    150k dmg 150 kills too yup this is not worth my time

  16. No, totally not worth it.

  17. I love soviet tanks but I’m going to skip this one. If I want to drive a
    T-44 with a 100mm gun I can just drive the normal one, which is only
    slightly inferior to this one and if I want a Tier VIII Soviet Premium MT I
    can get the T-54 1st which I think is much better with that armor. I mean,
    all that grinding or 50 Euros is definitely not worth it for this tank,
    which is literally already in game.

  18. mustache baby

  19. soo half the month ppl killsteal and half the month ppl use you as
    meatshield and farm dmg :/great i aint playing wot for about40days

  20. #QuickyBaby BE WARNED If you get an ACE tanker in it, it will never see its
    own tier again ( on the SEA server anyway ) And it sux balls @ tier 10 !
    But if you platoon with 3 x T-44-100 only you will see nearly all tier 8

  21. this tank will still get his ass kicked when will fight with 54 first
    proto. This is not worth it, one better thing are ground resistances.. and
    thata all

  22. why fv so slow ?

  23. Check the stats of the tier 8 premiums and you will realize why they don’t
    release the 59 patton

  24. do you think wot will release something very good, better than the rest?
    NO WAY
    just another way to get $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  25. all these t8 prem are the same. when r you people going to realise your r
    being played?

  26. No

  27. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Darn T44 was one of my favourites- if only I had no life whatsoever so I
    could sink 24 hours a day into this tank missions lol

  28. i don’t have any premium shells

  29. 7 degree of gun depression ?…it is logic ?…wouldn’t the gun breech will
    strike the turret roof when the gun recoil?…

  30. lol, just another t8 pre med tank, and surprise, its russian.
    i aint buying it.
    wot has this disgust with arty.
    always pre tanks, where the f is pre arty?

  31. 5:09 QB cutting fail

  32. So, now WG’s premium tanks (T-44-100) are simply better than the equivalent
    tanks (T-44) that we work so hard to get. Don’t like this trend at all –
    Tier 8 has become the new tier 1 and games are of dubious quality.

  33. i thought that the T-44-100 was gotten with missions. so its free. >>>
    irrelevant question

  34. Hey qb will you do a type 5 heavy tank review

  35. quickybaby you look abit like thomas muller yknow just saying

  36. Does this really deserve two videos?

  37. I’m grinding fer it. Got 327 kills already.

  38. Michael von Hirschmann

    Playing in colorblind mode makes the red in these videos way brighter.

  39. Sooo… this thing makes the T-44 obsolete is what I’m hearing.

  40. seeing u being the food guy on the second replay u reminded me of the good
    old good guy series. i wish u could continue these series

  41. Conclusion …. doesnt worth the time!

  42. It’s only worth it when it gets me cash

  43. Thank you for stream yesterday. You talk about making the game better for
    new players, by giving them 100% crews, I dont agree with though. Imo it
    will not help them at all. Players with 10000 games played going to low
    tier games with best equipment and full gold ammo, will still own them
    easy. And tbh, most of the ones doing it, have 5+ skills anyway im

  44. Just got the t34 85 Rudy today. 🙂 Was thinking of the is2 berlin but I
    decided to get the rudy. :)

  45. So all in all it’s a slightly.. SLIGHTLY upgraded T-44, made into a premium
    (by welding side skirts), if you want to do this grind (witch is impossible
    if you don’t have loads of free time, a shit tone of tanks from each nation
    and are reasonably good at the game…)
    It’s not that bad as a premium medium but what you need to do to get it
    just SCREAMS of WG corporate greed !!!

  46. Mission reward just as my collage classes start 1g fucking gay

  47. Anyone know when the Test Server will open?

  48. I like the new intro xD

  49. Got 3 nations done in just 4 days but wow the added stress of pubs is
    painful, doing the Cezch in just the 34/100 was exhausting but got it done.
    Saving the easier nations for later as I will probably blow through them
    with much less stress. The Chinese token so far has been the absolute worst
    because of the countless ammo racks and double fires despite having
    preventive maintenance and auto fire extinguishers. For those struggle with
    the Japanese token the Type 4 when it is top tier against teams of mostly
    7s and 8s you really to get farm if they are compressed into a kill lane.

    For those who bought the B2 is getting extra value as it farms the kills
    easy mode. :D

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